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Subject: Re: [YORKSGEN] 1911 England Census Index up on ancestry
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 19:54:04 +0000
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One reason I have yet to subscribe for 1911 census at FMP is because I am so busy in other areas and the 1911 census could wait. You always extol FMP that I wonder if you are more than just a subscriber may be owner or shareholder? I have been happy with Ancestry and simply don't have time to justify forking out for two subscriptions

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Subject: Re: [YORKSGEN] 1911 England Census Index up on ancestry

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> Hi Steve
> You just beat me to it
> Released today
> 1911 now searchable
> Channel Islands
> Cheshire
> Cornwall
> Cumberland
> Derbyshire
> Devon
> Durham
> Isle of Man
> Lancashire
> Leicestershire
> Lincolnshire
> London
> Norfolk
> Northumberland
> Nottinghamshire
> Royal Navy
> Rutland
> Wales
> Warwickshire
> Westmorland
> Worcestershire
> Yorkshire-East Riding
> Yorkshire-North Riding
> Yorkshire-West Riding >

Oh dear, I expect I am about to put my great big foot into it yet again, but can someone
PLEASE explain to me what all the excitement is about when, come January 2012, the 1911
census will have been accessible online at Findmypast for the last THREE YEARS?

What is it with you Ancestry people that you can't see how much you have missed out by not
using FMP? Would it not have been well worth your while to subscribe to FMP even for just
one year? As it is, you are almost 3 years behind we FMP supporters in your researches!

I'm afraid I don't understand you or your thinking.

Roy Stockdill
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