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Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 10:26:54 +0100
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Captain Oates's final words have gone down in history as brave and heroic.
However in his book "Shackleton", Roland Huntford gives another view on
this. The original quote comes from "Scott's Last Expedition", which
purported to be Scott's unexpurgated diaries. But apparently a lot was left
out, censored by his widow and publisher. He also comments that Oates'
mother Caroline Oates questioned the official version Ultimately, after
meeting Kathleen Scott (widow of Captain Scott) and Dr Atkinson who led the
search party that found the bodies, she came to the conclusion that Scott's
mental instability and incompetent leadership were responsible for the death
of her son.
Throughout the book, Huntford paints a picture of Shackleton as a well
organised, heroic and resourceful leader, who was ulitmately unlucky, and
Scott as very badly organised and imcompetent. We must assume there is some
bias in his views, but it is refreshing to get this alternative view of
Scott. It is also an excellent adventure story.
(Shacleton, by Roland Huntford, Abacus Hodder & Stoughton 1996. Pages
Peter Scott has very little to say about his father in his autobiography
"The Eye of the Wind", and certainly nothing that bears on Oates.

I was also going to mention the book on Far Headingley, but John Lindley got
there first !

Richard Thomson, in Leeds, West Yorkshire
and other names in Brompton by Northallerton, North Riding, and surrounding
and many other names if I had time.

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> Dear Listers, I have searched the Internet with Google for Capt. Lawrence
> Edward "Titus" OATES, who went on Capt Robert Falcon SCOTT's ill-fated
> Expedition to the Antarctic and left the hut with the casual remark: "I
> be some time", but despite a lot of links to articles about him have been
> unable to find his birthplace, which I believe to be Yorkshire. No-one
> answered my previous question to Yorksgen but surely Roy would know. I
> think it was another journalist, my Grandfather, P.A. Representative for
> Leeds, who told me when I was a child that Capt. OATES was a Yorkshireman.
> Can anyone confirm this? Regards, Pam SMITH, Brisbane, Australia.
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