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Mary, a Henry Street took a John M. Smith to chancery court in 1798 in Lancaster Co., VA. Henry was dead by 1803, when his wife Lucy Street (Lucy Chowning, I would PRESUME) continued this lawsuit. John M. Smith was married to a Sarah, and I now suspect (though research continues on this) that this was the John Smith who had married Sarah Waller around 1788 and who was a son of Colonel Maurice Smith (died 1790s) of Middlesex Co., VA. If this was, in fact, the son of the Colonel, then the middle initial of "M" probably stood-for "Maurice."

The John Smith who was a son of Colonel Maurice Smith had a sister who married a James Chewning/Chowning (as I think we have discussed before). Perhaps that James Chowning was a close relative of the above Lucy Chowning who married Henry Street. In addition, John and Sarah (Waller) Smith apparently had a son named James Smith (per yet another court case), and I note that there was another chancery court case in Lancaster Co., VA (in 1808, as I recall) between a James Smith and a William Chowning. Perhaps this was the son of John Smith, and hence, a grandson of Colonel Maurice Smith (and perhaps all of these Chownings in Middlesex and Lancaster Co., VA were closely related). "Jno M. Smith" (age 26-45) appeared on the 1810 Lancaster Co., VA census (as did a William Smith, who was over the age of 45), but John was "gone" by 1820 (a Millie Smith was apparently the ONLY Smith on the 1820 Lancaster census).

Another "interesting detail" is that a Mr. Street over in Middlesex Co., VA married an Elizabeth D. Stiff in the early-mid-1800s, and Elizabeth's close relative named Elizabeth B. Stiff married a man named Smith Bennett in Middlesex. Smith Bennett (died by the mid-1820s) was the apparent brother of Mrs. Mary (Bennett) Brown...who had married John Brown in Middlesex in 1805...and it appears that John and Mary (Bennett) Brown took-in a couple "Smith infants/toddlers" by 1820 or so. By the "process of elimination," the youngest son and daughter of the John Smith who was the son of Colonel Maurice Smith were likely these two children (and the male infant/toddler apparently had his name changed to "Smith W. Brown" by John and Mary (Bennett) Brown).

Note: John Smith and his wife Sarah Waller were both dead when their apparent daughter Sarah Waller Smith married in Essex Co., VA in 1823. Maybe they had actually died by 1820....but no proof at this time.

Note: DNA testing on a living male descendant of the man named Smith W. Brown (born about 1817) shows that he is a "blood Smith" versus a "blood Brown." The DNA matches two male Smiths who are from the same Smith family as Colonel Maurice Smith. By the way, we do not know at this time why Mrs. Winnie Bennett, the apparent mother of both Mary Bennett and Smith Bennett, named a son "Smith." There are some other clues, however, that suggest that Winnie's maiden name MIGHT have been "Garrett." The possibly related William Garrett (born about 1752) over in Essex Co., VA fathered a son who was named John SMITH Garrett (shown as just "SMITH Garrett" on the 1820 Essex census) MAYBE a male Garrett had married a female Smith in some earlier generation (but no such marriage has yet been found, to my knowledge....but the various "burned counties" in eastern and central VA could be "hiding" a lot of salient information from us).

Comments on any of the above?

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