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From: "Michelle Robinson" <>
Subject: Fwd: [YAHL] Roll Call!
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 07:13:05 -0600

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Lil sent this to me....I'm forwarding it in case anyone can answer some of
these or connect to them. I'm heading off to work, and I'll send more


>Subject: Fwd: [YAHL] Roll Call!
>Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 03:04:45 EST
>Hi Michelle...good to have all of us together and see if we can break down
>some of the brick walls.
>Yes I would love to read the letters so post them. Thanks thanks thanks!!!
>My connection to the Jehl family:
> Martin Jehl/ Katharina "Katie the younger" Martinthal
> Quartermus/Jehl
> My dad Quartermus
> then I came along
>Here is the information that I have regarding my great grandfather, Martin
>Jehl of Alsace. It is spelled J E H L as he signed a will with that
>Also my grandmother said that her father, Martin, told her that other Jehl
>families (within this family) spelled their name with a G - Gehl. One of
>uncles who moved to California changed his J to G. So this leaves an open
>discussion as to what other spellings we have for this particular family
>before they came to America.
> 1. Martin (b: 1838 of Alsace) came to America in the year of 1866
> in 1900 Arkansas Census.
> 2. Martin resided in Memphis for a while. He married Katharina
> younger) Martinthal of Brazil. Her mother was "Katie" also so I
>call her "Katie
> the elder" to lessen confusion between the two of them.
> 3. a) By the way, Katie had a sister named "Lena" who was
> married to a Nicolas Jehl. I have platt copies of the
>that they
> owned in Memphis. It was the Jehl Street...the name of the
>street still
> exists today.
> b) Since some of us found Theresa and Thecla that married to
>Nicolas and
> now the question is who were Lena and Nicolas Jehl?
> 3. Now we have three different names of women who married to a
> a. Lena Martinthal
> b. Thecla Schonz - was she also called Lena?
> c. Theresa Borres
> So which one did reside in Memphis while Martin and his family
> 4. Does anyone have a copy of document(s) to show who Lena was. The
> that had the property with Nicolas on Jehl Street?
> 5. Nicolas' and Lena's had their son, Edward and Agnes Jehl's names
> deeds (1903 and 1915) which led me to believe that they were
>related to
> Martin Jehl as they were godfathers to Martin's children.
> 6. I have several copies of Martin's children's baptism
>from St Mary's
> Church of Memphis. One of them showed (1873) Nicolas Jehl as a
> to Elizabeth Jehl (my great aunt) and Thecla Schonz as the
> Edward Jehl as a godfather to another child, Martin Edward
> Albrecht was the godmother. I do not know who Mary was. There
> another Albrecht (Anthony) who was godfather to Martin/Katie's
>oldest child,
> Catharina and there was no mention of godmother.
> 7. We have some information regarding Martin, Nicolas, and Edward
> in Memphis. Now the question is how were they related to each
> We could say they were brothers but like all of us.. we want
> showing the relationship between them before making such
> 8. Nicolas' wife, "Lena" could be Magadelena. Her last name was
>Martinthal. I
> have information as to where she and her family came from. It
>Brazil. I
> have a 1900 Arkansas soundex card showing Martin with his
> wife, Katie (the younger) and two other children. Now Lena was
> mentioned here so evidently she remained in Memphis. Lena's
> "Fred" Josef Martinthal resided in Memphis til his death in
>and was
> buried at the Elmwood Cemetery. Franz and Katie the elder had a
>son, Fred
> Jr but he died as a child and is buried at the same cemetery.
> 9. Nicolas and Edouard Jehl showed up in the Memphis City directory
> 1877 and 1878. There were others but I do not have the
> them in my family history.
> 10. I am aware that there was and still is a whole bunch of Jehl
>families in
> Memphis. I contacted a Louis Jehl, a Vice President of Perkins
> in Memphis and he said he knew nothing about the lineage but
> letter to his father. Have not heard from him yet.
> 11. Most of the Jehls were buried at the Elmwood Cemetery on Dudley
>Street in
> Memphis. I am not familiar with the most recent cemeteries
> have some of them there.
> 12. I have a cousin in Arkansas who will go down and check some of
> cemeteries for me in Hot Springs. I know my Martin and his
>were buried
> there. There are two other burial sites in the same cemetery
>that I missed
> the last time I was there (grrrrrrr). But hopefully she will
>able to get some
> more information for me.
> 13. One last thought...as you said that Nicolas, Philip, Martin, and
>Michael were
> brothers. Martin was the only one that stayed in Alsace. Are
> about the same Martin? Or we have another Martin from a
>I have contacted a cousin in France and he was not able to track down my
>Martin. I also corresponded with another one (M. Dawson) in Texas. They
>confirmed me that they could not locate him anywhere. And the story goes
>that no one seem to know that they lived in Memphis and Arkansas (Hot
>Any help given will be GREATLY appreciated.
>Lil Quartermus

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Yes, I did connect with Marlene and am in possession of many letters sent from family of Martin's (in Alsace) to family of Nicholas' (in Ohio). I will write you later Nora and see if I can send some to you via email (I need to get ready for work). If anyone else is interested, I can post them via the list. Everyone let me know if you would be interested.
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From: Nora Yahl
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 11:31 PM
Subject: Re: [YAHL] Roll Call!

Hi Michelle. Did you ever make contact with Marlene in St. Mary's Ohio and
get a copy of the family book? It has a number of records in it with regard
to the family. Uncle Leonard (I think) went back to the old country in the
1920's? to visit and there a number of letters from the cousins there.
Maybe we could have a meeting and you could look at the "book" here. And I
wonder about the Michael Yahl that came into the Port of New Orleans. There
are others who believe he connects with their branch of Jehl's. Nothing
documented however. Many of the documents in the "book" spell the name
You can write me off- list and get together.
Nora Yahl in St. Louis
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From: "Michelle Robinson" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 6:47 PM
Subject: [YAHL] Roll Call!

> Greetings everyone!
> This list is about....hmmm....a month old now. We now eight members!
It's definitely a start. I would like to begin by asking for a roll call.
This list is for variations of Yahl/Gehl/Jehl plus others. Please feel free
to post your

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