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From: Don Perkins <>
Subject: Re: [WYATT-L] Wyatt, Sir Francis & Rowe WYATT
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 03:32:52 -0400

Ann: If you will take a look at Rowe Wyatt's birthdate 1746 and Samuel
Wyatt of Ky.'s birthdate 1755 then Samuel Wyatt b. 1755 cannot be the son
of Rowe Wyatt, who would have been 9 years old and not yet into puberty
when Samuel Wyatt 1755 was born. Sorry but this path has been discredited
unless someone can show that Rowe Wyatt was born about 10 years earlier!
Rowe did have a son Samuel but it was not the 1775 Samuel of Knox Co.,
I think you will find that Samuel Wyatt 1755 who died July 1835 in Knox
Co. , Ky. more likely was born in Greenbrier Co., Va. in 1755, his family
slaughtered by Indians in 1757, Samuel taken captive at age 2 by the
Indians and not recovered from the Indians until age 16 (1771). He
married Rebecca Ann Bennett in Va. in 1775, Fought in the Va. militia and
in 1882 served in the N.C. Military with Rebecca's father, John Bennett.
Both were discharged in 1783 (I have their N.C.Military Specie
Certificates #603 & 607). They next showed up in 1783 in Greene Co., Tn.
Territory of N.C., Greeneville, where they had property. John Bennett
died there in 1808 (and Samuel Wyatt migrated with his son Samuel Wyatt
to Knox Co, Ky., confirmed by tax lists, land deeds, and a power of
attorney testifying the relationship of Rebecca Bennett to John Bennett
and Samuel Wyatt). Don Perkins<>

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002 00:23:24 EDT writes:
> In a message dated 3/31/2002 5:52:14 PM Central Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > ), Rowe Wyatt, son of Lucy Rowe and Francis Wyatt, was born
> > in 1746 and lived in Gloucester County, VA. He had at least five
> sons:
> > Francis, Squire, Samuel, Overton, and William.
> According to my files:
> Rowe Wyatt' s mind was affected from grief at the loss of his
> brother
> Edwared, with whom he had quarreled, under a misapprehension as it
> afterwards turned out.
> According to Rev. J. J. Dickey's Diary it took 15 years to
> settle
> Samuel Wyatt's (Rowe's son) estate.
> Samuel Wyatt (son of Rowe Wyatt and Lucy Rowe) born 1755 in
> Virginia.
> Died July 25, 1835 Knox County, Kentucky married about 1775 Rebecca
> Ann
> Bennett born about 1755 in Virginia and died 1842 in Laurel County,
> Kentucky.
> Samuel Wyatt and Rebecca Ann Bennett had a son John Wyatt who
> married Mary
> Francis Stewart Feb 21, 1810 in Knox or Whitley County, Kentucky.
> She was
> the daugher of Alexander Stewart and Catherine Sheets. John Wyatt
> and Mary
> Francis Stewart had two sons:
> William Wyatt
> James Wyatt
> Also have in my notes:
> (letter from Francis Wyatt (father of Rowe Wyatt) (Gloucester
> County,
> Virginia) to William Wyatt of Liverpool, England)
> August 27, 1747
> Francis is telling William......the crops had all been burnt
> up for
> want of rain, the worst state of things in his experience. His
> wife had
> received her dyed gown, and he asks if a bargain can be had in wigs
> to be
> supplied with two. His brother Edward lived with him and kept
> school, and
> Thomas was at Hob's Hole (This is now Tappahannock) with Mr. Mills.
> Ann Robbins
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