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Here is what I have on Peter Riffle

Randolph County Minute Book 11: page 40 - Nov. 15 1800:
PETER RIFFLE: tried for felony - pleaded not guilty - found guilty - ordered
to be tried at the District Court at Monongahilia Court House & taken to the
District Jail - Prisoner offered $300 bail. Refused.

Page 45 - Dec 22, 1800 - John Crouch be allowed $1 for 2 days guarding PETER
RIFFLE, a criminal.

Page 46 - Dec. 22 1800 - Ordered thet the sheriff be allowed $2.20 for
summoning a Court for the examination of PETER RIFFLE, a criminal, due for
conveying said criminal to the District jail in Morgantown, 85 miles at 2¢
per mile. Due for irons to secure him. Due for diet found the prisoner and
Guard $3 . Due for horse feed by him found $3.50. Due for dieting said
prisoner in jail seven days at 17¢ and also 21 for putting him in jail. Also
to John Gibson impressed Guard 9 days at 50¢ per day. Also Thomas Williams 8
days for due at 50¢ per day and to Daniel Clark, John Clark, and Wm. Yoakum
for due 1 day 50¢.

Randolph County Court Minute Book : page 123 - 23 Oct. 1809

On application of Jacob Riffle Sr. it is ordered that Betsy Riffle, daughter
of Peter Riffle, deceased be bound to the said Jacob Riffle Sr. until she can
arrive at the age of 18 years and to have allowances of full freedom as the
law provides.

In a court order re Jacob Sr.'s Will filed 1835/1839 Peter is listed as
deceased leaving 2 children, where abouts unknown. Children: Elizabeth
(Betsy) and Jacob.

Peter Riffle may have died in the Harrison County jail in 1801..


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