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From: Pam and Joe Stone <>
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 15:27:13 -0400

Hi, all,

I thought I'd share with all of you my thinking on the assorted WRIGHTS
of Dist. 96, SC. I look forward to hearing your opinions, and welcome any and all
related information or additional documents anyone out there can provide
that will help clarify the relationships of the persons I find there.

David Harris (a descendant of Joseph Wright, along with Marilee Howard Cory,
Betty McQuaig, Robert Wright, and myself, among many others) tipped me
off on this absolutely VITAL source for figuring out the Who's Who of
the District 96 WRIGHTS. Marilee Cory's discovery of the land grant in 1788
to Joseph SOUTH and the 1805 deed regarding that same land (also discussed
below) are the keys to the identification of Joseph as the patriarch of our Wright

This source that David has discovered provides massive information on the
Wrights and very many other families in the area, and gives many hints that
Joseph Wright---at the very least---knew, and most likely was related to some
of the other WRIGHT families found there.

Can anyone help correctly identify the John WRIGHTs and the James
WRIGHT (I also found a Joshua and a Jeremiah WRIGHT who might be sons
of one of these Wrights)? Does anyone know William WRIGHT's relationship
to John Wright or Joseph WRIGHT? How about George Wright who d. 1774
in Laurens, son of George Wright of Frederick Co., VA?

I do believe Joseph WRIGHT may have possibly been a cousin of John
WRIGHT, the husband of Rachel WELLS, if, in fact, one of the John WRIGHTs
I find in this source is that John. Joseph is found in documents with both John
(or both Johns?) and William WRIGHT. The relationship
of William and Joseph and George and John (Sr.) is, as yet, unclear to me. Does anyone
know if either William or George was a brother of John who married Rachel Wells? Or a brother
of the 1770 Bute Co., NC, John whose will names sons, Joseph, James, and Jesse Wright?

DJ, please send me any info and docs you have on the origins and generations
of the family of John WRIGHT who married Rachel WELLS. (You mention origins of
PA to MD to Frederick Co., VAAnd can you please
send any info that you have on this children and grandchildren, who they married,
where they lived.

And Barbara, do you have any further info on whether the James of the Bush River
MM was the brother of the Joseph I find living so near to him and John Wright? Or
the ancestors of the John WRIGHT who m. Sarah & d. 1770 in NC?

I think if we all work this puzzle together, perhaps we can sort it out to the benefit of

Thanks! I REALLY look forward to your response!


REFERENCE: Laurens and Newberry Counties South Carolina:
Saluda and Little River Settlements 1749-1775, by Jesse Hogan
Motes III & Margaret Peckham Motes; Published, 1994, Southern
Historical Press, Inc., Greenville, South Carolina; Copyright, 1994,
by Jesse Hogan Motes III and Margaret Peckham Motes.

WILLIAM WRIGHT was a founding member of the Bush River
Monthly Meeting, Laurens Co., SC, established November, 1770 (p.12).
The memorial of William WRIGHT (survey by John CALDWELL) of
150a in Craven Co. on the waters of the Little River, was delivered
17 Feb 1772 to John WRIGHT (p. 161; source cites M11-9:3).

Some other founding members of the Bush River Monthly meeting (p. 12) were:
Robert EVANS, Enoch PEARSON, Samuel PEARSON,and
David MOTE (MOTTE, MOTTES, MOTES) (pp.225-226).
David MOTE was b. ca. 1715, Amelia Co., VA; son of William MOTE; removed to
Brunswick Co., VA, by 1742; removed to Edgecombe Co., NC, by 1748, where
he was involved in land transactions & a will [of William MAUND, whose sister,
Elizabeth, was wife of Aquilla SUGGS] also involving Robert WRIGHT, Joseph
HOWELL, and Murfree HOWELL [wife of Noah SUGG, son of Aquilla SUGG &
Elizabeth MAUND]. David MOTE served in the Edgecombe Co. Militia in Capt.
Aqueler [Aquilla] SUGG's unit with John HALL, Robert WRIGHT, and Joseph
HOWELL, among others (source cites Militia of Edgecombe, 1750's; ms.
MIL TR.1.12; N.C. Archives). David MOTE removed to Beaverdam Creek on
the Saluda River, Dist. 96, by 1764, his land abutting the lands of Stephen

Vacant land lay between the plats of this John WRIGHT & Joseph WRIGHT.
Margaret MOORE had a survey performed by Enoch PEARSON, which was
certified 30 Oct 1767 for 100a [Bounty land] in Berkley County on the fork
between the Broad and Saludy Rivers. Land bounded NE by Stephen
HOLSTON, and part vacant land; NW by David RICHARDSON; and SE by
John WRIGHT, and part vacant land (p. 73; source cites P18-512:1).
Joseph has his first land record 1766 and the last found 1786 in the David
MOTE conveyance to Thomas PUGH, wit. by JOSEPH WRIGHT,
WILLIAM WRIGHT and JOHN WRIGHT [land orig. granted Stephen
HOLSTON, 1753, conveyed to Henry HAVARD, 1754,
and by him to David MOTE, 1764] (pp.66, 72, 86; source cites Newberry Deed
Book A:189-191 and Saluda River, South Carolina Land and Estate Records,
by Ge Lee Corley Hendrix, Greenville, SC, unpublished).

Many records found during these years at these Dist. 96 sites list Joseph
WRIGHT as Deputy Surveyor, and he witnessed several documents. In
December 1768, Joseph WRIGHT was a witness to the release by Peter
SCOTT to William GOULD of 100a on Beaver Dam branch, being part of the
200a granted to Scott on 29 Apr 1768; Proved in Ninety Six District by
Joseph WRIGHT 4 Sept 1773 before Elias HOLLINGSWORTH, J.P.,
and recorded 25 Apr 1774 (p. 91; source cites Charleston Deed Book F-4.)
Joseph WRIGHT performed the 1771 survey for John WRIGHT
(Sr.? Jr.?) for 200a in Berkeley Co. on the waters of the Little River (p.77).
In 1773, Joseph Wright certified his survey for the memorial of John WRIGHT
for those 200a, and the document was delivered to Robert EVANS (p. 77).
In 1785, Joseph WRIGHT, along with Isaac COOK, witnessed
John WRIGHT's lease and release of 200a on Beaver Dam Creek to Joseph
THOMSON, the land having originally been granted to John COATE
[no plat found] and conveyed by Coate to John WRIGHT 1769
(p. 77; my source cites Newberry Deed Book A, pp. 187-188).

In 1774, Laurens Co., Dist. 96, Joseph WRIGHT witnessed the will
of George WRIGHT, who had come from Frederick Co., VA.

Last record of Joseph WRIGHT, which I think could be the same Joseph
as at these earlier locations, is the 1788 Laurens Co. land grant to Joseph
SOUTH that names Joseph WRIGHT as South's only neighbor. Then the
linking deed in which the Widow RIGHT [Mary on the 1800 Census] is
named as living on the same land that had abutted South's, when the
tract that had belonged to Joseph SOUTH was conveyed 1805 by Ambrose
HALL to Lewis WATKINS; neighbors named therein are Martin PEW [PUGH],
James CLARDY), John & Thos. WOOD, and John POWELL.) Both these
documents were discovered and kindly shared by Marilee Howard Cory.

(The John HALL of Edgecombe Co. had removed from Amelia Co., VA,
as proven by his deed dtd. 10 Aug 1765 to his son, John HALL, Jr.
[p. 227; source cites Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book C, p. 370.
In 1737, this HALL had purchased half the land originally granted to Johnathan
MOTE, bro. of David MOTE, in 1733 in Amelia. Proving the relationships, if any, of the
this John HALL to the William HALL who was from Amelia and d. 1799 in Laurens
[and was the father of Sarah HALL who m. James CLARDY, and the maternal
grandfather of Nancy CLARDY who married Joseph WRIGHT's son, James D.
WRIGHT] and the Aquilla HALL and Ambrose HALL also found there later,
is at least as big of a puzzle as figuring out which Wright was related to any
other found in District 96.)

Some later members of the Bush River Mo.Mtg. included Thos. PUGH, Jacob
BROOKS, Daniel SMITH, William SMITH, John WRIGHT, and James WRIGHT
(James' wife, in deeds of this source, is listed as Rebekkah).

This John WRIGHT would seem to me to be the John WRIGHT who m. Rachel
WELLS (Quakers), who had removed from NC, or possibly their son?, John,
whose wife in deeds in this source was named as Jemina.

I find a survey and memorial for James McLonan for 150a in Colleton Co., on the
waters of the Little River that was performed by John WRIGHT and certified in
1774 (pp. 72-73.) Is this John WRIGHT who m. Rachel WELLS? John WRIGHT
whose wife was Jemina? A different one altogether?

If this James WRIGHT of the Bush River MM is the younger John's
brother, he would obviously be the son of John & Rachel Wells Wright;
however, if he is the same James as listed below in the 1770 will of John
WRIGHT of Bute Co., NC, then he is the brother of Joseph and Jesse
WRIGHT, and the son of that John & Sarah WRIGHT.

Barbara Harrell kindly sent me the following abstract:

Bute Co., NC, Record Book A, page 192:
WILL OF JOHN WRIGHT. Dated 3 April, 1770. Recorded November Court 1771.
To son JOSEPH WRIGHT. To wife SARAH, for widowhood, and then to son
JESSE WRIGHT. To son JAMES WRIGHT. Mentions "all my children" but not
clear as to whether all are included among the three sons named.
Witnesses: William RUSSELL, William SMITH

James definitely did move into Laurens Co., SC and is buried there. He is my 5th
great grandfather. Descendants did later move into north Alabama.

D.J. Rowe kindly sent me this info on John & Rachel WELLS WRIGHT:

My Wrights came from Pa. to Md. to Frederick Co., Va., then NC, and lastly
Newberry Co., SC. My Wrights, John and Rachel Wright moved from VA to NC
ca. 1748, left NC for Newberry Co., SC, around 1760 or so. Both senior Wrights
d. there. Most of their descendants went to Ohio around 1802-10 but a few
stayed behind. John and Rachel's grandson William came to Alabama with his
second wife around 1840. John Wright m. Rachel Wells, d/o Joseph and Rachel
Wells. Her mo. d. at or shortly after her birth and Joseph Wells then m. Margaret
Swanson. They were Episcopalians before converting to the Quaker faith. Rachel
was christened in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel Co., Md.
Joseph Wells, Jr., went to NC, w/wife Charity Carrington and ch. I have some
data which shows John's and Rachel's son Joseph Wright m. Charity Wells but so
far I have no confirmation of her maiden name. Most likely, Joseph and Charity m.
in SC. Since Quakers frequently married cousins although it was forbidden to
marry first cousins, I am inclined to believe Joseph did m. Charity Wells.
Some of the Bush River records are missing/lost and I feel quite sure I am missing
some of the children of the various Wright couples from Bush River. Forgot to
mention, when they went to SC, they were in what was then Camden District.
Don't know when Newberry Co. was formed but it was from Camden and Laurens
(NOTE: I show both Newberry & Laurens Cos. formed 1785 from Dist. 96 [Pam]).

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