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From: "Rintala, Bill" <>
Subject: RE: [WORDS] Smoke Follows Beauty
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 08:33:52 -0600

When I was young I was a Boy Scout, we often built open fires for cooking ,
light and heat. When standing/sitting around one of these fires the smoke
was blown in the whatever direction that that breeze took it. It was very
unpleasant to be in the direct flow of this cloud of smoke. When the smoke
blew in someone's direction they would move to another spot. Occasionally
there would be an individual who for some reason always ended up having the
smoke blow in their face. No matter where they moved to the smoke
eventually found them. At these times it was commonly said that "Smoke
follows beauty". I may have its roots back in our shamanistic past.

William Rintala, M.S., RNC
Applications Analyst
Information Systems

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Subject:[WORDS] Smoke Follows Beauty

"Smoke follows beauty" is a phrase I have
never heard, nor can find in my books.

I have two speculative paths.

(1) Smoke is a euphemism for the devil or
hell. Meaning that women, while
perhaps not meaning to, bring men
to perdition.

(2) Beauty brings on burning passion which
accounts for the smoke.


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>Do you know the origin of this old saying?

Lee Daniel Quinn <>
Have you ever wondered why just one letter makes all the
difference between here and there?
"Some men smoke but Foo men chew."
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