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Subject: [WOODWORTH-L] Woodworth Reunion, June 13th, Stockton, CA
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 20:48:46 EDT

Hi Cousins,
Following up on Susan Moore's () information about a
Woodworth Reunion, I wrote a letter to that address. Here is the response I
received. There is also an application and a copy of a letter to Readers
Digest that will follow in a separate e-mail.
Am I going? You betcha!!!!! Sounds like a great time!
Marvin "Woody" Woodworth
April 22, 1998

Marvin W. Woodworth
217 West Silver Meadow Drive
Midwest City, OK 73110-3749

Dear Marvin:

I received your very nice letter and I will answer your questions and request
as best I can.

I am the Treasurer of the Woodworth Family Association and the Historian for
the Reunion and the Association.

We held our first Woodworth Family Reunion in 1988 after about 7 years of
researching our family heritage and decided to plan a Reunion which took 2
years of holding meetings every month. We were overwhelmed by the response. We
initially held the Reunion for the Alonzo Woodworth Family. My Grandmother,
Julia Woodworth Pettit,, is Alonzo's youngest daughter. However, we received
requests from Woodworth descendants from other lineages that wanted to attend
our Reunion, we then opened it up to ALL Woodworths and Descendants of
Woodworths. Since we are all related whether direct, shirt tail or cross over
because we all originate from Walter Woodworth who came to America from Hull,
England in 1628.

We have Woodworths and descendants of Woodworth's who come from all over the
United States to our Reunion. We are mentioned in various magazines, excerpts
from our Videos have been shown on the "Today Show" and my sister, Loretta
Kanelos, who started it all and asked me to assist her, we get requests to
speak about our Reunion and to put on workshops about "How to Plan a
Successful Reunion".

Loretta and I have written a Woodworth Family History Book about our lineage
and we have also, written a Woodworth Family Cookbook. We organized the
Woodworth Family Association in 1994 and established a Woodworth Family Museum
at the Jack Tone Ranch in 1995.

We WELCOME any help, assistance, advertising, and etc. about The Woodworth
Family Reunion which is held on the World Reknown Jack Tone Arabian Horse
Ranch in Stockton, CA. My cousin, Marjory Woodworth Tone, is the owner of the
ranch with her husband, Jack Tone III. Her father, Loren, and my grandmother
were brother and sister.

which will be held this year on Saturday, June 13, 1998 at the Jack Tone
Ranch. It starts at 10 AM and goes until the cows come home......that day.
We have Fun... Fun... Fun... . Anyone who attends our Reunion always
returns. We have several in their 90's that come. One who is 98 years of age
flies from Syracuse, New York.

I am sorry but we do not have an extra copy of the Original Flyer but we are
in the process of sending out another flyer as a reminder which will contain
the same information and more. I will see that you get a copy of it. In the
meantime, I will tell you about the Agenda of our coming Reunion and repeat
the same info we put in the original flyer. I made extra copies but keep
getting requests and I ran out and I had taken the Original Copy and did
additional layout and paste. I always keep a copy of the last flyer to put in
the "Year Book".

I am enclosing a copy of the letter I sent to Eleanor Berman, Readers Digest,
who requested information about our Reunion. The article will be in their new
magazine "New Choices" which will be coming out in June and she will send me a
copy. I hope it arrives before the Reunion so I can have it on display at the
Genealogy Table. We have a relative who is very well versed in Genealogy and
of the Mormon faith with ties in Salt Lake City, Utah who will be sitting at
the table.

Our Flyer for this year was printed on blue paper, however, the next one will
be printed on I believe melon. The paper is donated to us by a member on the
Reunion Committee. It announced the Reunion, date and place which you are
already familiar with, however, the address you stated in your letter was
incorrect. The address is 9749 N. Jack Tone Road, Stockton, Ca.

This year our Bar-B-Que is being catered by the Red Oak Bar-B-Que and they
offer tri tips, chicken with plum sauce, Santa Maria Beans, homemade potato
salad, green salad with dressing, fresh fruit, drink, rolls and butter. The
cost is $12.00 per adult and $8.00 for children 12 and under.

We, also, charge a Registration Fee of $3.00 per adult to help defray expenses
such as flyers, envelopes, postage, chairs, and table clothes and any other
incidental expense. I am sending you a copy of the Reservation Form and do
hope you will attend and anyone else that you might know of that might want to
attend. We welcome all Woodworths and descendants of Woodworths their
spouses, children, and if unmarried, their guest.

Richard Rogers., the One Man Band, and other Woodworths including children
will entertain the attendees.

Our theme is "PROUD TO BE A WOODWORTH". We hope as many Woodworths or
descendants of Woodworths will attend and show how proud they are to be a
Woodworth or a Woodworth descendant.

Our Genealogy Table has books about relatives plus the Family History Book.
Family Yearbook, Family Memorial Book, Family Sing-a-Long Book and Family
Cookbook. This year we will be adding a book called "The Leaves of our Family
Tree". There are books written by other Woodworths and one of the most
interesting is the "Daily Diary" written by James Woodworth of his trek
west...hardships, good times, bad times, and it is the only book known which
was written on a daily basis in the 1850's.

We always honor a Woodworth or a descendant of a Woodworth at every Reunion
and this year is no exception. We will be honoring our Past Reunion Chairmen.

We have very impressive and prestigious Opening Ceremonies. The raising of
the American Flag on a flagpole which was built in 1901. The flag belongs to
a Woodworth who's father served in World War I and was given to his Mother
when his father died. Barbara Piehl, a Woodworth descendant with a beautiful
voice, will sing the Star Spangled Banner. Jack Stuart, Grandson of Joseph
Woodworth, will give a rendition of Patrick Henry and this is something
everyone must see and hear. This is followed by a Mini Horse Show,
Entertainment, Childrens activities and they each get some goodies, a Treasure
Hunt for the big kids and those who are kids at heart, a FREE Raffle Ticket to
win one of the wonderful gifts is given to each adult, and we have FREE

This year we are again selling Woodworth Family Reunion Caps and T- Shirts. I
am enclosing a copy of that Order Form. The caps are $5.00 each and the shirts
are of various amounts according to size. $10.00...$12.00...$15.00.

We have lots of prizes, surprises and raffle gifts.

We ask the attendees who are attending for the first time to step up to the
Mike and let us know who they are, what lineage they are from and tell us
about theirselves.

We have those who bring artifacts to show and tell. We have those who have
stories about their parents and/or grandparents to tell them. We try to
preserve as much history as possible We, always, lose some of the old timers
between the Reunions. Some leave a void in the Reunion. We, always, take a
moment of silence to remember those gone before us and Barbara sings "How
Great Thou Art" afterwards.

Attendees are allowed to visit the barns with the prize horses, museum, and
any other buildings that are open on the ranch. The grounds around the house
and courtyard where the Reunion is held is a beautiful place and the river
runs along side of the Picnic Area, it is fenced so that no one falls in,
however, it is not too deep. It is very peaceful and runs thru the ranch.
There is a Secret Garden that many video or take pictures of. Here is the
"Wolf Lounge" which is a lounge patterned after Jack Tone's relatives lounge
in Ireland. This is open to tour. Jack makes the best and smoothest wine in
California, we are told. Since I do not drink I cannot verify this and must
believe what I am told. There are activities going on all day and there is so
much to see and tour. Everyone enjoys theirselves and they enjoy having the
opportunity to meet and visit many relatives and hear stories about the good
old days. W e have brought relatives together who had not seen each other in
30 years, 65 years and one 70 years. We even had a relative become acquainted
with her cousin, who was her best friend and she worked with her for over 15
years, and they did not know they were cousins. Both had the same
Grandmother. One knew her Grandmother was a Woodworth but the other knew her
by her married name only. When I was made aware of this, I told Lois, that
her and Ruby were second cousins. She couldn't believe it. She was so elated
and 2 years later Lois was a victim to cancer. I felt so good to have brought
them together while they were both alive. That is what Reunions are all

You have my permission to advertise whatever you want regarding our Reunion.
I can guarantee they won't be disappointed if they attend and they will have
fun, fun, fun.

We also WELCOME information on any and all Woodworths and descendants of
Woodworths as we are asked about relatives all the time, some we do not know
of and do not have info on. We have been trying to obtain info and to hear
from relatives on Alexander Woodworth who was born in Vermont but went to Nova
Scotia....Washburn George or George Washburn...we do not know what the correct
first name is because we have seen it both ways...and an Alonzo Woodworth who
was buried in Shattuck, Oklahoma. At least that is where his body was sent
to. If you have or can get any info on these relatives, it will be greatly

I was so happy to hear from you and very appreciative of your offer to help.
I certainly hope you can attend the Reunion. I look forward to meeting you
and I know my sister, Loretta will too.

Paulene Van Der Volgen
10750 Ophir Road
Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 823-5196

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