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From: Gay Edens Carrigan <>
Subject: [WOODS-L] Thomas & Jeremiah Wood, Bedford Co., VA
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 21:28:24 -0600

I have collected early VA Wood-Woods info for over 27 years, and have it
all on my computer. I use every iota of info and try to put all of these
families back together. It gets very confusing, but using census, deeds,
wills, marriages and tradition, I have put together an unbelievable number
of families -- with lots of helpful input.

Jeremiah is one I have worked on lately, so there is much to be done on
him. This is what it looks like thus far:

Can anyone add to this information?

Born: ca 1760s, Bedford Co., VA
Died: ca late 1820s-early 1830s, Bedford Co., VA
Father: Thomas Wood
Mother: Elizabeth (Stovall?)

Married: MARY DOOLEY, 28 Dec 1796, Bedford Co., VA
Dau of John Dooley

CHILDREN ... Tentative Listing (11?) Several unaccounted for.

Based on
1810 & 1820 Census: Female 1794-1804m 1796, 1st child ca 1798?
6 sons, 5 daus Female 1794-1804
Male 1794-1800
Female 1800-1810
Female 1800-1810
Male 1804-1810
Male 1804-1810
Male 1804-1810
Female 1810-1820
Male 1810-1820
Male 1810-1820

Mary "Polly" ... b ca 1798, Bedford Co., VA
m Jesse Dooley, 30 Nov 1816, Bedford Co., VA

Demartha ....... b ca 1800, Bedford Co., VA
m John B. Campbell, 16 Aug 1820, Bedford Co., VA
Did Demartha die, and a sister Lucy m John Campbell?

?Lucy .......... b ca 1802, Bedford Co., VA
m John Campbell, 17 Aug 1820, Bedford Co., VA

Jeremiah ....... b _______, Bedford Co., VA
m Martha Feazel, 7 Dec 1829, Bedford Co., VA
Sur John B. Campbell

Thomas ......... b ca 1810, Bedford Co., VA
m Mahala Feazel, 7 Dec 1829, Bedford Co., VA
Sur John B. Campbell

Bird ........... b ca 1812, Bedford Co., VA
m Mary Feazel, 6 Jun 1832, Bedford Co., VA
Surety Philip Feazel. m by Wm. Harris 6 Jun 1832
To Buchanan Co., MO ca 1840-42 (per Tom)

Mary ........... b ca 1817, Bedford Co., VA (per Tom)
m Nicholas Wilkerson, 19 Dec 1837, Bedford Co., VA
Surety Bird Wood
Others Unknown

Nathan? Have nothing on this name in Bedford. The source?
Did he go to MO with Bird?

Polly was the nickname for Mary -- strange that they would have
both a Polly and a Mary.


1766, Bedford: Thomas Wood Estate. Administrator John Wood
[See DB 2-274 & 2-589]
Children: Jonathan Wood - Recd Bedford & Botetourt land
Jeremiah Wood
Sarah Wood

1782 Bedford Tax Lists Free males 21+ Slaves Horses Cattle Whites over 16
Agnes Woods - - 3 12 -
Thomas 1 - 4 13 1
Jonathan 1 - 1 4 1
Jeremiah - - 2 4 1
Peter 1 - 5 4 1
Ambrose 1 - - 4 1
Stephen 1 3 4 14 1

1784 Bedford: Thomas Wood 2
Jeremiah 1
Stephen 3

1785 Bedford: Peter Wood 2
Ambrose 1
Thomas 3

1786 Bedford: Thomas Wood 2
James 1

1788 Bedford: Thomas 1 male, 1 Female
Jonathan 1
James 1

1789 Bedford: Thomas -
Jeremiah 1

1790 Bedford: Thomas ?
Jeremiah 1

1791 Bedford: Thomas ?
Jeremiah ?

1792 Bedford: Jeremiah

26 Nov 1773 : 25 Feb 1793, Bedford WB 2-102
Wife: Elizabeth
Lands and moveable estate divided equally between my male and female children.
Exor: Wife Elizabeth &John Sharp
Wit: Thomas Best, John Stovall, Elizabeth Stovall
Wit to notation: James King, Eliza King, Hannah (Fitzhugh?)
Proven 25 Feb 1793 by Elizabeth Leftwich, late Elizabeth Stovall
Securities: Henry Jeter, Thomas Logwood, George Potter
(Abs of Bedford Co., VA WB 2, w/Invs & Accts 1788-1803, Joida Whitten, pp
27 & 28)

Thomas & Elizabeth (?) Wood (Harlan Wood Query)
Children: Jonathan
Elizabeth m Jonathan Smith 15 Mar 1791, Bedford
Phebe Wood m Peter Purnal 15 Feb 1792, Bedford
James m Polly ______
Jeremiah m Mary Dooley 28 Dec 1796
Josiah m Susanna Karns 26 Jul 1797, Bedford
Sede/Sidy m Henry Dooley 7 Aug 1797, Bedford
?Peggy m Jacob Karns

21 Aug 1793 : 23 Sep 1793, Bedford WB 2-115
Executrix: Elizabeth Wood
Buyers: Elizabeth Wood, Jeremiah Wood, William Edgar, Henry Mayberry,
George Dooley, Jr., James Wood, Adam Karnes, Michol Karns, Barnett Owen,
John Keuzer, William Miner, John Dawson, Lewis Pettit, William Quarles,
William Williams, Jr., Robert Fitzhugh, John Williams, Jacob Mayberry,
David Mayberry, Ned Scott, William Frankleberry, George Potter, Abraham
Mayberry, Robert Boyle, Peter Fitzhugh, William Halley, John Ewing, Josiah
Wood. (Abs of Bedford Co., VA WB 2 with Inventories & Accounts 1788-1803,
Joida Whitten, p 30

1793 Bedford: Jeremiah 1 3

1794 Bedford: Elizabeth1 tithe1 horse Widow of Thomas who d 1793
Jeremiah13 Son of Thomas & Elizabeth
Jonathan11 Son of Thomas & Elizabeth
James11 Son of Thomas & Elizabeth
Josias12 Son of Thomas & Elizabeth

28 Dec 1796, Bedford: Jeremiah Wood m Mary Dooley, dau of John

25 Nov 1797 : 29 Nov 1797, Bedford WB 2-216
Executrix: Elizabeth Wood
Whether a debt claimed by Jeremiah Wood of £34.3 on open account proved by
a disinterested witness ought to be paid of the the real estate, there
being no assets in the hands of the executrix.
Whether a certain tract of land claimed by Peter Purnell, who intermarried
with Phebe Wood one of the legatees now deceased (the title to which is now
depending on an appeal in the High Court of Chancery) ought to be
considered as part of the portion of the said Phebe, or whether a full
share independent of this land is to be allotted to her heirs.
Alleged by one of the parties that a tract of land in Botetourt County
containing 800 acres for which a patent has or will issue in the name of
Jonathan Wood, one of the legatees, was given to Jonathan by Thomas Wood
during his lifetime in full of his portion of the estate, but of this no
proof hath been yet adduced to us.
Signed: Wm. Quarles, Jr., C. Mennis, Andrew Donald.
(Abs of Bedford Co., VA WB 2 with Inventories & Accounts 1788-1803, Joida
Whitten, pp 56 & 57)

Dated from 26 Oct 1793 : Ret 26 Feb 1798, Bedford WB 2-220
Mentioned: Jonathan Wood, Jeremiah Wood, James Wood, Josiah Wood, others.
Division: Executrix Elizabeth Wood, widow, ...
Heirs of Phebe Wood or Purnell .....
James Wood, one undivided moiety of the lands on Bigg Otter River
purchased from Clark ...
Jeremiah Wood, the other undivided moiety of the land above
mentioned ...
Josiah Wood, an undivided 3/4 parts of the 470 acres on Little Otter
purchased from Robert Clark ...
[Elizabeth] Smith, wife of Jonathan Smith, 3 surveys adj the
"hearkning Hill in Botetourt Co." ...
Jonathan Wood, the tract of land on Jennings Creek in Botetourt Co.
containing 162 acres known by the name of McGuires old place and the
tract of 400 acres on the Chestnut Mountain in said county ...
Sidy, the wife of Henry Dooly, these 2 tracts of land whereon the
widow at present resides which were purchased by the decedent from
McGuire and Yoakum ...
(Abs of Bedford Co., VA WB 2 with Inventories & Accounts 1788-1803,
Joida Whitten, pp 58 & 59)

24 Dec 1798, Bedford WB 2-246-248: THOMAS WOOD DIVISION OF LAND
James Wood's Allotment. Survey date 20 Aug 1798. Surveyed for James Woods
150 acres on Little Otter River, lines of Hardays, Donalds,
Sharps and Donalds corner pine, Siah Woods.
Jeremiah Wood's Allotment. Survey dated 20 Aug 1798. Surveyed for Jeremiah
218 acres on Little Otter River, lines of Siah [Josiah?] Woods,
Qualeses, Menices, Hardies.
(Abs of Bedford Co., VA WB 2 w/Invs & Accts 1788-1803, Joida Whitten, p 67)

1800 Bedford Tax Lists:
First Dist.Jesse Wood1 tithe, 1 horse
Aron Wood1 tithe, 4 horses
Francis Wood1 tithe, 0 horses
Northern Dist.Jeremiah Woods1 tithe, 2 horses
Josiah Woods1 tithe, 1 h orse
James Woods1 tithe, 1 horse
Jonathan Woods1 tithe, 1 horse
Jerry Woods 1 tithe, 2 horses

1800 Bedford DB 11-184: Jeremiah Wood from C. & Martha Mennis &ux,
250 acres "Mtn Tract"

1800 Bedford DB 11-190: Jeremiah & Polly Wood to Callohill Mennis, 200 acres
on Big Otter River adj James Wood

1810 Bedford: Jeremiah Wood26-45 1765-84
Female 26-45 1765-84 m 1796, 1st child ca 1798?
1 Female 10-16 1794-1800
1 Male 10-16 1794-1800
2 Females -10 1800-10
3 Males -10 1800-10

1816, Bedford DB 14-492: Jeremiah Wood from Henry Dooley & ux POA. General

1816, Bedford Co., VA DB 15-16: THOMAS WOOD ESTATE
James & Polly Wood to Benjamin Kanady, interest
in 28 acres on Stony Creek.
Jeremiah & Susanna Wood (??????)
Josiah &ux. Jeremiah Atty In Fact

1816, Bedford DB 15-101: Josiah Wood to Jeremiah Wood POA. General Power.

30 Nov 1816, Bedford: Polly Wood m Jesse Dooley. Sur Jeremiah Wood
m by Josiah Morton 30 Nov 1816.

1817, Bedford DB 15-203: Josiah & James Wood to Jeremiah Wood POA to settle
estate of Thomas Wood

1820 Bedford: Jeremiah Wood 45+ pre 1775
Female 45+ pre 1775
2 Females 16-26 1794-1804
3 Males 10-16 1804-1810
1 Female -10 1810-1820
2 Males -10 1810-1820

23 Oct 1826, Bedford: Sally Wood m Jesse Hodges. Sur Thomas Wood

7 Dec 1829, Bedford: Thomas Wood m Mahala Feazle. Sur John B.Campbell

7 Dec 1829, Bedford: Jeremiah Wood m Martha Feazle. Sur John B. Campbell

6 Jun 1832, Bedford: Bird Woodm Mary Feazle. Sur Philip Feazel
m by William Harris 6 Jun 1832

25 Mar 1833, Bedford: Nancy Wood m Benjamin N. Mitchell. Sur Thomas Wood

19 Dec 1837, Bedford: Mary Woodm Nicholas Wilkerson. Sur Bird Wood

___, Bedford Co. Bk 11-231: A claim of Jeremiah Wood for Revolutionary Service.

Gay Edens Carrigan
P.O. Box 3986
Gulf Shores, AL 36547-3986

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