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Subject: John Wolford of Maryland and WV
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 18:04:07 EDT

1. John WOLFORD b. 1762, Washington County, Maryland, Remarks: Will: 14 Nov
1849, m. Catherine UNKNOWN, d. BEFORE 1849, Hampshire Co., West Virginia.
John died 18 Nov 1849, Hampshire County, West Virginia, Burial: Hampshire,
West Virginia. There may be some confusion to the researchers looking at
Wolford's who lived in Hampshire County, West Virginia. Two John Wolford
lived in Hampshire County. One lived there til he died (this one) and the
other for 17 years and later moved his family to Randolph County, West
Virginia by 1800 and remained there until he died. (That land later belonged
to Tucker County when it was formed.) This 'other' John Wolford stayed in
Hampshire County and raised his family there. The confusion appears in the
children: both had descendants with similar names. Therefore, while there
appears no link between these two Johns, I hope including this will save time
when others research this county. I give all research credit of this 'other'
John Wolford, of Maryland, to Audrey Fee of Zerring, Iowa. Her previous work
can be found on microfilm at the LDS Family History Center Library. Abstracts
Rev War Pension Files: Wolford, John b.1763, Md.Line, R10027 b. in Wash
Co.Md. Lived there when he enlisted & later moved to Hampshire Co.,Va.
about1805 & he lived there when he applied 24 Nov. 1845 Will: 14 Nov 1849,
proved 26 Nov 1849 No. w, 10 ch. 1-Henry, 2-Martin, 3-Jacob, 4-Elizabeth,
5-Phoebe, 6-Ann, she gets 1/3 of farm he lives on, then it goes to her
daughters, Lucinda and Deborah, 7-Adam, 8-John, 9-Rosanna Crim, 10-Isabella
Bennett. Exec: Christopher and Frederick Heiskell Sec: Henry and Martin
Wolford, Josiah Constable Wit: Phil Fahs, Perry A Stewart (From "Early
Records, Hampshire County Virginia, Now West Virginia 1782-1860) There's a
John Wolford that appears in Luthern Observer, 1831-1861, marriage and death
notices. Died 18 Nov near North River Mills, Hampshire County, Virginia
(WV), age 87 y 3 m 6 d.
2. i Henry WOLFORD.
+ 3. ii Martin b. 1794.
+ 4. iii Jacob.
5. iv Elizabeth WOLFORD.
6. v Phoebe WOLFORD.
7. vi Ann WOLFORD Remarks: dau: Lucinda & Deborah.
8. vii Adam WOLFORD.
9. viii John WOLFORD.
+ 10. ix Rosanna.
11. x Isabella WOLFORD Remarks: Marriage Bond 1824-28., m. 1824-28,
William BENNETT.
12. xi Susanna WOLFORD m. Moses McNIGHT.

Next Generation

3. Martin WOLFORD (1.John1) b. 1794, West Virginia, Remarks: Operated a
Sawmill., m. 3 Aug 1815, in Berkeley County, Virginia (WV), Mary CRIMM, d.
AFTER 1872. Martin died 17 May 1872, Hampshire County, West Virginia,
Burial: Malick Cemetery, Hoy, West Virginia. Martin's birthplace is
uncertain since John's first recorded evidence in Hampshire was in 1796. In
Hampshire county clerk deed book, Martin received 275 acres of land from John
Gant in 1842. In the Minute Book, Martin was assessed with 316.75 acres on
Tearcoat Drains, close to John's land. A sawmill is on this land, part of it
will standing, near US Rt 50, 1 mile below Augusta.Martin's will is dated 4
Mar 1872 and signed with Martin's signature; will book #22. Note: Census and
other records says a Daniel lived with Martin; also maybe a Michael, son of
Mary Crim, from a previous marriage, adopted by Martin and raised with the
family. (His line is included.) There also may be a Henry who died young.
These three are just guesses. Mary: Also known as Polly.
+ 13. i Michael C b. 16 Jul 1813.
+ 14. ii John J b. 1816.
+ 15. iii Peter b. 8 Jul 1818.
+ 16. iv Adam b. 1820.
+ 17. v William b. 1823.
18. vi Daniel WOLFORD b. 1829, Remarks: died early? No children?.
+ 19. vii Richard M b. 1831.
+ 20. viii Rebecca b. 1833.

4. Jacob WOLFORD (1.John1).
21. i Lucy Ann WOLFORD m. 28 Oct 1826, Fenton METCALF, (son of Asa

10. Rosanna WOLFORD (1.John1) m. George CRIMM.
+ 22. i Mary.

Next Generation

13. Michael C WOLFORD (3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 16 Jul 1813, Remarks: from
Mary's #1 Marriage?, m. 20 Aug 1839, in Hampshire co., WV, Louise YONLEY, b.
19 Mar 1820, d. 10 Aug 1895. Michael died 18 Apr 1894, Burial: Mt. Zion
Church, near Tearcoat/Augusta. Also known as Mikey.
23. i Thomas Yonley WOLFORD b. 16 Nov 1844, m. 16 Nov 1844, Mary
BARRETT. Also known as Ty.
+ 24. ii Edward B b. 18 Jun 1850.

14. John J WOLFORD (3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 1816, Remarks: carpenter, m.
Elizabeth Jane McKEE. John died 22 Jul 1896, Burial: Augusta Cemetery,
Hampshire, WV. Also known as Jiner.
+ 25. i Mary Margaret b. 21 Jun 1843.
+ 26. ii Rebecca Jane b. 10 Apr 1846.
27. iii Virginia A WOLFORD b. 11 Jun 1849, d. 17 Dec 1851.
28. iv Richard WOLFORD b. 18 Dec 1851, d. 24 Dec 1854.
+ 29. v Robert James b. 9 Sep 1854.
+ 30. vi Malinda Catherine b. 16 Aug 1857.
+ 31. vii Charles Edwin b. 31 May 1860.
+ 32. viii Sarah Lorena b. 1 Jun 1864.
+ 33. ix John Martin b. 10 Jul 1867.

15. Peter WOLFORD (3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 8 Jul 1818, North River Mills,
Hampshire Co, WV, Remarks: carpenter, m. 7 Apr 1840, Elizabeth SHORT, b. 15
Dec 1815, N. River Mills, Hampshire Co., WV, d. 18 Feb 1902, Delavan,
Illinois. Peter died 15 Dec 1855, Center Valley, Hendricks Co., Indiana,
Burial: Friendship Cemetery, Center Vally, Ind.
+ 34. i Margaret b. 1841.
+ 35. ii William Martin b. 6 Dec 1843.
+ 36. iii Michael Pritchard b. 17 May 1845.
37. iv Mary WOLFORD.
38. v Rebecca WOLFORD.
39. vi Levi P WOLFORD Remarks: Died@ 4 mo, "consumption", d.

16. Adam WOLFORD (3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 1820, Hampshire County, West
Virginia, Remarks: farmer, m. (1) Mary SMITH, m. (2) Ann SHANK. Adam died
1915, Burial: Augusta cemetery, West Virginia.
Children by Mary SMITH:
40. i Robert Smith WOLFORD.
41. ii Lucy WOLFORD.
42. iii Joe WOLFORD.
43. iv Lizzie WOLFORD.
Children by Ann SHANK:
+ 44. v William Lock.
+ 45. vi Granville H.

17. William WOLFORD (3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 1823, Remarks: Confed.Captain,
Civil War, m. Unknown BRILL, Remarks: no children. William died 2 Oct 1906,
Burial: Quaker graveyard, 6 m. East of Romney WV.
46. i Unknown WOLFORD.
47. ii Unknown WOLFORD Cause of Death: Tuberculosis.
+ 48. iii Hannah.
49. iv Sarah WOLFORD.
50. v Anna WOLFORD.
51. vi Belle WOLFORD.
+ 52. vii Richard.
53. viii Joseph WOLFORD.

19. Richard M WOLFORD (3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 1831, Hampshire County, West
Virginia, m. Phoebe McGUIRE. Richard Burial: Mt. Zion Cemetery.
+ 54. i Alverda.
55. ii Bell WOLFORD m. J W SHULL, Remarks: Doctor; Bell was 2nd wife.
+ 56. iii Harvey Clinton.

20. Rebecca WOLFORD (3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 1833, Hampshire County, West
Virginia, m. Peter SNYDER.
+ 57. i Joseph.

22. Mary CRIM (10.Rosanna2, 1.John1).
58. i Lydia CRIM.

Next Generation

24. Edward B WOLFORD (13.Michael3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 18 Jun 1850, m. 25
May 1871, Isabel BARRETT. Edward died 16 Nov 1925.
+ 59. i Clarence.

25. Mary Margaret WOLFORD (14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 21 Jun 1843, m.
William J STEWART, d. 26 Apr 1916. Mary died 22 Aug 1923.
60. i George Washington WOLFORD b. 24 Mar 1875, m. Mamie HIETT.
George died 10 May 1949.

26. Rebecca Jane WOLFORD (14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 10 Apr 1846, m.
61. i John Valentine WOLFORD.
62. ii Mary Elizabeth WOLFORD.
63. iii Charles Harvey WOLFORD.
64. iv Ida WOLFORD.
65. v William B WOLFORD.
66. vi Daniel Franklin WOLFORD.
67. vii Asa Hetzel WOLFORD.
68. viii Evan WOLFORD.
69. ix Rosa Jane WOLFORD.

29. Robert James WOLFORD (14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 9 Sep 1854, m.
Mary Catherine BUCKALEW, Remarks: Robert was second husband.
70. i Bertha Almeda WOLFORD.
71. ii Arthur Glenn WOLFORD Remarks: lived in South Bend, Ind.

30. Malinda Catherine WOLFORD (14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 16 Aug 1857,
m. Phillip COMBS.
72. i Lorena COMBS Remarks: died 18 yrs old. Also known as Rena.
+ 73. ii Charles William.
+ 74. iii Edgar Daniel.
+ 75. iv Ettie Jane.
+ 76. v Ira Newton.
+ 77. vi Lola Rebecca.
+ 78. vii Riley Gibson.
+ 79. viii Cora Estella.

31. Charles Edwin WOLFORD (14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 31 May 1860, m.
Rebecca Virginia GODLOVE.
80. i Florence Mabel WOLFORD.
81. ii Harold Cephas WOLFORD.
82. iii Charles Olean WOLFORD.
83. iv Preston Ellsworth WOLFORD.
84. v Lemuel Clement WOLFORD Remarks: lived in Greenville, Ohio.
85. vi Mary Elizabeth WOLFORD.
86. vii William Ervine WOLFORD.
87. viii Altha Susan WOLFORD.

32. Sarah Lorena WOLFORD (14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 1 Jun 1864, m.
Thomas GRAPES.
88. i Daisy R GRAPES b. 3 Jun 1885, Remarks: Lived at Fort Ashby,
WV, m. Unknown PYLES.
89. ii Virginia Benton GRAPES b. 22 Apr 1887.
90. iii Elma Roena GRAPES b. 28 Jun 1891.
91. iv Roy Montgomery GRAPES b. 11 Jul 1893, Remarks: lived in
Augusta, WV.
92. v Mary Elizabeth GRAPES b. 14 Oct 1897, d. 22 Jan 1943.
93. vi Edith Frances GRAPES b. 9 Nov 1898.
94. vii Elsie Lorraine GRAPES b. 9 Apr 1902.
95. viii Cecil William GRAPES b. 12 Aug 1907.

33. John Martin WOLFORD (14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 10 Jul 1867, m. (1)
Lydia ALBRIGHT, m. (2) Florence POWNALL, m. (3) Kate Whittock McCAULEY.
Children by Lydia ALBRIGHT:
96. i Edna WOLFORD.
97. ii Oscar Lawrence WOLFORD.
98. iii Esther May WOLFORD.

34. Margaret WOLFORD (15.Peter3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 1841, Hampshire
County, West Virginia, Cause of Death: Tuberculosis, m. Henry JOHNS, b.
Illinois (?). Margaret died ABOUT 1866, Burial: Fisher cem, Dillon, Illinois.
99. i Clara JOHNS.
100. ii Mollie JOHNS.
101. iii Eddie JOHNS.

35. William Martin WOLFORD (15.Peter3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 6 Dec 1843,
Gibbons Run, Hampshire Co, WV, m. Caroline SCOTT. William died 14 May 1929,
Iowa Falls, Iowa, Burial: Zearing, Iowa.
102. i Franklin WOLFORD.
103. ii Florence WOLFORD.
104. iii Emma WOLFORD.
+ 105. iv Charlie.
106. v Edward WOLFORD.
+ 107. vi Harry b. 5 May 1879.
108. vii Albert WOLFORD.

36. Michael Pritchard WOLFORD (15.Peter3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 17 May 1845,
West Virginia, Remarks: In Iowa, 1925, farmer, m. 25 Mar 1875, Mary METCALF,
b. Indiana. Michael died 17 Nov 1934.
109. i Iona Elizabeth WOLFORD b. 24 Feb 1876, Illinois?.
110. ii Frederick Marion WOLFORD b. 23 Jul 1878.

44. William Lock WOLFORD (16.Adam3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Alverda Kathryn
111. i Leta WOLFORD Remarks: lived @ Romney, WV;0 kids, m.
Unknown STEWART.
112. ii Esther WOLFORD Remarks: 1 dau: Vannas Hagerstrand.
113. iii Wilda WOLFORD.
+ 114. iv William Ellis.

45. Granville H WOLFORD (16.Adam3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Vina UNKNOWN.
115. i Ira WOLFORD Remarks: no children.
116. ii Elmer WOLFORD Remarks: no children.
117. iii Iva WOLFORD Remarks: no children.

48. Hannah WOLFORD (17.William3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Robert STEWART.
118. i Albert STEWART Remarks: lived near Hanging Rock.

52. Richard WOLFORD (17.William3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1).
119. i Caudy WOLFORD Remarks: lived at Capon Bridge, WV.

54. Alverda WOLFORD (19.Richard3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Albert RUCKMAN.
120. i Floyd RUCKMAN Remarks: lived in Martinsburg, WV.

56. Harvey Clinton WOLFORD (19.Richard3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Laura SHAUK.
121. i Blanche WOLFORD.
122. ii Frona WOLFORD Remarks: lived in Romney, WV.
123. iii Paul WOLFORD.

57. Joseph SNYDER (20.Rebecca3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1).
124. i Mary SNYDER.

Next Generation

59. Clarence WOLFORD (24.Edward4, 13.Michael3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) Remarks:
lived at Fort Asby, WV.
125. i Earl WOLFORD.
126. ii Helen WOLFORD.
127. iii Vernon WOLFORD.
128. iv Melvin WOLFORD.

73. Charles William COMBS (30.Malinda4, 14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Cora
129. i Jessie COMBS.
130. ii Nellie COMBS.
131. iii Roger COMBS.
132. iv Hazel COMBS.

74. Edgar Daniel COMBS (30.Malinda4, 14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Sallie
133. i Leo COMBS.
134. ii Ralph COMBS.

75. Ettie Jane COMBS (30.Malinda4, 14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Samuel
135. i Roy HEAVE.
136. ii Essel HEAVE.

76. Ira Newton COMBS (30.Malinda4, 14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Gertie
137. i Catherine COMBS.
138. ii Gladys COMBS.
139. iii Robert COMBS.
140. iv Wilson COMBS.
141. v Donald COMBS.
142. vi Glenwood COMBS.

77. Lola Rebecca COMBS (30.Malinda4, 14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Emdon
143. i Iris SAVILLE.

78. Riley Gibson COMBS (30.Malinda4, 14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Amy
144. i Welton COMBS.
145. ii Madlyn COMBS.
146. iii Pearl COMBS.
147. iv Mary COMBS.
148. v Helen COMBS.
149. vi Claris COMBS.

79. Cora Estella COMBS (30.Malinda4, 14.John3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) m. Gilbert
150. i Trena RICKMAN.
151. ii Leland RUCKMAN.

105. Charlie WOLFORD (35.William4, 15.Peter3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1).
152. i Wayne WOLFORD.

107. Harry WOLFORD (35.William4, 15.Peter3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1) b. 5 May
1879, Peoria, Illinois, m. Malinda GRIMM. Harry died 24 Mar 1969, Memorial
hosp., Story City, Iowa, Burial: Zearing, Iowa.
153. i Myrtle WOLFORD m. Unknown ELEY.
154. ii Vernon WOLFORD.
155. iii Mildred WOLFORD m. Unknown TEIG.
+ 156. iv Audrey.

114. William Ellis WOLFORD (44.William4, 16.Adam3, 3.Martin2, 1.John1)
Remarks: lived in Romney, WV.
157. i William Clair WOLFORD.

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