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My post of 27 April is incorrect. Sophia A. (Evans) Jones tombstone says her husband was Robert W. Jones. We know from biographies of his sons that he died in the Remsen/Trenton area when they were young.

I recently found the obituary for Robert W. Jones in a monthly Welsh publication dated February 1840. It is in Welsh, but I was able to translate it. The year is omitted in the publication, but I included it in the translation for completeness.

"In Trenton on Sunday, January 12, 1840, Mr. Robert W. Jones in good health as usual was sitting on a chair eating lunch with his family and was tenderly giving an occasional morsel to his child sitting on its mother's knee. His wife noticed his somewhat unusual appearance and caught his arm to keep him from collapsing. He gave a groan or two and died instantaneously without being able to say a word, leaving his wife and six children in deep grief. "

In Welsh: "Yn Trenton, dydd Subbath, 12ed o Ionawr Yr oedd y gwr yma yn iach fel arferol; yn eistedd ar ei gadair gyda ei deulu; bwyta ei giniaw, ac yn rhoddi ambell damaid yn dirion I'w blentyn ieuengafi ar liniau ei fam yn ei ymyl; camfyddodd y wraig ryw beth anarferol yn ei edrychiad; ac yma flodd yn ei fraich I'w gadw rhag cwympo. Rhoddodd ochenaid neu ddwy, a bu farw yn y fan, heb allu dyweyd un gair! Gadawodd wraig a chwech o blant mewn dwfn alaar."

Source: Y Cenhadwr Americanaidd (American Messenger), February 1840 issue.
http://books.google.com/ebooks/reader?id=T8sGAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&output=reader&pg=GBS.PA63. We have found a Robert W. Jones buried in the Capel Bont Cemetery:
"Jones, Robert W., d. Jun 12, 1840 age 35 yrs"
I am convinced that "Jan 12" was misread as "Jun 12".
This could easily happen with a limestone tombstone that has weathered for 170 years.

I think we have finally put poor Robert to rest.

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