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From: "Christi Calvert Brogan" <>
Subject: [Witmer] Explanation (from the list admin)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 20:38:55 -0500

Hi all,

I wanted to explain something to everyone so no one is confused. :)
Recently there is a new feature that has been added to Rootsweb that allows
the GenConnect boards for the surname to be linked to the mailing list.
What this means is that every time a post is made to one of the
Whitmer/Widmer/Witmer/Wittmer/Whitmire GenConnect boards, it is then sent to
the mailing list. You may have seen some of the posts that begin with
"Posted to: Whitmer (or Widmer or Witmer or Wittmer or Whitmire)..." along
with a link to the actual post and a copy of the text. What might confuse
some of you is that if you reply to those messages, you will need to reply
to either the email address of the person in the post, or to the GenConnect
boards themselves (by following the link in the email and posting a reply),
rather than to the Whitmer/Widmer/Witmer/Wittmer/Whitmire mailing list. If
you send the reply to the Whitmer/Widmer/Witmer/Wittmer/Whitmire mailing
list, it may or may not reach the poster, as they would have to be a member
of the mailing list to receive it. Many times, the posters to the
GenConnect boards ARE NOT members of the mailing list and would therefore
not receive your message. SO, if you want to reply to a message that starts
with "Posted to: Whitmer (or Widmer or Witmer or Wittmer or Whitmire)...",
either follow the link and reply on the web board, or send it directly to
the person. If you wish, you can also send it to the mailing list, in case
others on the list might be interested, but sending it ONLY to the list may
or may not work.

While on the subject of new features at Rootsweb.... I thought I mention a
semi-new feature that anyone that is a Rootsweb sponsor, or donor (see
http://www.rootsweb.com/rootsweb/how-to-subscribe.html for more information)
can use. It is called the Personalized Mailing List (or PML) and is a
wonderful feature for those that feel overwhelmed by the amount of data
available. Fair warning, it is not for the net newbie, as you have to set
it up the way you want/need it to work, but once set, it is a wonderful
tool. Basically what it is is a program that will search ALL posts made to
ANY Rootsweb mailing list, GenConnect boards, and/or Rootsweb Surname List
for your specific search criteria and will then send you copies of those
posts. For example, I have mine set to search for any posts that are made
that contain the surname "Blankenagel" as it is one of my search names.
That way, if any post should come to any list or board with that surname, I
will get a copy of it. It really works well. It also works well for those
on very large, active lists. They can set the search criteria up so that it
will email them whenever a specific set of criteria is sent and then don't
have to worry about missing an important post in a large, active list.
Anyway, I wanted to let you all know about this feature and encourage
everyone to become a sponsor or donor to Rootsweb so that they might also
use it.

Thanks to all for your wonderful contributions to this list, and don't
forget to check out the surname web page and post your brick wall entries!

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