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Subject: Re: Dobbs Hodges Militia List w/W'tons
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 00:31:12 -0400
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Hello Francis,

One of our newer researchers, Sara, with excellent instincts & skills,
located some records that I had not previously seen, unless the the bitters
had me. Looks like our ancestors joined your Ancestors in the 'Hodges'
battalion to resist the invaders. Might you have some of these records?


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Subject: [Wetherington] Dobbs Militia List

Extracts from Dobbs County, NC - Militia Rolls, 1767-1781


"Dobbs County Militia Rolls, 1767-1781
From: North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, NC. Arranged chronologically.
I would like to thank Mr. Ed Morris for graciously providing me with
photocopies of the following documents. Francis R. Hodges"


Soloman Witherington
James Falkner (his mark)
George Linton
John Baker
John Fanning
Jeremiah Desmond

Enlistments in Dobbs County, 1780-81
Volunteers - Captain's Districts - (Substitutes?)

Joseph Hodges - Hodges's
Wm. Vause - Hodges's
Isaiah Johnston - Hodges's
Robert Witherington - Hodges's
Elijah Baker - Hodges's
John Witherington - Hodges's

State of North Carolina, Dobbs County - We the Subscribers deeply
impressed with a Lively sense of the situation of our Country in the
present conjuncture owing to the invasion of the enemy and being desirous
to expell them from the state Do each man for himself promise and engage to
serve our Country as Militia Volunteers for the space of three months from
this Date if the situation of our Country requires it and as good soldiers
to demean ourselves. Witness our hands this 14th February, 1781

Joseph Hodges
Thos. Vause
George Turner
Isaiah Johnston
Robert Witherington
Elijah Baker
John Witherington

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