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Subject: Re: [WIRICHLA] Obits and Lori
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 20:24:19 -0500
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Serena and all,
I am still here. I have gotten very behind with everything (not just
genealogy) since the divorce started and then with my mother's sudden death
on top of that, it has been very hard. I have been spending a little more
time with my dad now that he is alone. He lives at least 2 1/2 hours from
me. The divorce still is not final and has gone on for well over a year.
Sometimes I feel that I am living in limbo. The kids seem to need more
attention now, but other than that seem to be doing well. I have physical
custody of my kids and have had very few days without them this summer. On
top of that, my daughter became the Monticello Dairy Queen this year, which
means I take her to parades, fairs, festivals and such. I really didn't
need that extra activity, but I know that it will do her a lot of good. I
am hoping to find a few hours here and there to get caught up once the kids
are back in school, but then I will also be back in school. This will
hopefully be my last semester. I also work outside of the home.

It is very over-whelming trying to get caught up when I have gotten so
behind. I did manage to get a bunch of the obits done and sent out. I
think all that I have left here is one that I will have to dig into some
older copies and a few recent ones that I received after I did the ones
earlier this summer. I am sorry that it is taking so long. I have warned
some of the people that it might take awhile. Right now my family comes
first, then work and then school so that I can get a better job. It does
take time to make copies of the obits and I usually try to do a bunch of
them at one time while I have it all out. When I get caught up on them
again, which seems to never happen because as soon as I do some, I get more
requests, then I will work at updating the website.

I am sorry about all of this. I never expected the divorce and I never
expected a drunk driver would kill my mother. So Serena, if you want, you
can send me your obit requests and if you send the payment in the form of a
check, I will not cash it until I have done the obits, just like I have done
with everyone else. If you send cash, I will not spend it until I do the
obits either, but it is harder for you to see that. :-) I can not make any
promises as to when they will be done. I am sorry about that. This is not
a scam like a couple of people have accused me. I know there are many that
don't feel that way, because they keep sending more requests. I do not make
money at this. What money that is sent me is used towards the copies, the
postage, Richland Observers and I also pay for the website, it is not free.
Actually I spend more on helping others than what I monetarily get back.
And I do appreciate those that have patiently waited for their obits.

This has been a very stressful time in my life, but it has been getting
better, little by little. I can tell that I am feeling better about the
divorce, but I know that I still have some healing to do. I am hoping that
things will improve even more once the divorce is final and I have graduated
from school, which both will hopefully happen before the end of the year.

By the way, hopefully soon, whenever this divorce is finally final, my name
will go back to Lori Manning. I do not want to keep his last name.

Lori Berg (for now)


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Hi all,

Is Lori Berg still doing the obit thing?? Has her address changed?? Have
not been in contact with her for quite some time and just wondering. I would
like to send for some more obits if possible.

Serena in Michigan

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