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Article Title: Port Washington Star

Article Date: January 7 1911

Article Description: LOCAL NEWS

Article Text:


Miss Mary WEGNER spent the week in Milwaukee.

B. E. JONES of Oconomowoc spent New Years in this city.

Chas. O. MUELLER spent New Years with his parents here.

F. L. ZAUG and family visited with New London relatives on New Years.

Chas. LENZ visited his mother who is reported ill in Milwaukee the past week.

Don't forget the lecture by Wm. T. GOFFEE of Milwaukee here on Monday, Jan. 9, 1911.

Wm. A. ROHLKE, of Milwaukee, a former resident, was in the city Monday.

Nic. ROESEG of Waukesha spent a week with relatives and friends in this city.

The BOERNER Bros. Co. will move into their new store on Franklin St. (tomorrow) Sunday.

The boxing exhibition at the opera house on Sunday was well attended. The receipts were $140.

Mr. and Mrs. BARTLETT of Evanston were guests of the E. S. TURNER family for a few days.

Nic. BLONG and family of Milwaukee were guests of relatives and friends here on New Years.

Mrs. Geo. KOCH entertained a number of young ladies at seven o'clock dinner last Wednesday evening.

Aloys WEYKER, student at Sacred Heart College, Prairie du Chien, spent the holidays under the parental roof.

John BEER, of Chilton, Wis., formerly a resident of this city, was here New Year's day, visiting old friends.

The installation and dance of the Catholic Order of Foresters will take place at Columbia hall on Jan. 10th.

Adolph JACOBSON now of Dawson, Minnesota arrived here Thursday to spend a few days with old friends and relatives.

The Ladies Auxiliary will meet with Mrs. MUENSTER next Tuesday. It will be the annual meeting and officers will be elected.

The GILSON Mfg. Co. have changed their pay days to the 5th and the 20th of each month instead of every two weeks as heretofore.

The Badger Girls basket ball team played at the opera house with the West Bend Girl team and were defeated by a score of 19 to 3.

Mr. and Mrs. Julian ZILLIER entertained a number of friends at a card party on New Years evening, the occasion being Mr. ZILLIER's birthday.

The local lodge, O. M. P. are making arrangements for a masquerade ball to be given on Saturday, Feb. 11. ZIMMERMANN's band will furnish the music.

Judge USELDING attended the Convention of County Judges of Wisconsin at Milwaukee last week and was elected secretary and treasurer of the association.

Miss Mamie KOENEN and Miss Jennie WILTZIUS of Milwaukee are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. John FEUSTEL and other relatives here at present.
Sheriff L. H. SCHMITZ appointed the following assistants: L. EIDENBERGER, under-sheriff; Deputies Frank KAISER, Port Washington; J. SCHILS, Belgium; Geo. LAUTERS, Fredonia; Max W. KOENIG, Saukville; A. W. KATT, Cedarburg; J. MUELLER, Thiensville; J. EIDENBERGER, town of Port Washington.
The St. Aloysius Young men's society of St. Mary's congregation will hold their annual meeting on Sunday afternoon at 3:30 in their hall on Franklin St.
The Misses Hannah, Minnie and Frieda GUENTHER helped in the celebration of the birthday anniversary of their brother-in-law, Gustav PFELL at Granville on Saturday.
The 53d annual meeting of the Ozaukee Co. Agricultural Society will be held at the Washington House in Cedarburg on Saturday January 14th, 1911 at 2 o'clock P.M. - Jacob DIETRICH, Sec'y.
Commissioner of Banking, M. C. BURGH of Madison, issued a charter authorizing the Thiensville State bank at Thiensville, Ozaukee county, capital $16,000. John F. NEUMAN is president and D. M. ROSENHEIMER cashier.
Congressman DAVIDSON had the honor of making the first deposit in the first postal savings bank in Wisconsin, which was opened by Postmaster KRESS at Manitowoc. The congressman was a strong advocate of the establishment of postal savings banks and he is interested in their success.
The annual meeting of the Saukville Mutual Fire Ins. Co. was held on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 1911, and the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Pres. - Nic. SCHINKER; Vice-Pres. - Jacob SCHOWALTER; Sec. - Jos. ALBRECHT; Treas. - Wm. HORN; directors - Frank PEIFFER, Belgium; Jos. P. MAYER and Nic. THELEN, Fredonia; Jos. HAHN, town of Grafton; Gustav DENITZ, town of Farmington.
The Hub Clothing Company of Sheboygan, a new $10,000 corporation, will be open for business March 1. The officers of the concern who are young and have been identified with the leading establishments in the city are: President, Ferdinand GERSEMEHL; secretary, Peter VERHULST; and treasurer, Fred ECKART.
Every landlord and tenant should read and study the printed parts of their contracts before signing. They are just as binding as the parts that are written and contain jokers that have made enemies of the best of friends. Never sign a paper that you do not thoroughly understand is good advice that should be pasted in many a hat.
When a dog is idle it longs to be petted, but when it is chasing a rabbit, it doesn't care whether it is noticed or not. In that the dog gives a lesson to those people who do nothing, are always looking for recognition and pout if they do not get it. If they would only employ their time in something useful, they would cease thinking of themselves.
The Newburg basket ball team has booked a grand double header game for next Sunday, Jan. 8. The preliminary game will be between the Badger's vs. the Newburg Juniors. The real contest will be between the Columbias of this city and the Newburg Athletics. Dance after the game, for which the Newburg orchestra will furnish the music.
A clever author says that there are three kinds of men in this world, The wills, the won'ts and the can'ts. The first effect everything, the next oppose everything, and the last fail in everything. I will builds our railroads and steamboats. I won't don't believe in experiments and nonsense, while I can't grows weeds for wheat and commonly ends his days in a court of bankruptcy.
Twenty-seven members of the BOERNER families and relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. BOERNER on New Years to celebrate the birthdays of Mrs. BOERNER and her son John. The guests were Mrs. F. BOERNER, Mrs. Ida BOERNER, Messrs. G. A. and A. F. BOERNER, Miss Marie LAU, Miss PAWLIK and the A. R. BOERNRE family of Cedarburg, Franklin BOERNER of West Bend and the H. C. BOERNER family of this city.
Miss Helen Adam entertained on Monday evening in honor of Miss Anna RAMSEY. A most enjoyable evening was spent by all those present. Those present were: the Misses Anna RAMSEY, Majorie and Alice MORGAN, Marie and Lulu BOERNER, Ilma and Mabel HILLER, Edith SMITH, Daisey SCHANEN and Helen ADAM. Messrs. Edward ALTENDORF, Raymond NESSON, Raymond HOLDEN, Willie JOHNSON, Norma HENSE, Harry LAUTERS, Herb and Al GERMANSON, Geo. KENDALL and Hans KRATSER.
List of letters remaining uncalled for in the Post Office at Port Washington, Wis., for the week ending Jan. 7, 1911.
BECKER, Hubert Cyrillus; HEIM, Mr. John; KETELL, Mr. Sanford, MILLER, Mrs. Christina.
A Delegate Convention of the Wisconsin Skat League is hereby called to be held at the Banquet Room of the Republican House, northwest corner of Third and Cedar Streets, in the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County and State of Wisconsin, Sunday, January 29th, 1911, at nine o'clock in the forenoon for the purpose of receiving the Annual Report of its Officers to transact such other business as may come before the Convention and to elect.

A President in the place of John C. FEHLANDT of Madison, Wis.
A Vice-President in the place of Chas. F. FECHTER of Manitowoc, Wis.
A Secretary in the place of Oscar E. SCHWEMER of Milwaukee, Wis.
A Treasurer in the place of E. K. ANSORGE of Green Bay, Wis.
A Corresponding Secretary for the Summer tournament in the place of Carl MANTHEY of Green Bay, Wis.
A Director in the place of William A. BAHR of Milwaukee, Wis.
A Director in the place of Otto BERGEMANN of Plymouth, Wis.
A Director in the place of Martin M. DREYFUS of Milwaukee, Wis.
A Director in the place of Gustav GUENTHER of Chilton, Wis.
A Director in the place of Joseph F. HUBER of West Bend, Wis.
A Director in the place of Wm. F. J. LANDWEHR of West Bend, Wis.
A Director in the place of Charles C. MILLER of Beaver Dam, Wis.
A Director in the place of Chas. A. MUELLER of Port Washington, Wis.
A Director in the place of H. E. ZIMMERMANN of Burlington, Wis.
Whose term of office expire January 29th, 1911.

The apportionment of Delegates to said Convention is upon the following basis: --

Every duly organized Skat Club in the State of Wisconsin is entitled to one delegate up to the first 25 members and one additional delegate for each fifty members or major fraction thereof thereafter.

Every City, Town, or Village in which no organized Skat Club exists, if represented by one or more Skat Players, at the ensuing tournament, such City, Town or Village shall be entitled to one delegate.

The names of all delegates with their Post Office address shall be certified to the secretary on or before the 14th day of January, 1911, who will issue a proper credential to each delegate.
That the idea that Colonial housewives were marvels of industry is a myth is the opinion expressed by Miss Caroline E. MacGILL, instructor in political economy at the University of Wisconsin, writing in the current number of the Independent.

A modern housewife, says Miss MacGILL, works harder and accomplishes more than any Colonial dame. The belief that our ancestoresses were such prodigies, the author goes on to state, is because modern writers take it for granted that a single woman did all the work of the house, as the modern housewife does, while in reality three, four and often more women united in doing the work of a Colonial household.

The actual truth, writes Miss MacGILL, is that, save in a few instances, these marvelous feats were not performed by a one-woman-power household.

In the country the superfluous daughters of grown families hired out as help to their neighbors. And many families, both country and city, took bound children, bringing them up for the return that their labor would give. In an agricultural community and in the work of the house, these children were of great assistance.

Unmarried sisters, aunts, nieces, etc., Miss MacGILL also points out, were then not self-supporting and able to go out and make their own way in the business world as stenographers, teachers, nurses and bookkeepers. Instead they were dependent upon the bounty of some relative with whom they lived and whose household they helped to direct in return for their maintenances. All this additional assistance did much to lighten the labors of the Colonial housewife.
During the past week County Clerk BOHAN issued marriage licenses as follows:

Huskuldur STEINTHORSON, Elfroa, Sask., Canada & Clara HARMS of Grafton; Geo. BEHM, Canoba, S. D. & Hattie HECKENDORF, town Cedarburg; Charles Frank HELLER and Hattie WILLIE both of town Grafton.
Sophia JAEGER to Gustav A. KLETSCH, 100 acres in sec. 11, town of Mequon; $1.00.
Arline VAN ESS of Adell spent Saturday and Sunday with Norma FREDERICH.

Viola RETZER of Port Washington is here visiting her grandmother, Mrs. A. RUDOLPH.

Mrs. N. J. SCHUMAN of Milwaukee is here attending her sick mother, Mrs. A. RUDOLPH.

Anny LEIDER is spending a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. F. NORMAN at West Bend.

Mrs. And Mrs. L. RETZER and son of Port spent New Year's day with Mr. and Mrs. G. LAUTERS.

Miss Florence McHENRY returned to her home at Marshfield after spending a year with relatives.

The Misses FREDERICH and GROTELEUSCHEN spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. F. MEYER at Fredonia Sta.

The Misses Mabel TEUSCHER of Port and Olive TEUSCHER of Chicago spent a few days the past week with friends.

Henry GROTELUESCHEN and Leo. LEIDER spent Sunday afternoon in Port Washington and witnessed the boxing match at the Opera House.

Our Junior Basket Ball team went to Random Lake last Friday evening and met defeat at the hands of the Belgium team, the score being 19 to 20.

H. C. GRIEVELDINGER, our town treasurer, is ready to collect taxes. He will be at the school house District No. 7, Jan. 7, 1911; at Dan WITTLINGER, Kohler, Jan. 9, 1911; at C. H. WITT, Fredonia Sta. Jan. 10, 1911.
Wm. MUELLER made a business trip to Milwaukee Wednesday.

Mrs. Chas. BREHMER spent Wednesday and Thursday in Milwaukee.

Jay TERREL of Red Granite, Wis. Is the guest of the HEMLOCK family this week.

Patrick O'BRIEN of Lawler, Iowa, called on J. G. SULLIVAN and family last Tuesday.

Wm. HEMLOCK and Theresa HEMLOCK of Milwaukee spent Sunday at their home here.

Miss Laura LUBINISKI has returned home after spending the past few months in Milwaukee.

Wm. J. EIMERMANN who represents the Sheboygan Coffee Co. called on his trade here Tuesday.

Miss Margaret O'BRIEN of Brown Deer, Wis. spent several days with the SULLIVAN family this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard FENISKE of Milwaukee spent the holidays at the home of the latter's father here.

A large number of neighbors and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur SEEGAR to assist the latter in celebrating her birthday anniversary.


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