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Article Title: Weekly Star

Article Date: March 13 1880

Article Description: LOCAL NEWS

Article Text:


County Judge - L. EGHART
Sheriff - Frank DELLES
Register of Deeds - Walter ZASTROW
County Treasurer - Charles G. MEYER
County Clerk - J. C. SCHROELLING
Clerk Circuit Court - Michael RUPPERT
District Attorney - James HEDDING
Coroner - John NEUENS
Superintendent of Schools - Wm. F. SCOTT
Surveyor - L. TOWSLEY

Mequon - Wm F. JAHN, Mequon
Cedarburg - H. SCHELLENBURG, Horn's Corners
Saukville - A. AHLHAUSER, Saukville
Grafton - Chas. SCHLEGEL, Grafton
Pt. Washington - M. AUDIER, Pt. Washington
Fredonia - J. J. RACE, Ch., Fredonia
Belgium - Louis PIERRON, Dacada


Franz A. WILDE, John W. MILBRATH, William F. JAHN, Charles F. FREYE


Theodore EISEFELDT, Rudolph SCHMIDT, Frank J. WEBER


William J. MERCKLEIN, Christian ROSSARI, Nicholas E. BECKER, John B. KUNDALL

Sebastian KRIER, Michael BINK

Port Washington

Soldier's meeting next Saturday.

Only three snow squalls this week.

Fishermen have already begun their angling.

Lake Superior fever has broken out in this place.

The harbor has been full of mush ice most of the week.

The Tenie & Laura is nearly ready for navigation.

Sheriff DELLES has a new deputy. It's a lively baby girl.

Business at the SCHUMACHER foundry is still booming.

We are waiting to chronicle the first "arrival" at this port.

Next Wednesday is "St. Patrick's day in the morning."

The Teacher's Association will meet at Saukville March 27.

The "Concordia" of this village was organized February 15th, 1859.

A strong Northeaster yesterday. The lake roared like a demon all day.

Clerk RUPPERT will probably move into his Swiss cottage during the summer.

Mr. Martin ZIMMERMAN began giving dancing lessons last week to a class of fourteen.

Since its organization, the Concordia of this village has lost eleven members by death.

The Milwaukee and Port Washington State Road bill was killed in the Assembly Tuesday.

Farm implements line the sidewalks, Reapers and Seeders being the principle attractions.

Go to the M. E. Church next Wednesday afternoon or evening, or both, if you can afford it.

The Malt House can't keep up with its orders. Business booms at that institution all the time.

The foot bridge over Sauk creek near STELLING's Mills has been repaired and is again ready for use.

The pork business was active on Washington street last Monday. Many took a lively interest in the transactions.

Census Supervisor LOPER, of this district, has appointed 54 enumerators for the city and county of Milwaukee. They get $4 a day.

N. G. POULL of La Mars, Iowa, is at home visiting. He looks well having a strong inclination to pull down 200.

The Cemetery Association will hold an important meeting Monday next at Mr. TOWSLEY's office in the Court House.

The Band boys will give a concert soon after lent. The proceeds are to be used to purchase uniforms. Be liberal to the boys.

The Democratic state convention to elect delegates to the Cincinnati convention and to select electors for president will be held at Madison, May 19th.

The officers of the Cemetery Association contemplate a series of improvements in the grounds consisting chiefly in removing rotted and broken fences, etc.
The proceeds of the County Board of Supervisors, in pamphlet form, will be distributed next week. They will be in the hands of the County Clerk by Monday or Tuesday.
Four weeks till spring election. Candidates should remember when they want tickets printed that the STAR office is the best and cheapest place in the county. Orders promptly filled and correctness guaranteed.
The Hook and Ladder boys are fixing up things generally. The truck, ladders, etc. have been newly painted, and everything being put in good shape. They intend to hold a ball about the tenth of May.
At the Annual Meeting of the Concordia society held last week, the following officers for the ensuing year were elected: President - A. HEIDKAMP; Vice-President - Nich. MARTIN; Treasurer - M. FUERST; Secretary - Jos. MALHERBE.
Rev. H. COLEMAN, D. D. will conduct the services of the Second Quarterly Meeting in the M. E. Church, Saturday and Sunday, 20th and 21st inst. Services, Saturday, 7:30 P.M., Sunday 10:30 A.M.

Conference Saturday evening. Love feast and communion Sunday morning.

Dr. COLEMAN is an able speaker and deserves a good audience.
The friends of Rev. J. H. BROOKS have decided to give a donation party at the basement of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Port Washington, on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday, the 17th day of March, inst. at which time they intend to subscribe for his support for the present conference year. Also to make him and his family as liberal donations as their means will permit, the same to be credited upon the amounts subscribed. At the same time and place, a free lunch and coffee will be served, as a spice to friendly intercourse, and intellectual entertainments. All without distinction of sect or breed are invited to be present, and make the occasion a success. No cards of invitation will be issued. -- By order of the Committee of Arrangements.
The WITTMANN license matter has been settled by the taking on of the required license. It is due the WITTMANN boys to say they did not intend to violate the law, supposing as they did, that they need not take out license. They know better now.
The following numbers drew the prizes at the BONNER lottery drawn Wednesday evening at Jos. MALHERBE's: No 37, the altar; No. 55, Swiss cottage; No. 91, the large church; No. 118, the smaller church. Persons holding the lucky tickets can get their prizes by calling at MAHLERBE's.
Who intends to utilize some of the unsightly bluffs here by making brick of the clay they hide. This is an industry which should not be allowed to slumber any longer. If someone here does not go into it, we hope an outsider will do so. There's millions of brick in it, and money too, no doubt.
Two or three weeks ago, a Mr. JACOBS, of the town of Fredonia, was fined $5 and costs for assaulting a woman, and in default of payment, was sent to jail for sixty days. Mr. J. is a poor man, whose family depend upon his daily labor for a living and his friends looked upon his long imprisonment as too big a load, especially as he is unable to pay the penalty. They, therefore, invoked the aid of the Governor, who shortened the time to 30 days so that the man will be out in time to begin spring work in good season. E. S. TURNER, Esq. engineered the job.


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