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Subject: [Whillans/Wealleans] Angus Willins
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 15:15:45 +1100
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Dear June & Jill, with copy to the List. Funny how one word makes a
difference, in this instance ŒGoldie¹.

Thank you June for picking up my email to the Rootsweb List in 2003. I had
looked for a connection with Jill¹s data (below), primarily by searching for
all the surnames mentioned, but nothing appeared obvious. How a ŒGoldie¹
makes a difference!

Yes, I am interested in references to Angus in the Fasti Ecclesiae
Scoticanae, which I presume without checking is the Scottish listing of
clerics with their whereabouts, etc, much like the Crockford¹s for English
clergy. I have not looked at this Fasti, since I was unaware of it, but a
Google search brings up . I wonder if there are references in it to any
other Whillans clergy (or its various homonyms).

Jill, as I read your email again, it has dawned on me that the persons,
besides Angus, you refer to are maybe unrelated to Angus, but I¹m not at all
sure since you offered me a scan of the photo of your great grandmother.
Let me know, either way. If they (and you) are related, I¹m very

With regard to Angus, yes I do have him slotted in, and he is related to me.
I have him numbered as W-1314, while I am W-4449411, which means Angus was
the third cousin of my greatgrandfather W-4449, despite how the surnames are

As Angus Willins is W-1314, I can take you back four more generations, to
1687. I am not sure of your interest, but I can tell you Angus was c at
Peebles, his parents John & Catharine Campbell were married in Edinburgh,
his grandparents were John Whillans/Whillins & Mary Geddes/Jiddess/Juddes,
and his great-grandparents were John (b ca1718 Jedburgh) & Mary Swan who
married in Castletown parish of Liddlesdale.

Thank you June for alerting me to Anne Williamina Goldie Willins.

June wrote:

> Frank copied me into his e-mail to you about Angus Willins, wondering
> if I might have some information about him.
> All I really know about him is what your have presumably already
> established from the IGI, that he was baptised in Peebles in 1827, the
> son of John Willins and Catherine Campbell. He married Sarah Middleton
> Goldie in Edinburgh in 1863. He had two children, Anne Williamina
> Goldie Willins and Catherine Campbell Willins. I don't know where his
> father John Willins was from. He could have been English, and nothing
> to do with the families of Whillans in the Scottish Borders, but John
> is a very common forename, I'm afraid, worse than looking for a needle
> in a haystack.
> I'm afraid I don't have much, since I generally don't research names
> other than Willing and Willings after 1800, unless there is some
> definite connection with Willing/Willings. My one-name study would be
> unmanageable, if I did not draw the line somewhere.
> However it should be possible to find out more about him by consulting
> the Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, assuming he was a Church of Scotland
> minister. I don't know where you live, but if you don't have easy
> access to it, I can check it at the Mitchell Library, Glasgow, for you.
> When you say you would like to learn more about him, do I gather that
> it's his career you are interested in, rather than his genealogy? If
> so, the Fasti should be able to help.
> Since you mentioned Googling for Angus, I did the same. I'm sure you
> noticed that the Google search showed that he wrote "Innerleithen and
> Traquair past and present: with an angler's guide to the Tweed and its
> tributaries". I assume it's the same man. The 4th edition, published
> in 1874, is in the Mitchell Library, which I mentioned above. I
> actually held this book in my hands a few weeks ago. I work at the
> Mitchell Library, in fact I am the Catalogue Co-ordinator, and I am at
> present supervising a cataloguer who is cataloguing a collection of
> fishing books, the Reid Memorial Collection, donated to the library
> after the death of the collector, Mr Reid. Angus Willins's book is
> part of the collection. See http://libcat.csglasgow.org/Default.aspx
> and do an author search on Willins, Angus. This is a bit of a
> coincidence, I think. Incidentally, books about fishing from this
> period were often written by professional people such as clergymen,
> lawyers, etc, often, but not always, under a pseudonym.
> I hope this is of interest. Let me know if you want me to check the
> Fasti.

and also:

> By the way, when Googling Angus Willins, I found a posting of your in
the Rootsweb archives.
> http://listsearches.rootsweb.com/th/read/WHILLANS/2003-10/1066630772

Jill wrote:

> Every so often I Google some names connected to my family and one of the
> names I put in today was Angus Willins. I've quite enjoyed picking up
> more bits of information and I've e-mailed someone with a pile of
> Willins information already today; I don't think it was you.
> Angus and his wife knew my great, great grandparents Peter Hughson and
> Elizabeth Leask.
> My grandfather was Laurence Polson (incorrectly spelt - should have been
> Poleson) who was born Whalsay, Shetland Islands, July 1900.
> He talked to me about his mother and I always knew her full name.
> He told me that her middle names were after a religious person her
> parents knew and after a place her parents knew and I always hoped to
> one day find out more about him.
> Anyway, she was called Sarah Middleton Willins Hughson. According to the
> IGI b 20.11.1865 (Nesting)
> Some years ago I learned about the IGI and out of curiosity I looked and
> sure enough there was Sarah with all the names my grandfather had told
> me. I often looked in books to try to find a place called Middleton but
> never found one.
> Then I was able to travel and visit Shetland which I did in 1981, 82,
> 84, 85 and 87 where I met my Shetland family.
> In 1991 The Shetland Publishing Company published Sons and Daughters of
> Shetland by Margaret Stuart Robertson ISBN 0-906736-14-5
> I was amazed to find this entry
> Willins, Angus, Rev., b. circa 1828, d. 27.6.1872
> Appointed as a missionary in Whalsay in 1863 when there was no school.
> By his efforts the church and manse were enlarged and it became a Quoad
> Sacra Parish, a school was established. The Rev. Willins died at the age
> of 44 and a stone was gifted by the inhabitants of both Whalsay and
> Skerries. A memorial was placed in the Kirkyard by Thomas Hughson "to
> whom he gave a nightly lesson for two years in his parlour". /Will,
> Shetland Archives; Inscription on gravestone, Whalsay./
> Somewhere exists a photograph of my great grandmother. If I can locate
> it and you would like me to scan and send a copy that would be my pleasure.

Many cheers and thanks.
Frank Whillans, Melbourne Australia.

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