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Subject: [Whillans/Wealleans] The number of descendants & Jennet Crawford.
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 18:38:16 +1000
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Thanks Amanda for your data on the family of Margaret Wheelans & David
Fairbairn, extending their known children from three to ten. Well done,

The number of descendants of James Whillans b1688 now standing at 3,263 just
keeps slowing growing through our combined genealogical research (and our
very welcome newborns).
W-1 John Whillans b1718 has 1799 descendants.
W-2 James Whillans b1720 has 855 descendants.
W-4 Robert Whillans b1723 has 609 descendants.

We know the fourth son Thomas W-5 had no children.

The third child and only daughter, Jennet W-3, has not yet been researched.
Anyone interested, given I haven't tackled the task in my 26 years of
beavering away, is most welcome to take this on.
Data to date is very limited:
Latter Day Saints # PD0B-9G.
Presumably b~1722 Jedburgh.
Jennet = Crawford, rearing five children.
I reckon the first step would be to locate Crawford genealogists with
Roxburghshire interests.

There is no Crawford GOONs Study (which surprises me); there are nearly 400
Crawfords in my current Melbourne telephone directory!

The latest Genealogical Research Directory I have is 2001, and there are
about six later editions to about 2007; it has a large number of
genealogists interested in Crawford, but the only one (Peter Spence)
obviously interested in Roxburghsire is copied this email in the hope his
interest is still active.

Maybe the following might assist:
http://tribalpages.com/ancestors/CRAWFORD (for example)

Frank Whillans

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