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From: "David Weston" <>
Subject: WESTONs of Franklin, Indiana
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 17:37:11 -0300

Hello Alan and Fellow WESTON-L subscribers!

It's good to hear from you. The WESTON info I have collected comes from the LDS (Mormon Church) IGI
(International Genealogical Index) and North American VRI (Vital Record Index) CD-ROM series. I
have a copy of all the WESTONs from the IGI which I can search at home. The IGI is also now on-line


Based on the information Alan provided for his Sarah WESTON I put together the following tree for
the WESTONs of Franklin Co., Indiana, USA from the IGI:

0 Joseph WESTON
m. Sarah KILGORE
1 John WESTON, b. 1795 Posey Twp', Franklin, IN
m. Eleanor Or Nellie LEWIS 1 Sep 1819 Franklin, IN
1-1 David, b. 9 Jul 1820, Posey Twp, Franklin, IN
1-2 Sarah, b. 13 Jul 1821, Posey Twp, Franklin, IN
m. Daniel DAVIS, abt. 1842, Griffin Twp., Conway, AR
1-3 Joseph, b. 18 Nov 1822, Posey Twp, Franklin, IN
1-4 James, b. 15 May 1824, Posey Twp, Franklin, IN
m. Elety Emeline WATKINS, 24 Sep 1846, Conway, AR
1-4-1 Ellen, b. 1849, Griffin Twp., Conway, AR
1-4-2 America, b. 1855, Marion, OR (?America Josephine, b. 14 Jan 1858, KS, no parents given)
1-4-3 (female), b. 1856, Marion, OR
1-4-4 Leroy, b. 1861, California
1-4-5 Minnie, b. 1865, Idaho (?Minnie Ann, b. 11 Jan 1865, KS, no parents given)
1-4-6 Hugho, b. 1868, Wyoming
1-4-7 Leroy, b. 9 Feb 1869, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
1-5 Simon, b. 5 Nov 1826, Posey Twp, Franklin, IN
1-6 John, b. 7 May 1828, Posey Twp, Franklin, IN
m. Jane MONTGOMERY, 8 Jun 1837, Fairmont, Grant, IN
1-6-1 Margaret Ann, b. 16 May 1840, Conway, AR
1-6-2 William Jasper, b. 28 Aug 1845, Conway, AR;
m1. Charlotte Ann McCuan; children:
1-6-2-1 Mary Ann Mollie, b. 20 Jul 1869, Bloomfield, Johnson, IL
m2. Sarah M. BEAVERT, 22 May 1874, Pleasant Hill, Clackamas, OR; children:
1-6-2-2 Jasper, b. abt. 1875, Clackamas, OR
1-6-2-3 David, b. abt. 1875, Clackamas, OR
1-6-2-4 Andrew, b. abt. 1880, Clackamas, OR
1-6-2-5 Alfred, b. abt. 1882, Yamhill, OR
1-6-2-6 Lulu, b. abt. 1886, Clackamas, OR
1-6-2-7 Perry, b. abt. 1889, Clackamas, OR
1-6-2-8 Cecil, b. abt. 1891, Clackamas, OR
1-6-2-9 Earl E., b. abt. 1895, Yamhill, OR
1-6-2-10 Emmett, b. abt. 1899, Yamhill, OR
1-6-2-11 Howard, b. abt. 1903, Yamhill, OR
1-7 Lewis Peter, b. 15 Sep 1831, Sugar Creek, Hancock, IN (or Mariposa, Maripos, CA)
m. Mary Anne CUNNINGHAM, 10 May 1857, Mariposa, Mariposa, CA
1-7-1 Jennie or Janie, b. 8 Mar 1856, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
m. John Cornelius JAMES, 20 Dec 1876, Modesto, Stanisluas, CA
1-7-2 Mary Adeline, b. 8 Jul 1859, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
m. James Munson BELL, 13 Nov 1883, Modesto, Stanisluas, CA
1-7-3 Lewis James, b. 9 Aug 1861, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
1-7-4 John Clark, b. 31 May 1863, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
m. Mary Elizabeth or Mamie GRAHAM, 12 Apr 1894, Mariposa, Mariposa, CA
1-7-4-1 Agnes, b. 2 Mar 1895, Mariposa, Mariposa, CA
1-7-5 William David, b. 1 Mar 1865, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
1-7-6 Charles Henry, b. 11 Feb 1867, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
m. Ellen Nora or Nellie COOPER, 21 May 1898, Mariposa, Mariposa, CA
1-7-6-1 (male), b. 21 Sep 1899, Whitlock, Mariposa, CA
1-7-7 Ellen Dora, b. 21 Apr 1868, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
1-7-8 George Albert, b. 8 Aug 1871, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
m. Ida Elizabeth JONES, 1 Dec 1906, Mariposa, Mariposa, CA
1-7-8-1 George Lewis, b. 9 Dec 1907, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
1-7-8-2 (female), b. 27 Mar 1910, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
1-7-9 Annie Laura, b. 1 Jan 1873, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
m. John Albert SHROEDER, 10 Apr 1902, Mariposa, Mariposa, CA
1-7-10 Alice Margaret or Marguerite, b. 2 Mar 1875, Sherlock Town, Mariposa, CA
m. Perry Willard JUDKINS, 24 Dec 1901, Mariposa, Mariposa, CA
1-8 Elizabeth, b. 31 Jan 1830, Sugar Creek Twp, Hancock, IN
m?. Joseph MOULTON, 3 Jan 1854, Franklin, IN
1-9 Alford Thomas, b. 16 Apr 1833, Sugar Creek Twp, Hancock, IN
1-10 Wesley, b. 22 Oct 1836, Sugar Creek Twp, Hancock, IN
2 Sarah b. 10 Oct 1801, TN (father's name given as Joseph, no mother's name)
m. Jacob MURNAN, 6 Sep 1819, Campbell, KY
3 Benjamin (no reference for Joseph as father in IGI, this is just a guess)
m. Margaret WILSON, 21 Feb 1823, Franklin, IN
4 Joseph (no reference for Joseph as father in IGI, this is just a guess)
m. Lydia CRIST, 19 Jul 1826, Franklin, IN
4-1 Louisa b. 20 Jun 1838, Franklin, IN
m. John ALFORD, 17 May 1877, Franklin, IN
5 David b. 5 Jul 1810, TN (parents given as Joseph and Sarah)
m. Virginia "Jennie" Jane BRISON, 14 Dec 1831 Franklin', IN
5-1 Olive, b. 7 Jun 1832, Franklin, IN
m. Amos AILS, 21 Nov 1850, Franklin, IN
5-2 Hiram Joseph, b. 11 Jul 1835, Franklin, IN
m1. Alvira J. PRUITT, 24 Dec 1857, Franklin, IN
5-2-1 George Anna, b. 1858, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
m. Edgar M. ALLEN, 23 Dec 1875, Franklin, IN
5-2-2 Ira, b. 1861, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
5-2-3 Elmore, b. 1865, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
5-2-4 Harriett, b. 1868, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
5-2-5 John, b. Feb 1870, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
5-2-6 Mariah, b. 1872, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
m2?. Martha TODD, 3 Apr 1890, Christian, MO
5-3 Talbot Elveston or Edward, b. 1840, Franklin, IN
m. Margaret JOFFEFFER, 7 Feb 1861, Franklin, IN
5-3-1 Talbot Eardissre, b. Nov 1861, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
5-3-2 Mary J., b. 1869, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
5-3-3 Francis M., b. 1870, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
5-3-4 Charles A., b. 1872, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
5-3-5 William B., b. 1876, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
5-3-6 Omar Austin, b. 4 Aug 1877, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
m. Eloine OSMENT, Ontarion (Canada?)
5-3-7 Martha E., b. Oct 1879, Posey Twp., Franklin, IN
5-4 Hugh Bryson, b. 15 Jan 1843, Franklin, IN
m1. Rachel ABRAHAM, 8 Sep 1869, Franklin, IN
5-4-1 Sarah Elva, b. 22 Jun 1870, Franklin, IN
m2. Elizabeth COULTER, 12 Jan 1875, Franklin, IN
5-4-2 Helen, b. 5 Nov 1875, Grant, IN
5-5 Ruth Ann, b. 7 Oct 1843, Brookville, Franklin, IN
m. David AVERY, 30 Jul 1863, Franklin, IN
5-6 Missoure "Zirra", b. abt. 1848, Franklin, IN
m. Benjamin M. BROWN, 7 Apr 1869, Franklin, IN
5-7 David Jr., b. 1853, Brookville, Franklin, IN

You should refer to the original records to determine the source of this information. You will find
the reference numbers for each entry listed in the IGI on-line. Just search for the above works at
WWW address above to find the source numbers.

There are a couple of WESTON families headed by a Joseph in Maine and Massachusetts in the 1700s. I
would guess you will find the line continuing back that way. My guess is that Joseph is the son of
a Revolutionary War Vet granted land in Indiana after Revolutionary War. Alan, you may have some
luck researching this line further by pursuing the records of Land Grants in Franklin Co., IN. in
the 1790s if there are any.

I suspect the reference to TN is a red herring. I am guessing the IGI reference to TN for your
Sarah above was an individual submission based on a guess. I am more inclined to believe that Sarah
was born in Franklin Co., IN. I could be wrong too of course :-) A search of the Franklin Co.
vital records may show it one way or the other.

Looking at the WESTON IGI data, the early WESTONs in TN appear to have lived in Greene Co..
Here are some of the one's mentioned that might be siblings of your Sarah (there are more WESTON's
in TN than I've listed here). Perhaps the names will ring a bell.

- James Weston, b. abt. 1805, Greene, TN
- Laura Polk Weston, b. 2 Feb 1805, Maurey Co., TN
- David Weston, b. abt. 1802, Greene, TN
- Sarah Weston, b. 1800, daughter of Frederick Weston, Greene, TN
- Thomas Weston, b. 1799, Greene, TN
- Frederick Weston, b. 1779, East, Davidson, TN
- Mr Weston, son of William Weston, b. 1773, TN
- Mr Weston, b. 1759, East, Davidson, TN

- Pleasant Weston m. Mary Jones, 1826, Grainger, TN
- Sally Weston m. James Lang, 27 Apr 1825, Greene, TN
- Sarah Weston m. Allen Sexton, 1821, Stewart, Houston, TN
- Thomas Weston . Hannah Crumley, 20 Jul 1820, Greene, TN
- Polly Weston m. Moses Johnston, 25 Mar 1818, Greene, TN
- Jinney Weston m. Jacob Fisher, 2 Jul 1816, Greene, TN
- John Weston m. Sarah Carter, 15 Feb 1816, Greene, TN
- Nancy Weston m. John McKee, 23 Dec 1812, Greene, TN
- Sydney Weston . John Henderson, 4 Aug 1812, Greene, TN
- Edward Weston m. Elizabeth Humphrey, 28 Dec 1799, Washington, TN
- Agnes Weston m. John Forshey, 11 Dec 1794, Greene, TN
- Frederick Weston m. ?, 1799, East, Davidson, TN
- Mr Weston m. Mrs Weston, 1778, East, Davidson, TN

Hope this helps. If you or anyone on the list has any questions about the above please ask. I
would be glad to pursue any further leads you may have when I can.

Cheers, David Weston
Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada

-----Original Message-----
From: Peggy and Alan Kohn <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 9:40 PM
Subject: Sarah Weston

<snip> My g-g-g-grandmother was Sarah Weston born Oct. 10,1801. Many believe she was born in Tenn.
On Sept. 1, 1819 she married my g-g-g-grandfather Jacob Murnan in Campbell County, Kentucky ---
probably at his families home because he had left Kentucky sometime previously. An 1817 tax list for
Brookville Township in Franklin County Indiana has a Jacob Merman and a Joseph Weston listed. Many
think my Sarah's father to be a Joseph Weston. I speculate that Jacob Murnan met Sarah in Franklin
County Indiana, took her to his family to marry her in 1819 and they came back to make a home in
Franklin County. Their first of ten children Elizabeth was probably born here in Franklin County
1820 or 1821 . Around 1823 they moved a couple of counties to the west to Hancock County. Sarah died
in 1881. Both her and Jacob are buried in the New Palestine, Indiana cemetary. The John Weston who
married Eleanor or Nellie Lewis also married in 1819 only in Franklin County. Their first six
children were born in this county and the following four in Hancock County. John and Eleanor moved
between 1828 and 1830 to the same County Sarah and Jacob were in. Could this John Weston be a
brother to sarah ??? There are lots of Westons in Franklin County -- like Benjamin Weston that
you have messaged about. Also my Sarah Weston's father supposedly left Indiana for Arkansas
along with some of her brothers. I can find land purchases in 1844 to a Joseph Weston in Conway
County, Arkansas.
<snip> the 1822 Posey township tax list for Franklin County has a Michael Manan
(the oldest brother of Jacob), Jacob Manan, Joseph Weston, and Benjamin Weston all listed.
From Alan Kohn in Robinson, Illinois

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