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William Wells, Rev War Soldier, b. Pr. William CO VA marr to Elizabeth Westmoreland. They migrated to Giles CO TN where they died. They are my ancestors.
I am trying to understand the various Westmorelands of Giles CO TN. In the process, I have figured one part of my puzzle out, and many seem to get this part of the puzzle wrong, so thought to post here.

My puzzle:
How do the Westmorelands of Giles CO TN relate?
Who was Reubin Westmoreland? How does he fit into the "Giles CO TN Westmoreland picture"?
Are there any records documenting Reubin's 'connection' to the other Westmorelands of Giles CO TN?
Was Reuben Westmoreland 'connected' to Elizabeth Westmoreland the wife of William Wells?

Charles Neal of Giles CO TN was (also) my ancestor.
We know that Charles Neal's 1st wife, Jemima Davenport (d/o Wm Davenport), probably died in Giles CO TN about 1823; we know Jemima died after 1820 and prior to the 1830 census enumeration as Charles is listed living alone in 1830. (Both Charles & Jemima my ancestors by their daughter Mary)
After the death of his first wife, Charles marr (1837) Elizabeth the relict of Reuben Westmoreland. I wanted to understand who this Reuben was.
This is what I learned...
Reubin Westmoreland died 1818 in Davidson CO TN, his will probated there.
Reubin's relict Elizabeth, along with several of her children, removed to Giles CO TN where many of the extended families were living. My Wells were also of Davidson CO TN prior to arriving in Giles
It is believed that this Elizabeth was Elizabeth nee Abernathy, several folks say so, but I have not documented her maiden name. I have not focused on the Abernathy family of Giles CO TN, though by default, I have found them mentioned in many of the records made by my "dead people".
All of these families seemingly from SC (early on). Many intermarried with 'my' families.

Back to Charles Neal.
One of his daughters, by his first wife Jemima, was a gal named Nancy.
This Nancy Neal married to Laban A Westmoreland the s/o Reuben & Elizabeth.
It seems that several years after the marriage of Laban A to Nancy, Charles Neal married to his mother Elizabeth.

Below are some (not all) of the Westmoreland & Neal Giles CO TN deeds that I have scanned and compiled.
I have also added (sandwiched in) a couple of the Newberry CO SC Davenport records to prove that Laban A Westmoreland married into my Neal/Davenport family.
It seems that some folks researching these families do not have the facts 'quite' right.
Hope these records help to clear up that confusion.

If anyone on this board can help me with my Giles CO TN Westmoreland puzzle (= figure out the rest of the Westmorelands about ), it would be greatly appreciated.

Thinking (only a best guess) that Thomas A Westmoreland is connected to this group. Does the 'A' stand for Abernathy?!

Thank you,
Debra Anderson


NOTE: 6 Oct 1819 Giles CO TN Deed Bk-D, p.187, Reg. 2 May 1825, Drury ALSUP of Giles CO TN to Elizabeth WESTMORELAND of Davidson CO TN, $900, 105 ac land in Giles CO the waters of BUCHANANs Creek . South East corner of Richland HIGHTOWERs 116ac tract including where the sd Drury Alsup now lives . Holaway MAPLEs North West coner . the top of ridge . East corner of sd Alsups tract of 50ac held by Grant being part of the above bargained premises . Hightowers line . Wit: T R DANIEL, William G WESTMORELAND Feb Term 1820

Side NOTE: This would be Elizabeth Westmoreland the relict of Reuben Westmoreland.

NOTE: 22 Nov 1825 Giles CO TN Deed Bk-F, p.444 Reg 25 Feb 1826,
Tilman R. Daniel Adm. Of Reubin Westmoreland dec.d with the Will annexed to Elizabeth Westmoreland widow of sd Reubin [Reuben] . by last Will and Testament of sd Reubin division of the property and sale thereof was to be made as therein directed on the coming of age of the oldest his children & whereas Wm G Westmoreland one of these children has come of age . land herein after described be sold & proceeds divided .sd Elizabeth being unwilling to enter in any controversary whith her children although she conceived the land hereafter described to her own property & right did at length consent. pm 10 Sept 1825 expose and offer the ad land to sale. best price $390 paid by sd Elizabeth. tract of land in Giles waters of Buchanans Creek 105 1/2ac described in deed dated 16 Oct 1819 Executed by Drury Alsup to sd Elizabeth for the sd 105 1/2ac attested by David Crook T R Daniel & William G Westmoreland Wit: A V Brown , Thos B.Jones Nov Term 1825

NOTE: 29 Nov 1825 Giles CO TN Deed Bk-G, p.27 Reg. 24 July 1826, Elizabeth Westmoreland of Giles CO TN to Henry T. Butler of sd CO, $789, 125ac land in Giles CO on Bradshaws Creek waters of Elk River . West corner of Coleman Harwells tract . up sd Branch with its meanders . to a point in the middle of the channel of the West fork of Bradshaws Creek at the mouth of Samuel McNights spring branch thence down sd West fork in the middle of the channel to its mouth or injuction with the main creek . Wit: R. Daniel, C S Tarpley May Term 1826

NOTE 16 Jan 1826 Giles CO TN Deed Bk-G, p.21, Reg 10 July 1826, Trust Deed for Bill of Sale, Tilman R. Daniel of Giles CO TN agreed to advance for William G. Westmoreland of Davidson CO TN $200 for the purpose of purchasing a certain Negro named Claiborn now in possession of Hardy Benson and others in Giles CO under certain attachments for debt against sd William Westmoreland to whom sd Negro belongs and which attachments supposed to amount to $200 or upwards .. If sd Negro should die the sd William G. Westmoreland authorizes the sd Tilman R. Daniel to call upon Elizabeth Westmoreland and she is hereby fully authorized and required to pay out of any property coming to the sd William G. Westmoreland such sum or sums of money as the sd Daniel can show he has paid under this agreement should the sd Elizabeth Westmoreland not see cause to deliver over my property which is at her death coming to the sd William G. Westmoreland . Wit: David Abernathy, John F. Stum__, Joshua Rick!
man Jr, Jesse Westmoreland Feb Term 1826

NOTE: 13 Nov 1827 General Survey # 131 - Entry 257 for Tilman R. DANIEL, 267 139/160 A, adj. tract entered by Drewry ALSUP and now owned by Elizabeth WESTMORELAND; Richard HIGHTOWER; Joseph McDONALD. William R. OWEN & Laban WESTMORELAND, C.C.

NOTE: 5 Nov 1828 Giles Deed Bk-H, p127, Reg. 25 June 1829, Elizabeth WESTMORELAND of Giles to Tilman R DANIEL of sd CO, $325, 105 1/2ac land in Giles on the waters of Buchanans Crek ... marked by Nathan G PINSON SD s the southeast corner of Richard HIGHTOWERs 160ac tract including where the sd Elizabeth Westmoreland now lives ... top of ridge ... North East corner of a 50ac tract granted to Drury ALSUP being a part of the above bargained premises ... Wit: William G EVANS, Wm H SHACKLEFORD May Term 1829

NOTE: 28 Sept 1829 Giles CO TN Deed Bk-H, p275, Reg. 23 March 1830, Alan ABERNATHY of Giles CO to Elizabeth WESTMORELAND of sd CO, $750, 196 1/4ac land in Giles on the waters of Leatherwood Creek ... East boundary line tract Granted to John BROWN 96 1/2 ac ... boundary line of Grant # ?7656? to Charles EDWARDS for 38 1/2ac known as the Ridge field tract ... Edward M BROWNs west boundary line ... North West corner of tract belonging to the heirs of Austin SMITH decd ... James PATTESONs South East corner of 10ac tract sold to sd Patteson by sd Abernathy ... line of Elizabth ABERNATHY ... John BROWNs line ... Wit: R DANIEL, D___ [?Daniel or Donald?] ABERNATHY Feb Term 1830

NOTE: p.104, Newberry County, SC Equity Records 1818-1844, Will Book M & N with Annual Returns, Will Book I, Miscellaneous Annual Returns, by Sandra J. Lee, M.D., Source located Sacto FHC.
Box 18 Package 4 --- William Burton Adm. of William Davenport vs Charles Neel, Isaac Kelly, William Stewart and wife Mary, Sarah Kelly, William D. Kelly, Hultett Hunt and wife Rebecca, Abigail Kelly, John Kelly, Turley Neel, John Neel, Allen Pitts and wife Sarah, Ransom Wells and wife Mary, Jehu Nave and wife Elizabeth, Laban Westmoreland and wife Nancy, Isaac Neel, Mathias Neel, and Rebecca Neel. Bill for construction of the testator will and relief.
Filed 8 May 1828 & William Davenport LWT 22 Nov 1803 and died Aug 1805. To wife.... use of all personal estate during widowhood or lifetime. At wife's death Exc to take charge of property I left to my wife until my grandchildren come of age. When the youngest grandchild comes of age then all my personal estate to be divided equally among all my grandchildren. If they can't divide the property then to sell among my legatees and divide the money among Anny Kelly's children and Jemina [Jemima] Neel's children. Son in laws ... Charles Neel and Johnny Kelly. Exc: Bartlett Satterwhite and Jacob Crosswhite. The widow Sarah died 1823. Anny Kelly died leaving her husband Johnny Kelly and children Isaac, Wiley, Mary (marr William Stewart), Sarah, Elizabeth (died), William D., Rebecca (married Hulet Hunt 1828), and Abigail Kelly. Jemina Neel died leaving her husband Charles Neel and children Wiley, Sarah (ma!
rried Allen Pitts), John, Mary (married Ransom Wells), Elizabeth (married Jehu Nave), Nancy (married Laban Westmoreland), Matthias, Rebecca, and Isaac Neel. Charles Neel had moved to Giles Co., Tenn. In 1828 all the personal and real estate was sold. William Burton wanted to pay the legatees. William Burton had died and his sons James G. Burton and William Burton then took over the Adm. of William Davenport's estate.
p.114 (of source), Box 19 Package 19 --- William D. Kelly, Sarah Kelly, Elizabeth Kelly, Abigail Kelly, William Stewart and wife Mary, Hulet Hunt and wife Rebecca vs James Burton and William Burton Exc of William Burton dec. Amendment to the bill by ____ of the Court. Filed 20 July 1830. William Davenport died in 1805 with LWT (22 Nov 1803) ... widow Sarah. After her death the real and personal estate to be sold and divided equally among the grandchildren. Bartlett Satterwhite and Jacob Crosswhite were Exc but they refused. The Adm. granted to Sarah Davenport until she died in 1823 and the Adm. then granted to William Burton. The oldest daughter Anny [Amy]Davenport married John Kelly in 1792. She died 1 Jan 1816 leaving her husband and children isaac, Wiley, Sarah, William D., Mary (married William Stewart), Rebecca (married Hulet Hunt), Elizabeth, and Abigail Kelly. William Davenport had given his dauther 350 acres bounded by Jonathan Davenport, Robert Flo!
yd, Samuel Davidson, William Davenport, and David Stephens. In 1824 John Kelly sold this property to William Burton even though he was entitlted to only 1/3. Isaac Kelly, Wiley Kelly, and Mary Stewart gave their share to William D. Kelly. William Burton died Apr 1829 and his sons were his Exc. Dispute over whether John Kelly bought the land from William Davenport or if it was given his wife.

LISTED: 1836 TaxLists include the following Westmoreland...
Westmoreland J. T. 07

Westmoreland Jesse 11

Westmoreland Laban 11

Westmoreland Tho. A. 03

Westmoreland Thos. A. 02

NOTE: 1 April 1836, Giles CO TN Deed Bk-M, p73, Reg 30 April 1836, Tilman R DANIEL of Giles of the 1st part to Columbus WESTMORELAND, Thomas J WESTMORELAND Fielding G WESTMORELAND and Theopilus WESTMORELAND all of Giles of the 2nd part, $1300 ; 128ac more or less land in Giles on waters of LEATHERWOOD Creek ... in the Fayette Road running thence south... being part of the two tracks of land which Jesse WESTMORELAND purchased of Littleburry WEBB Wit: Clayton A HARWELL: William GRUBBS ACK: 11 April 1836

NOTE: 3 March 1838, Giles CO TN Deed Bk-N, P.446, Charles Neal Bill of Sale to Jesse Westmoreland; know all men by these presents that I, Charles Neal, of Giles County, Tennessee in consideration that I and my wife Elizabeth have agreed to live separately from each other and also in consideration that Jesse Westmoreland has given me bond and security to indemnify me against the support and maintenance of my said wife, have given, granted and by these presents do give, grant and convey unto Jesse Westmoreland the following property that is to say one negro man slave, furniture including a side board and feather bed used by and in possession of Elizabeth for her support to be divided among her children at her death as though she had never been my wife. .
Signed Charles Neal
Witnesses: Allen Pitts, William B. Theobald, R Daniel.

These records "thrown in to the mix" because it helps to clarify other relations...
NOTE: (NEED p37) 26 May 1849 Giles CO Deed Bk-U, p38, Reg. 15 Feb 1850, Laban A WESTMORELAND recovered a Judgement before John NAVE a Justice of the Peace Giles CO , $34.82 and costs, whereas on the 30 May 1849 sd Justice issued Execution against the Estate of Mary PHELPS to satisfy sd Judgement which sd Execution was placed in the hands of Gustavus A HOPKINS a Constable of sd CO ... there being no personal property to levey this fifo I then Levey the same on 30ac and 122 poles of land being the Dower of Mary Phelps late widow of John McCORMACK lying on Indian Creek adj William W/M McNAIRY and others and as the property of sd Mary Phelps this 11 day June 1849... the Judgement and all the papers in sd Circuit Crt of sd Crt of Giles at the Aug Term thereof 1849 to sell the same... Laban A Westmoreland being the highest bidder the same was struck off to him at the price of $45 ...
& next record
NOTE: 28 Dec 1849 Giles CO Deed Bk-U, p39, Reg. 15 Feb 1850, Charles J NEAL of Giles to Ananius PITTS (resident CO not specified), $1 and other consideration, (personal property including) one sorrel colt, filly, yoke of Oxen, ox cart, 75 head of stock hogs, two beds and bedsteads & clothing, one bureau & one grind stone that sd Neal bound himself to warrant the title to the sd pp against lawful claims of all persons ... But this deed is made for the following uses & trusts & for no other purpose that is to say I (sd Neal) am indebted to Wily NEAL in the sum of$53 by note due 25 Dec 1849 & to Ananius Pitts in the sum of $15 due the 25 Dec 1850 & the sd Ananius Pitts is bound as my secruity for abt $65 to Joseph G CHILDRESS due the 25 Dec 1849 & I am desirous to secure & make certain the payment of sd debts ... Now if I shall by the 25 Dec 1850 pay sd debts & save sd Pitts from all loss & damage as my sd security, then this deed to be void, but if I shall not then the s!
d Ananias Pitts after giving ten days notice in writing of the time & place of sd Sale at three public places in the CO, one of which shall be at the court house door of sd CO, may expose sd property to public sale & sell.... Wit: none Ack. 29 Dec 1849
Side NOTE: Mary Phelps, nee Birdwell (d/o John Birdwell), marr 1st to John McCormack who d.1830 in Giles. Mary then marr to Josiah Phelps. Mary Phelps was enermated in the Oct 1850 census so she was (presumably) alive at that time. This census is the last (known) record of Mary.
Side NOTE: Assume this is Charles J Neal the s/o Wiley Neal (Wiley s/o the "elder" Charles Neal b.abt 1772). Annanais/Ananius Pitts marr to Sarah Neal the d/o the "elder" Charles Neal, and therefore ... Ananius Pitts was the Uncle of the younger Charles J Neal.
Side NOTE: John Nave was kin to the Neals as he marr to Elizabeth Neal the d/o the elder Charles Neal b. abt 1772.

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