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> Seeking anything on Sarah Ann Wentworth who m. June 16, 1851 Henry Wing
> Holbrook. Thanks, Dave
Below is a six generation ahnentafel. showing what I have in my computer on
Sarah Ann and her ancestors for a few generations (to the immigrant
Wentworth ancestor). The principal (but not only) source for this info is
John Wentworth"s "Wentworth Genealogy: English and American" (Boston:
Little, Brown, and Co., 1878):

Please reply off-list if you would like additional information (siblings,


Joe Burgess
Grants Pass, Oregon


Ancestors of Sarah Ann Wentworth

Generation 1 (starting person)

1 Sarah Ann Wentworth: Sarah was born 10 August 1831 in
Exeter, Rockingham Co., NH. She married Henry Wing
Holbrook on 16 June 1851.
Generation 2 (parents)

2 John Wentworth: He married Sarah Bowditch. John was born
3 August 1790 in or near Dover, New Hampshire. He died 2
October 1863 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts.
3 Sarah Bowditch: She married John Wentworth. Sarah was
born 22 May 1793. She died 3 October 1859 in Lynn, Essex
County, Massachusetts.
Generation 3 (grandparents)

4 Jacob Wentworth: Jacob was born 1 January 1766. He
married Martha Hurd in September 1789. He died 1 January
1814 of a wound received at the Canada frontier.
5 Martha Hurd: Martha was born about 1771. She married
Jacob Wentworth in September 1789. She died in June
1857, aged 85 in Effingham, New Hampshire.
Generation 4 (great-grandparents)

8 Samuel Wentworth: He was named in Ephraim Wentworth's
will dated 16 March 1738/39 in Dover, Strafford County,
New Hampshire. He married Patience Downs. Samuel served
as a soldier during the Revolutionary War. He married
Elizabeth. He married Margaret Haines. He died 4 March
9 Patience Downs: Patience was born 3 April 1721. She
married Samuel Wentworth. She died 10 September 1776 in
Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire.
10 Daniel Hurd: He married Anna Wentworth on 28 September
Generation 5 (great-great-grandparents)

16 Ephraim Wentworth: Ephraim was born circa 1668. He
married Mary Miller between 22 October 1696 and July
1699. He married Elizabeth Waldron before 10 May 1726.
He made a will dated 16 March 1738/39 in Dover, Strafford
County, New Hampshire. His will was proved on 29 June
17 Mary Miller: Mary was born after 1678 (under 18 in 1696).
She married Ephraim Wentworth between 22 October 1696 and
July 1699.
18 Thomas Downs: He married Sarah. He died before 29
November 1749.
19 Sarah: She married Thomas Downs.
20 John Heard: He married Charity Day.
21 Charity Day: She married John Heard.
Generation 6 (3rd-great-grandparents)

32 Elder William Wentworth: William was born in Alford,
Lincolnshire, England. He was baptized in Alford,
Lincolnshire, England on 15 March 1615/16. He married
(1) n.n. He married (2) Elizabeth Knight about 1644. He
was ordained as Ruling Elder on 10 March 1655/56 in
Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire. He died 15 March
1696/97 in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire.
33 Elizabeth Knight: She married Elder William Wentworth
about 1644. She died in 1698.
34 Richard Miller: He married Grace Rogers?. Richard was
born 1649. He died 1692.
35 Grace Rogers?: She is deceased. She married Richard
Miller. She married Christopher Banfield 15 March 1695.
36 Thomas Downs: Thomas was born 17 March 1653/54 in Boston,
Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He was killed by the
Indians in 1711.

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