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From: Daniel E Weinhold <>
Subject: Re: [WEINHOLD] family history
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 07:55:30 -0400

Jo, I am"still" studing and learning:

I NOW see from your 1st. E-mail that you are the SECOND Joe Weinhold,
and I was very confused, which is nothing new.

So, it appears I need both information regarding your family and your
father's and your brother's to up date my files...I am not sure how I
missed that> once I have THAT, I might remember....you might be single
as yet?

What I have been doing is having a file card on EACH family, as they
married with names, dates, addresses, give credit to who I received it

Not knowing WHEN your were born, does not give me a good date just where
you fit in. The Weinhold Farm left the Weinhold family back in 1865 when
Richard Weinhold family sold out and moved to Ill., There were 5 springs
on that farm at that time, check the Lancaster county Atlas of 1864,
Cocalico Township.

I am sorry I made THAT mistake.

Ernest Weinhold
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