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From: Daniel E Weinhold <>
Subject: Re: [WEINHOLD] family history
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 19:53:10 -0400

Hi Joseph A.


Wonderful. I do wonder how you learned of ME?

And I do wonder how in the world YOU discovered Andreas b. 1605 in the
middle of wha tis NOW called Germany
. It would be wonderful if you would pay us a visit here very near
Manheim, PA. just about the 'famious" Manheim aut Auction.

If I recall correctly , I believe I visited your father many years ago,as
he lived on a corner, along the Reamstown Rd. to Green Gragon: am I
correct...its been so long ago!

I have (please do not cry; laugh if you have to) 14 Large plastic tool
boxes and 2 smaller ones with 5 by 8 inch file cards there-in, just as I
started Many year,s ago,before computer wee in"every" home: which may
equal approx. 25,000 cards equaling many more names!

It is so enlightening to learn of a Weinhold who lives in this area WHO
IN THIS AREA! It has seemed that only the relatives who live in the WEST
and mid west are interested and even come here to learn more.

Just where do you live: it has been awhile since I visited the Reinholds
area...Oh, ther eis muchto share.
My records are ALL handwritten on to those file cards: yes I wish they
were in the computer and or least on a CD!

I was b. in Ephrata, my father,in Lauschtown and my grandfather between
Reinholds and the Muddy Creek Church & Cemetery of which I WALKED Many
times and I have a copy of the Cemetery records and the Church Records
for you to see. Yes, I walked the Swamp cemetery also and most , if not
all in northern Lanc. Co.

I di have naby records here in spite of the fact that at my age I have
started down sixing a great deal already. So, I would think you have
Nicholis's father also?

I spend some 38 years WORKING on this research and I would love meeting
with you and you family.

D. Ernest Weinhold

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