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If I may add a few sentences and thoughts about the O'Cain Nursing Home.
I was in the big white building in about 1958 or '59. Ethel O'Cain owned
and ran the place. She had 3 or 4 children, believe two of them were males.
Ethel owned the land, plus a home on Lake Whatcom, which had a long dock
because we were water skiing off it one weekend. Ethel was a larger, older
woman, drove a great big caddie, and enjoyed a number of luxuries her income
allowed. The family was affiliated with the Seventh Day Adventists.

Ethel told of her grandfather -- could have been great grandfather -- he was
a preacher for a number of churches on a circuit in North Caroline or
somewhere around there. It took him a number of months to complete his
loop. Turned out that the preacher enjoyed married life so much that he had
a wife and children awaiting his arrival at different points of his circuit.
There were something like 12 wifes -- each thinking she was the only one.
Part of our group was a young sailor who was a direct line down from the
preacher -- so was Ethel -- just from different wives.

I.M. Bjelland

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I went to the address, seeing that the assessor's office has no property
listed there, and found a large facility. The facility, however, is not a
nursing home and is currently accessed from around the corner (a different
address); it is The International Society for Optical Engineering.

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