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Subject: RE: [WATHURST-L] Thurstoneer certificates
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 21:11:20 -0800
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Shana Stevenson (Thurston Co Regional Planning and Coordinator of the
150th year) sent me the links for the form and instructions:





I was able to print them out 'ok'. Have fun. - Junel

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Subject: [WATHURST-L] Thurstoneer certificates

Does anyone know what kind of proof is needed for the Certificate? My
GGGrandfather RR Thornton (Richard R. Thornton) moved to Thurston County
from Polk County, Oregon in 1869 with his wife Eliza Holcomb who later
married Alexander Reynolds about 1873 and had 2 daughters by him. My
Great Grandfather, Millard Thornton, married Phoebe Robbins in Olympia
in 1885 in a double ceremony with her sister Amy Effiah Robbins (Effie)
and James L. Longmire, Jr. at his house. The siblings and nephews &
nieces of Phoebe Robbins married into the Sylvester, Longmire, Shincke,
Dodge, Turner & Bickle families (all Pioneer families) before the turn
of the century. I don't have much proof other then a newspaper article
on Millard Thornton & his marriage certificate and some obituaries.

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