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From: "Gus Tysoe" <>
Subject: Re: [WAR] St Edith(a) ? in Monks Kirby
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 16:03:58 -0000
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Hi Angela,

That is, indeed, one method that looks as if it should give The Answer - but
I know of 2 other CofE chuches in WAR where the 'Church' - presumably the
Parochial Church Council - has different ideas from the Diocese as to the
'true' spelling of the dedication!

It's the apparent lack of any Official Listing - or, if there is such a
thing, its whereabouts - that is the underlying reason behind the difficulty
of determining Dedications :-(


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Subject: Re: [WAR] St Edith(a) ? in Monks Kirby

> Why don't you email either the Priest in charge or the Churchwarden at
> St. Edith(a)'s and ask them which it is now and if was changed at some
> time? Then you'll get the answer from someone who really knows.
> Details for emailing are on the website of the Revel Group of Churches
> - Google it.
> Angela
> On 17 Feb 2009, at 2:48 pm, ramaix wrote:
>> The parish's own website calls the church St Edith - though perhaps,
>> just to confuse matters, the board outside says Editha as Carole
>> thinks. Editha is the Latinized form of the Anglo-Saxon vernacular so
>> perhaps it was known in the past as St Editha - pre-Reformation
>> perhaps? Polesworth Abbey however has a present-day music group using
>> the spelling St Editha .....
>> MAR in France.
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