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Subject: Re: [WAR] Addendum to Warwickshire District of Cotepon ?
Date: 09 Jan 2006 13:42:53 +0000
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I think the problem with this entry is that the enumerator initially wrote
Do. (ditto), to indicate birth in Birmingham, but then overwrote this with
a birth place. So what one has to try to do is to subtract the Do. and see
what the other letters could be. Not easy. One possible guess is Couton
(that is Coughton) or Coton (that is, in Churchover).


On Jan 9 2006, Gerry Edwards wrote:

> Hello again Listers:
> I have had several replies to my original listing. The writing on the
> 1871 census is quite bad. Several people asked me to give details on the
> census page in question. Here it is: Source RG10/3125, Registration
> District Birmingham, Sub-Registration District St. George, Ecclesiastical
> Parish - St. Stephen, Vessel 41, Folio 43, Page 34, Lines 11 and 12 for
> Sarah Messenger and Julia Messenger. Is their place of birth Cotepon? or
> is it possibly Aston? (Yes the writing is that bad). I believe the latter
> may be correct. I also can't be sure of the Street address - is it Holt
> Street - House 8 ? The previous or succeeding pages showing the Street
> may be more legible. Thank you to all the great people who replied.
> Gerry Edwards
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