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From: "diane guilfoy" <>
Subject: [WAR] Re: A warning and a request for help.
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 16:40:37 +0000


I always recommend the LDS PAF (Personal Ancestral File) software. It's
free and, since it's supported by the LDS which has a vested interest in
genealogy, it's not likely to become defunct. I also have Family Tree
Maker, v9, which I bought to open FTW files I occasionally get (got it dirt
cheap at dirtcheapsoftware.com). Maybe I'm just used to PAF, but I like it
better than FTM. I'm not LDS so have no use for the various church-specific
functions in PAF, but the display templates are easily modifiable to
eliminate what you don't use.

I'd suggest you had another problem with the UFT software if you are unable
to load it to another computer with the correct operating system. My PAF
files are currently frequently switched between Windows98 and Windows2000.

in California

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