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From: "Helen Verrall" <>
Subject: RE: [WAR] A warning and a request for help.
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 11:06:02 +1200
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Hopefully someone with more computer knowledge than I, will have a
suggestion for accessing your old files.
There are several good programs available. LDS PAF is free and very
good and they keep updating the program as new operating systems become
I use Family Tree Maker price reasonable and also updates are as
frequent as Windows operating systems.

tips about backing up information ,I was given sometime ago - were
a. Back up your files onto floppy or CD -
b. Save everything in Hard Copy as well!!!
c. Also save your main files as Gedcoms, then if updating your system ,
you find your Family Tree program, doesn't work, most programs will
open a Gedcom.

All the best

New Zealand

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From: Ann Gardner [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, 15 April 2003 9:15 a.m.
Subject: [WAR] A warning and a request for help.

I recently had a computer crash so had to send my PC in for repair.
When it came back, the technician had kindly loaded Windows 2000(I
previously had Windows 98). Well, he thought he was being kind!
Unfortunately, the one program that wouldn't run was my genealogy
program (Ultimate Family Tree). No problem, we thought. My husband
said we would just go onto the website and see if there was a patch to
fix things. That was when we discovered to our horror that the program
was no longer supported and is, in effect, defunct. Despite various
efforts to get the data to run on another machine with Windows 98, it
just won't. So don't just do back-ups, make sure your program is still
valid. And download a copy to Rootsweb, like the newsletter keeps
telling us to do. I didn't, but really wish I had!

Now can someone recommend a good genealogy program please?



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