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From: "Ann Spiro" <>
Subject: Re: [WAR] NEWSPAPERS NO. 24
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 15:54:15 +0800
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I'm a new subscriber to this list.

Can you tell me if I can get access to newspapers from 1813 to 1814. I'm
looking for information on the trial and conviction of my ancestor Catherine
Catherine was convicted at the Lent Assizes March 1813 for stealing,
sentenced to death and sentence was commuted to transportation. I'm looking
for further informaiton and gaol records etc. maybe the records of
Catherines entry to the gaol (which gaol??) are available for copying?

Hoping SKS can help.


Ann (Perth, Western Australia)

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Subject: [WAR] NEWSPAPERS NO. 24

> Hi
> Kind regards
> Chris - Doha
> BIRMINGHAM DAILY GAZETTE continued - abbreviations in Newspapers No. 1
> 10/10/1862
> Death
> GIBBINS 5i Smethwick Louisa only surviving do late Brueton Esq. age 49
> RUDDLE 6i Walton House nr Tewkesbury Amelia bwo George Esq
> PADDEY 7i Elizabeth Lennox youngest do Councillor Paddey, Waterloo Rd,
> Wolverhampton
> GILES 7i in 16th yr Howard Herbert so William, Swan Hotel, Sutton
> HOWELL 9i Joshua at his residence Wellington Rd age 67
> 13/10/1862
> Death
> CARPENTER 9i age 19 days Martha do F.W., Denbigh Cottage, Bristol Rd
> 14/10/1862
> Death
> MARSHALL 11i Eliza youngest do late Isaac of Alum Rock
> 15/10/1862
> Marriage
> LANE-FOSTER 14i Edgbaston Old Church Thomas, Esq C.E. of Monument Lane
> Edgbaston to Elizabeth 2nd do J.P. Esq of the same place
> Death
> TAYLOR 7i at his dau's Mrs BATES, Walsall, in 74th yr John, Union St West
> Bromwich
> BOLTON 13i suddenly from injuries rcvd in collision on the
> Railway, Edward Souter, Spring St, Edgbaston age 35
> ZAIR 13i at son's residence Bedford Place, Moseley Rd age 88, Catherine
> mother of John
> 16/10/1862
> Death
> GREVES 8i Rose Cottage, Walkers Heath nr Kings Norton in 81st yr Susannah
> relict of Benjamin, Headley Heath
> STAPENELL 12i at son's after long painful illness in 72nd yr Samuel of
> St in this town
> BURBIDGE 13i age 71 Mary wo John, New Bilton nr Rugby formerly of Coventry
> RICKARDS 15i at house of bro in law James HUNT Esq Lime Grove Edgbaston,
> Elizabeth last surviving do Thomas Rickards Esq of Clapton, Middlesex
> 17/10/1862
> Marriage
> COTTERILL-WHITEHEAD 11i St Martins, Joseph, Perry Barr to Jane youngest do
> late Joseph, Aston New Town
> Death
> PIERCY 15i at his residence Camden Hill Bham, Ebenezer age 65
> JADSON 16 Sept at Barrie, Canada West, Edward H Esq. formerly of Allesley,
> Warks age 42
> 20/10/1862
> Death
> BETTS 12i age 34 Ann youngest do late Mrs Robert Betts, College Arms Inn,
> Sutton Coldfield
> PENN 14i age 73 John, 28 Clarendon St Leamington, universally respected.
> Deceased was one of the oldest inhabitants of the town and was for more
> 30 yrs land bailiff and gardener to Henry JEPHSON Esq. M.D. of Beech Lawn
> CORFIELD 17i of consumption Jemima bwo Charles, Beaufort Rd Edgbaston
> 21/10/1862
> Birth
> BEDFORD at the Rectory Sutton Coldfield on Oct 19 wo Rev W.K.R., a son
> Death
> BURDETT 17i Thomas St Aston age 19 Edward James so Edward
> CLARKE 18i after long painful illness Elizabeth bwo William 56 Park St
> WALSH at Sheffield 18i Thomas C. in 26th yr so Samuel, Hagley Rd Edgbaston
> RYLAND 20i Barford Hill Warks in 90th yr Anne relict of Samuel Esq
> 22/10/1862
> Death
> BALL 9 Aug at Ballarat, Australia Richard late of Paradise St in this town
> 23/10/1862
> Birth
> SHORT 19i Temple Balsall wo Rev J.H. a son
> Marriage
> COOPER-PARSONS 17i St Bartholomews, William of Kings Norton to Mary Ann do
> Edward of this town
> OAKLEY-BIRCH 21i Christ Church Quinton, Henry, farmer to Hannah youngest
> late George Esq, Red Hall nr Harborne
> Death
> MORGAN 20i Cheltenham, Edward Esq. late of Abbotts Salford, Warks age 28
> 24/10/1862
> Marriage
> STAIT-BAUGH 20i Snow Hill Congregat. Church Wolverhampton John of
> to Mary Anne Baugh of same place
> KEY-DRAPER 21i Kenilworth Parish Church, Frederick Esq youngest so late
> Thomas Esq, Grove Hill Camberwell to Eliza eldest do Edward Esq,
> Death
> TIMS 19i age 27 after long and painful illness borne with Christian
> fortitude Sarah bwo Thomas, 2 Spring Hill in this town
> BELLAMY 20i age 28 William of Pensax Terrace, Victoria Rd, Aston Park,
> Headmaster of Free Industrial School, Gem St
> HEATON 21i age 15 months Amelia youngest child of George, Shadwell St
> LINWOOD 22i Bayswater, Mary eldest do late John Esq of this town age 79
> WHITLOCK 23i Edgbaston Mrs. Whitlock, 110 New St age 47
> 28/10/1862
> Marriage
> BRYANT-WHITEHOUSE 20i St Bartholomews, Ephraim to Maria both of this town
> Death
> DUGGINS 27i Redditch in 20th yr Jane Emma youngest do Richard
> 29/10/1862
> Birth
> WEISS 27i Grove House, Augustus Rd Edgbaston, Mrs Henry Weiss, a dau
> Death
> PRATT 25i Henley in Arden, Ann bwo John
> BOND 26i in 39th yr George, corn factor, Ruston St in this town
> 30/10/1862
> Death
> HINDE 23i Handsworth in 78th yr Mrs Mary Anne late Snow Hill in this town,
> confectioner
> RICKARD 29i Exeter Row age 10 months Albert Simons infant so R Rickard
> 31/10/1862
> Death
> GARDNER 26i 16 Bridge St in 68th yr after lingering illness Edwin, corn
> merchant and maltster, Worcs
> BOURNE 26i Doverdale Lane Ombersley, Elizabeth wo William, blacksmith age
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