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From: "Melynda Jarratt" <>
Subject: RE: [WarBrides] Did Anyone Know Joan Walker, Canadian War Bride, Author, AwardWinner?
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 11:41:57 -0300

More info on "Pardon my Parka" from the web, it's called ""A city girl's
hilarious story of life in a Northern Quebec town. " - has anyone ever
heard of this book?

"Anyone can be a pioneer. All you need to do is to fall in love with a
Canadian major in the London blackout and find that he is every bit as
attractive when you get him into the light. I don't even suppose that he has
to be a major. Or that a London blackout is essential to the romance. That
is merely the way it happened to me. For me, it had to happen in London
because I am a Londoner born and bred-one of those city slickers who can
barely tell a cow from a sheep, and couldn't care less. Jim tried to tell me
that life in the Canadian mining town of Val d'Or was just the smallest bit
different from life in London, but I said, so what? Then I tried to explain
that I couldn't cook-couldn't even boil the proverbial egg-and the least
domesticated of women, and it was his turn to say, so what? I could read a
cook book, couldn't I? And he said he would rather marry a sense of humour
and starve, than marry some domesticated little body, madly interested in
the home, and suffer from mental indigestion. "


>From: "Melynda Jarratt" <>
>Subject: [WarBrides] Did Anyone Know Joan Walker, Canadian War Bride,
>Author, Award Winner?
>Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 11:24:40 -0300
>Hi all Canadian War Brides. I received an inquiry this morning from Denis
>Cloutier, a Quebec based writer, researcher who is seeking information on
>Joan Walker, an English war bride who married James Rankin Walker and
>settled in Quebec. Joan Walker was a writer who won the Stephen Leacock
>Award for Humour in 1954 for her book "Pardon my Parka". Please read his
>email below and if you know anything about Joan Walker, please write to him
>at . For that matter, if you know anything about Joan
>Walker I'd like to know about it too!
>I would like to find more information on Joan Walker a war bride who lived
>in Val-d'Or (Northwestern Quebec) and wrote the following books:
>Pardon my parka.
>Toronto : McCleland & Stewart, 1954. 198 p., 21 cm.
>2e ed. : London : A. Barker, 1954.
>3e ed : Winnipeg : Harlequin Books, 1958. 192 p., 18 cm.
>4e ed : Winnipeg : Harlequin Books, 1961.
>Repent at leisure.
>Toronto : Ryerson Presse, 1957. 284 p., 20 cm.
>Marriage of harlequin : a biographical novel of the important years in the
>life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
>Toronto : McCleland & Stewart, 1962. 256 p., 21 cm.
>In "Contemporary authors. First revision -- Detroit, Gale Research Co.
>[c1967-1979] -- 44 v. 26-29 cm. -- ISSN: 0190-3616", we learn:
>Born in London, England ; went to Canada, 1946, now Canadian citizen ;
>daughter of Jean Etienne and Madeleine (Siebs) Sutter ; married James
>Walker, September 20, 1946. Education: Attended schools in Brighton,
>England, and London, England; cole des Beaux Arts, Geneva, Switzerland,
>student for two years. Politics: Conservative. Religion: Anglican. Home:
>Elgin St. West, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
>Career : Harrods Advertising Agency, London, England, fashion artist, two
>years; Amalgamated Press Ltd., London , England, sub-editor, three years;
>Newnes-Pearson, London, England, assitant editor, three years; Sunday
>Pictorial, London, England, feature writer during World War II; free-lance
>writer in Canada, 1946- . Member: Canadian Women's Press Club, Canadian
>Authors' Association. Awards, honors: Leacock Award for Humor for Pardon
>parka, 1954; Ryerson Fiction Award for Repent at leisure, 1957.
>She is no more an Oshawa resident.
>I am working on a repertoire of Abitibi-Tmiscamingue writers and would
>like to find more information concerning Joan Walker in order to write a
>short biography (in french, so please pardon my lousy english...).
>And I hope you have a chance to read her books
>Have a good day!
>Denis Cloutier
>1247, chemin du Parc
>DESTOR (Quebec)
>J9X 5A3
>(819) 637-2152
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