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From: "Kathy Hines" <>
Subject: Waddle DNA
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 19:39:07 -0500

Some of us were talking off-list and we thought it would be interesting
to get a DNA research project going. We would need some guys with the
Waddle/Waddell/Wedel surname from different branches of the family for
us to really get proper results. Ultimately we'd like to see if some of
Robert Dickson's assumptions are accurate or not. Another goal is too
eliminate or confirm the relationships between various
Waddle/Waddell/Wedel lines.

We found that there was already a Waddell DNA project going, but there
haven't been any men to do the testing yet. You can check out that
project here:

There's also a fascinating National Geographic project going too. You
can join that one and also be a part of the Family Tree DNA project.

Are there any Waddle/Waddell/Wedel men that would be willing to join the
DNA project?

Best Regards,

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