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From: Rosemary Vandenburg <>
Subject: Re: [VTRUT] Roy and Helen Potwine
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 13:32:30 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Pam,
I check the Rutland Herald from April 27 to May 9, 1966 and didn't find any obituary for Roy
Potwine/Potvin. I didn't have time to check for Helen yet.

I did notice in one of my marriage books - St Peters Church - it says Putnam see Potvin.
I wonder if some of the people went by Potvin and some by Putnam.

When I get a chance to go to City Hall I will see if I can find any records.

I don't mind doing it. When I lived out of town I was given a great amount of information I was not able to get. I am retired and love research. I also usually find something of interest to me at the same time.

I'll post anything I find here.

Pam Warren <> wrote:
Jean M said: hi Pam, one thing I noticed is they died and are buried in
Newark.Essex County New Jersey.

To which I (Pam) reply:

I realize that. They had living in Rutland prior to that, and Roy was
probably born there.

Of course, last residence on the SSDI only means the last address of record,
plenty of people die in Florida with an "last residence" address of Michigan
(where I happen to live).

I was hoping that family connections would produce an obituary there. And,
that some other Potwine descendent might be on this list, or connected to
someone that is.

I didn't expect a look-up offer, which I certainly appreciate. I was just
asking if anyone could let me know what papers were published in the Rutland
area at the time of the deaths, 1966.

I certainly don't want to offend someone, or put someone to too much work.
I simply wondered the names of the local papers. I'm a native Michigander
and have no idea about Vermont, although I thought is was pretty, and had
some similar, landscape on my one visit.

Sorry for the misunderstanding about my question.


Pamela A. Warren

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