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Subject: Re: [VICKERS] still searching for George
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 16:13:45 EDT

My Vickers line went to New Jersey my husband is first born American I am
back to 1739 in England Nottinghamshire and others places. My husbands father
was Arthur John Vickers 22 Aug 1913 Wolverhampton he was a child. His father
Arthur Edward Vickers 27 May 1884 Basford, Nottinghamshire was the one that
immigrated here to the US. First to New Jersey and worked in New York as an
accountant. His father was George Vickers 1863 Oakley, Bedfordshire m Frances
Cross but most of there off springs were born in Basford Nottinghamshire etc. I
have some back that I have not found there mates but still working as I
think they are connected to the ones in Canada but not sure yet but they seem to
be from the same area. Beasly Nottingham. If anyone knows of these I would
love to hear from you.

Jo-Ann Vickers
Las Vegas, NV

In a message dated 7/5/2007 4:04:10 PM Pacific Standard Time,

I'm still trying to find the George Vickers (b. April 1874) who married Mary
Jane Brownrigg (b. April 1875)in 1898. My George was born in England...(I
haven't had time to look at those records yet), but I have a feeling he may
have had some connection in the US....anyone?
Mary Villalba
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