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From: Carol Botteron <>
Subject: [VAWBTSVETS] Civil War Units File CWUNITS Call for Listings
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2011 14:48:57 -0500

Have you researched a U.S. Civil War unit or group?
Are you willing and able to help others research that unit?

The next version of the U.S. Civil War Units File (CWUNITS) will be
available in late December. An announcement will be posted then.
In the meantime I invite listings through Thursday, December 15.

Also welcome are reports of non-working addresses in other people's
listings, updates to your own listings, etc.

If you write to me, please do *NOT* include this message in your reply.
My time and disk space are limited. Also please do *NOT* include
attached files. Thanks!

Please note that the CWUNITS file has moved to

The purpose of the CWUNITS file is to let people list units, groups,
battles, etc. that they have information on (from pension records,
books, etc.) and are willing to help other people research.
Typically the contact person had an ancestor who was in the unit,
but re-enactors, history buffs, et al. are welcome. (This is *NOT*
a list of re-enactment units.) People who are interested in a unit
can send the contact person email and share information.

If you have questions please read the FAQ first. If it doesn't
answer your questions, feel free to ask me.

The following addresses no longer work. If you are one of these
people or know how to contact one, please email me. Unless we find
new addresses we'll have to delete their listings.

(Rebecca T. Blake)
(Joel Trainor)

If you would like to volunteer to be a contact, please send me
email from the address where you'd like to be listed. If you are
volunteering for more than one unit, it's OK to put them all in the
same message.

Please list your entries in this format (sample addresses are fake):
Illinois (USA)
4th Illinois Cavalry, Co. F 1861-4
18th Reg. Ill. Infantry 1865 (John Doe)
(Somebody's Volunteers)

Instructions -- include the following:
Country (USA or CSA) and state.
Start each entry with the number of the regiment or whatever.
Years (if applicable, but not necessary).
Your email address on each line.
Your real name.
If you have a web page for the unit, include the URL (but we need
your email address and name too).
Also please include a statement like "I volunteer to be a contact
for this unit." This is so we can be sure that everyone we list
understands what the file is for.

This is a big project, and if you send listings in the wrong format
we reserve the right to send them back for you to fix. If there's
anything in your listings that is not obvious, tell me! If we can't
get your listings complete and clear by the time I have to send the
file to the uploaders, your listings cannot be included.

If you already have listings in the file, there's no need to send
them again, but please check them. If your address has changed,
please tell me and send updated listings.

CWUNITS is five files (plus the FAQ) as follows:

Part Filename Contents
1 CWUNITS1 USA national & states A-I
2 CWUNITS2 USA states K-N
3 CWUNITS3 USA states O-W
4 CWUNITS4 CSA national & states A-M
5 CWUNITS5 CSA states N-V
Q FAQ frequently asked questions and answers

Parts 1-5 include the intro as well as the listings. Within a state
the units are organized by number (1st Infantry, etc.).

The file is available at its new home:

Carol Botteron (ancestors on both sides)

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