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I'm hard of hearing and know a number of totally deaf people. Sometimes
deafness is passed from parents to children genetically. This is not always
true. An example is a friend who is deaf and married a man who is deaf. He
was married to a speaking (the modern term even for me due to my ability to
hear with aids) woman and had three children by her. Two are deaf and one
is speaking. Even in the case of two deaf people having children one or
more children could be speaking but the likelihood would be reduced by BOTH
parents being deaf. Likewise, parents where one speaks and other is deaf
can produce children that are each deaf, each speaking or a mixture. Hope
this helps.

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> Hi List,
> While researching my ancestor I found four children of Benjamin James and
> Mary Spencer
> that where deaf and dumb [The original meaning of "dumb" means people
> who do not
> speak, who are mute. ]
> Mary Jane James b. 24 Aug 1810
> Elizabeth James b. 13 May 1796
> Susannah James b. 20 June 1806
> and possibly
> Aaron E. James born 20 Feb 1815.
> As well as Robert Mallory Foley b. 2 Aug.1812. son of Willis Foley and
> Nancy Mallory.
> All these kids where born in same time period, does anyone know a reason
> for so many
> in same area of Virginia to have been mute ???? Does anyone else have
> members of their ancestors families with children or their ancestors who
> where mute ??
> Sondra
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