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From: Craig Kilby <>
Subject: Re: [[VALANCAS]] My Lancaster Surnames
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 20:41:42 -0500
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I am a genealogist living in Lancaster County, VA and my current project is
land title history of a property in Litwalton, White Chapel District near
the Richmond County line. I have definitely had to search records in both
counties, as the client wants history of the families as well who owned the

The names of owners that have come up so far:

Brewer (1956 - present)
Payne (1948-1856)
McMinn (1947-1948)
Evans & Bass (heirs of Jennie Ficklin) 1943-1947
Ficklin (1869-1943) Orginally from Richmond County
Mitchell ( before 1841 - 1869)

Other names that spring to mind associated with this:


There are of course others who married in but this is a start.

Craig Kilby
Lancaster, VA

on 2/14/06 5:08 PM, Janean Ray at wrote:

> I'm throwing out my surnames to various lists I'm on since everyone is so
> quiet these days. Some are my lines, some are lines that married into them.
> The ones I just name the surname of are my lines and there are many. The
> ones I give the full name are ones that married into them.
> BLAKEMORE, BRIDGET m. 1771 John Payne
> BRENT, CATHERINE m. 1734 Merryman Payne
> BRENT, HUGH b. 1680 m. Eleanor Haynes
> CHICHESTER, RICHARD m. 1734 Ellen Ball
> CHICHESTER, RICHARD m. 1719 Anne Chinn
> FAUNTLEROY, MOORE m. 1736 Anne Heale
> FOX, WILLIAM m. 1701 Anne Chinn
> KENNEDY, JOHN m. 1736 Catherine Heale
> LAWSON, HENRY m. 1768 Esther Chinn
> LEE, KENDALL m. 1749 Betty Heale
> McCARTY, DENNIS m. 1724 Sarah Ball
> MILNAR, FRANCIS m. 1754 Elizabeth Ball
> MITCHELL, ROBERT b. 1662 m. Sarah Smith
> MITCHELL, ROBERT m. 1710 Mary Chilton 1714 Sarah Payne
> OPIE, LINDSEY m. 1734 Sarah Heale
> SMOOT, ALICE m. 1679 John Chinn (my line)
> STRETCHLEY, JOHN m. Alice Smoot
> CONWAY, MARY m. 1707 James Ball
> Now some of these names I have more of than listed with the spouses but have
> no knowledge if from Lancaster Co or not. So if you see a name you are
> interested in just ask me.
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