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Subject: Feed up with getting ripped off.
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 20:21:15 EDT

It started with Family Tree Maker. After one puts in 100 names, the software
ask for one to send the data to them. Most smart people ignore the request but
not all. The brother of the person I helped with my data, hit the send button
and therefore giving my data that took years and years to collect to this
corporation. Now, people are sourcing World Family Tree with data collected by my
cousin and myself. My,,, Family Tree, Rootsweb.web, are all .coms owned by My,
Inc at Provo,UT e-mail . In case, you agree with me and
would like to let them know what you think. The monopoly is so great that one
cannot go any where on Internet without have one of these getting send to one of
these website. Another person recently, wanted to be correct about there
direct line. They promised to credit my cousin and I with research if I would
supply the data. They did not keep their promised, it was easier to plagiarize.
Well, Rootsweb does allow for post-em to be place on these website. At
least, these people won't get away with the plagiarism.

I agree with the last elected President of this country who had the nickname
Give'm Hell Harry, when he said I don't give anyone hell, I tell the truth and
they think it is hell

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