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Subject: Re: [VAHENRIC] List manager
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 14:18:43 EST

In a message dated 2/25/2004 11:02:11 AM Pacific Standard Time,

> Is anyone managing this list? Maybe new members need to be put on a watch
> before their posts go to the group?

These posts are from one person who readily admits he is terrorizing the
website and doesn't know exactly what it is. I stopped counting but he appears to
have at least three separate AOL screennames.

A couple of years ago the GAY surname list was visited by one (or more)
persons who chose to use it as a profane site for slurs on homosexuals, and it was
very offensive. The list manager then closed the gateway from the boards to
the list, and now sends us screened messages.

Given the problems that AOL gives rootsweb I really wish this person didn't
use AOL.

I hope the list manager here will step in and attempt to stop this person who
appears to need to, as my kids would say of me if I pay to much attention to
their foibles, "get a life".

Janet Hunter

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