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From: James Wall <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 04:19:08 -0500

Miranda GRIFFIN posted this on the rootsweb GRIFFIN list I received
today. This places another WALL family in Stokes Co. as this Benjamin
CHAPMAN married Catherine "Caty" WALL d/o Robert WALL & Christian
unknown. Prior to this post I did not know this CHAPMAN family had also
relocated to Stokes Co., NC

There was a Robert WALL in and near my GRIFFINs in Halifax so probably the
same Robert WALL. I have him on a land deed or two, without digging them
out at the moment.

The ROBERT WALL who married Christian unknown is s/o David WALL & Martha
SCOGGIN. David WALL s/o John WALL & Susannah BROWN. Martha SCOGGIN is d/o
Richard SCOGGIN & Mary [HARVEY?]. That Richard SCOGGIN is the father of
Letitia SCOGGIN who married the Daniel WALL who is a prime candidate to be
the Grandfather of the Daniel WALL that removed to Stokes Co. from Halifax
County and appears to be the father of Byrd WALL m. Lucy GRIFFIN, John WALL
m. Keziah DAVIS, Drury WALL m. Elizabeth GRIFFIN & Tobitha BROWDER, Daniel
Jr WALL. married Polly CRAIG & Adam WALL m. Mary "Polly" BARR. Letitia
SCOGGIN WALL and Martha SCOGGIN WALL were twin daughters of Richard SCOGGIN
m. MAry [HARVEY?] and they married WALL men Daniel & David respectively who
appear to be cousins.

What I find so interesting is this GRIFFIN marriage links John WALL &
Susannah BROWN's family to that of the WALL line the Stokes Co. NC WALLs
appear to descend from. Which makes perfect sense if Daniel WALL m.
Letitia SCOGGIN is indeed the s/o of William WALL brother of John WALL m.
Susannah "Ann" BROWN.

I could use a more complete list of Benjamin CHAPMAN & Catherine WALL's
family. Thus far I know of three children from that marriage: 1) Dunica
CHAPMAN, 2) Charles Fleming CHAPMAN m. Parthenia WALL (b. ca 1813 Virginia)
<parents not known by me yet>, and 3) Rebecca CHAPMAN who married a William
WALL b. ca 1800 Virgina whose parents also are known to me.

And one last comment on NOBLINs. Miranda noted Thomas NOBLIN was
son-in-law of Benjamin CHAPMAN (I need to know if he married Dunica or
another daughter I am not aware of) But NOBLINs appears in my GEDCOM 4x
and all are Maeklenburg//Halifax Co. VA or Stokes Co. NC.
A Thomas NOBLIN b. 8 Jan 1789 Mecklenburg married Philadelphia WILLIAMSON
d/o Robert WILLIAMSON & Mary YANCEY d/o Robert Yancey SR. & Philadelphia
JONES the widow of Francis GRIFFIN s/o of our RIchard GRIFFIN & Mary GREEN.
Sallie Belle NOBLIN m. William Vestal WESTMORELAND who is the grandson of
James Mastin WALLs daughter Temperance Minerva WALL m. John Julius STONE
whom Jonathan WALKER who I cc'd descends.
A Robert H. NOBLIN m. Sarah Martha ADAMS d/o Richard ADAMS & Sarah
ALLEN. Sarah ADAMS NOBLIN's sister Mary Ann NOBLIN married Leroy B.
WILKINS who was a grandson of Reuben JONES & Sarah "Sally" GRIFFIN via
daughter Jenny JONES m. William WILKINS. Nancy GRIFFIN JONES was the Aunt
of Lucy GRIFFIN WALL. And Sarah ADAMS NOBLINs sister Saluda ADAMS married
Richard P. WILKINS s/o Perryman WILKINS & Nancy JONES another daughter of
Reuben JONES & Sarah "Sally" GRIFFIN.
The 4th NOBLIN in my GEDCOM is Louesa NOBLIN who married Robert F. WILKINS
another od the sons of Perryman WILKINS m. Nancy JONES.

Given all the family connections listed above I think it is clear why the
family of Benjamin CHAPMAN of Halifax Co. Va & Stokes Co., North Carolina
is of great interest to me.

james wall - Miranda's posting below.

Found Samuel Griffin b.1816 and wife
Frances _______ b.1818 and children in the
1860-70 census Halifax Co. Va.
Where were Bailey Griffin's family in the 1850 census?
Samuel Griffin b.1816 wife Frances ______ b.1818
Bailey b.1843 did he marry Phebe Chapman ca.1865?
Wm. S. b.1845
Mary M. b.1847
nn E. b.1849
Samuel J. b.1853
Rufus A. b.1859
Isori? [male] b. 1853

I came across this family when working with Benjamin Chapman 1780-1853
married Catherine ?Chafin or Wall?;
Benjamin Chapman was in Stokes Co. NC 1850 census.
The Estate Papers for Benjamin Chapman 1853 Stokes County list Thomas
Noblin as Administrator (son-in-law).
Thanks for any leads or additional information.

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