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Annette Damron, Louise Vanover Vore and transcribed by Rachel Vore Engle.


News from Dickenson County -

Bloodshed and Love


Marion Mullins, son of Harmon Mullins, of this place, went over into Pike county, Ky., a few days since and became involved in an altercation with one Elihu Bartley, whom he shot twice with a pistol, from the effects of which he died within a few hours. Young Mullins was at once lodged in jail at Pikeville, the county seat. He claims that he committed the act in self-defense.

County Court is in session at Clintwood this week. The case of the Commonwealth vs. David Fleming, charged with making a felonious attempt upon his cousin, Tandy Fleming, last June, is being heard now, and is attracting considerable attention. The venire (?) comes from the remoter parts of the county, and is composed of the following men: Noah Smith, A.D. Silcox, James McCoy, Garland Kiser, John F. McCoy, Larkin Vlars (?), S. D. Counts, J.H. Rasnick, A.J. Grizzie (?), W.G. Rose, Ira Hale, and Charles Turner. This trial will probably not be ended before some time next week.

Yesterday, just after the opening of court, George Mullins and Margaret Howell came into the courtroom, and procuring a marriage license from the Clerk, called on the Rev. J.C. Swindall to “say the ceremony”. The party retired to an upper room of the building, followed by about two-thirds of those present, where they made one - or, “two souls with but a single heart thought, two hearts that beat as one.” The bride is only 13, while the bridegroom is her senior by about two years.

Old Billie Mullins, who is the most venerable man in the county, being up in his nineties, is very feeble, and his death is expected at any hour.

Emanuel Stanley, a farmer of Pound river, is seriously ill with a rising in his throat. His recovery is thought to be doubtful.

The weather is warm, and there is considerable rain.


DWALE, DICKENSON Co., Va., Oct. 18. There has been some political speaking at Clintwood the past week, the first of the campaign. Hon. Alex St. Clair, the Democratic nominee for State Senator, Mr. J.W. Hicks, of Taxwell, and Attorney Werth, of Coeburn, delivered addresses. Mr. St. Clair made a good impression on our people. Mr. Elswick, for the house was here also.

Mrs. Elizabeth Beverly, of Freeling, is suffering from a relapse of fever.

The usual activity in horse-swapping circles has been displayed at Clintwood during court. I presume that fortunes ae made and lost on “Jockey Street”.

James D. Turner is learning to ride “bike” and has so far progressed that he can run you over, if you don’t dodge.


At your request ye scribe will try to keep your readers posted as to what is going on in and around Clintwood.

Dr. Elmnuel (?) Phipps, of this place, was married near Morristown, Tenn., last week and brought his bride home yesterday. She was a widow Wells, her former husband having died a few months ago.

Mrs. Wm. M. Lipps, of Freeling, is in a very critical condition with diptheria.

Mr. James F. Smith, of this place, took a yoke of work oxen across Cumberland mountains into Kentucky to sell and hired a man to keep them in his pasture over night, but when he went for them the next day, they were not there, nor has he been (rest is illegible)

Little Jimmie, the two year-old son of Wm M. Thornburg (?), died a few days since, and a few days after an older sister, aged four years died.

Miss Nancy Mullins, who owns a farm two miles below Clintwood, has had several bee-hives stolen for the honey by some thieves lately.

A great many children in this vicinity have whooping cough, and several deaths have resulted from that cause.

The jail is nearly filled at present. The present jailer, Phillip Fleming, has the reputation of being the best jailer Dickenson has ever had.


There has been considerable rain in this section during the past two weeks, and corn crops are showing a decided improvement within that time. While the average of corn (?) in this county is much larger than that of last year, the yield will be (the rest is illegible).

Miss Elizabeth Mullins, the 18 year-old daughter of William L. Mullins, of Ava, this county, died of consumption a day or two since. This makes the third member of Mr. Mullins family that has died of the disease with in the last three years, and a fourth member is sick with it.


Fined Five Dollars for Killing a Rattlesnake

CLINTWOOD, VA., August 14 - (Special) - There was a unique trail in the Mayor’s Court here Monday, the paticulars of which are about as follows: Some few days ago William Farmer, a painter of this place, purchased for a pet a rattlesnake, which had been caught by a resident of Cumberland mountain. About this time Farmer had some trouble with an eccentric old gentleman by the name of Hylton, and jocularly remarked to some persons that he would train the rattlesnake to bite Old Man Hylton (sentence illegible)…that he would kill the snake. Farmer placed the box in which he kept the snake in a room near the Hylton place once night, and the next morning he found it had been killed. He immediately had a warrant issued for Hylton, who upon trail was fined $5.

One of Joseph (?) Mooney’s children fell into the fire on Tuesday and was very badly burnt. The child is getting along fairly well and will doubtless recover.

Henan Fleming, who was recently acquitted in a trial at Wise, of the murder of the Mullins family, is in this vicinity. He was very much disfigured in his fight in West Virginia, having been shot in the mouth and “power-burned”, about the face. His brother “Calv” was killed outright in this fight. Henan was very badly wounded, and after his partial recovery, was brought to Wise where the crime was committed; and incarcerated in jail, to wait his trial, which resulted in his acquittal, much to the surprise of every body.

Preparations have been made for the trial of William J. Rose, for the murder of his brother, Frank. The trail will commence at the August term of our County Court, which will convene next week. There are several other felony cases set for hearing at this term.

“Mack” Hill, of Beppo, this county, was brought before United States Commissioner Rush a day or two since, upon a charge of selling liquor without a license, and was bound over to answer an Indictment at the next term of Federal Court at Abindgon. Hill is a man of 60 or thereabouts, and is badly crippled from the effects of white swelling and rheumatism.

Your correspondent learns that cards are out announcing the marriage of Miss Maxie James, daughter of H.M. James, to Mr. Delmon Kelly, of Ky. The wedding will take place the 15th inst.

The whortleberry season seems to be in full blast now. There is an abundance of them in Cumberland mountain, and many people are going there to pick them.


A Lively Discussion Over a Free Silver Resolution

CLINTWOOD, VA., May 16. - (Special) - The Democrats of Dickenson county assembled here Thursday in mass-meeting, pursuant to the call of County Chairman Keel. The meeting was largely attended, and a great deal of interest was shown by the participants. There were some lively discussions as to the adoption of a resolution in favor of the free and unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1. Messrs. Keel and Ross favoring the adoption and Messrs. Werth and Skeen opposing it. The resolution was finally adopted by a large majority.

After some preliminary arrangements the following delegates and alternates were appointed to the State convention, to be held at Staunton:

Clintwood District -- Felix Senter, delegate, and J.C. Counts, alternate.

Ervington District - A.A. Skeen, delegate, and George W. Sutherland, alternate.

Sand Lick District - William B. Sutherland, delegate, and Charles W. Jacskon, alternate.

Willis District - J.C. Kerr, delegate, and J.S. Willis, alternate.

The following resolutions were offered by Chairman Keel and adopted by the meeting:

Resolved, by the Democrats of Dickenson county, in mass-meeting assembled, That we are in favor of the restoration of free silver in the position it had at the mints of the United States Government prior to the year 1873 (?).

That the delegates of Dickenson county to the State convention, which meets at Staunton, June 4th, be and they are hereby instructed to exert their influence for and vote for delegates to the nation’s convention who are staunch friends of the free and unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1.

Nothing was done or said about the unit- rule in the meeting.


A Bloody Affray -

More Trouble Looked For.

FREELING, VA., December 14. - (Special) - Your correspondent learns that two of the Craft boys of Elkhorn, Ky., were shot and instantly killed by one Harrison Mullins on Monday, the particulars of the affair being about as follows: The Craft boys and Mullins were together when one of the former shot Alex Bryant, as was noticed in this correspondence a day or two since, and Mullins expressed his intention of surrendering himself to the authorities. The Crafts told him that if he did they would kill him, and when he started to leave them, they fired upon him, one of their balls taking affect. He then opened fire upon the Crafts with his Winchester, and killed time both. A great deal of excitement prevails over the affair, and more trouble is looked for. Mullins is a son of Wilson Mullins, who was killed by the Flemings at Pound Gap in 1891.


Phillips and Gibson Each Sent to the Penitentiary

FREELING, VA., July 16 - (Special) - During the July term of Dickenson County Court, which has just adjourned, there were two men sentenced to the penitentiary - Farely Phillips, charged with forgery, who got two years, and ----- Gibson, charged with shooting a woman, who received a life sentence. This will make Phillip’s second term in the penitentiary.


Mrs. Martha Vanover’s Eye Injured -

Issiah Hawkins shot

FREELING, VA., October 30. - (Special) - The little 1 year-old child of Melvin Fleming, of near this place, has just died after an illness of two weeks.

Mrs. Martha Vanover, of this place, has the misfortune to have one of her eyes put out by a blade of cane fodder, while handling it.

Injuring is very painful and presents a bad appearance.

Intelligence has been received here to the effect that Issiah Hawkins, of Darwin, was seriously, if not fatally shot by a youth bearing the name of Crabtree.

It seems according to the reports, that Crabtree and another person were engaged in an altercation, when Hawkins took the matter up against him. Crabtree then fired his pistol at Hawkins, the ball taking effect in his abdomen.





CLINTWOOD, VA., Oct. 16. - (Special) - The beginning of the Bartley-Crabtree feud dates from last spring, when John Henry Bartley and Daniel Crabtree had some trouble over a woman, and in an altercation, Crabtree received a blow on the head from some iron instrument in the hands of Bartley, from which act a warrant was sworn for the culprit and placed in the hands of Sheriff Stanley. When the sheriff attempted to arrest Bartley, the latter shot and killed him.

Then William Bartley, a brother of John Henry, championed his cause, so an ill feeling has been brewing since, culminating in the deplorable tragedy last Sunday.

William Bartley and wife were going to Coeburn on that day accompanied by a man calling himself Nelson Auville (?) from West Virginia, when they came across John W. Crabtree and his brother Daniel, both closely related to Sheriff Stanely, when a quarrel arose; from words came violence.

Crabtree’s sworn statement is as follows: “Bartley and friend from West Virginia, held me and both shot and whom I attempted to use my pistol in self-defense they wrenched it from my hand, while one fired two shots at Bartley.

Bartley had three balls lodged in him, one in his breast, one entering the right side of the face (rest illegible)

After this trouble Bartely, his wife and friend, started back home and after that at a point on Long Fork they were fired on from ambush. Mrs. Bartley received a load of shot in the region of the abdomen.

She fell from the horse she was riding. The men galloped on a short distance further. They were again attacked but succeeded in making their escape after several shots had been fired on them. And hour or two afterwards Bartley returned in search of his wife. She was taken to the nearest house. She had been in a delicate condition and the effect of the wound caused a premature delivery and revealed that the shot had penetrated the unborn.

Two of the Crabtree boys who were charged with shooting the woman surrendered themselves to the officers. Bartley and Auville were placed under bond for their appearance in court.

Crabtree and Mrs. Bartley are not yet dead, but they cannot live. Their death is a question of only a few hours.

Much excitement prevails. More trouble is hourly expected.


FREELING, VA., October 12. - (Special) - Eli Phipps, a farmer residing near this place, has suddenly become deranged. It is thought that the state of his financial affairs is the cause of the trouble.

The 1 year-old child of Robert Stanely, near here, died a day or two since.

Our county court begins to-day. There is a grand jury in session, and it is very likely that several indictments will be made.

Several illicit distilleries are said to be running in this county, and as a result, there is plenty of “moonshine” in the county.

The free schools have all closed in this county. I think they have given satisfaction, with perhaps one or two exceptions.

But little farm work has been done, though the weather upon the whole has been very pleasant.


Some of “the boys” from town killed a deer the other day. This is the first one that has been killed in this vicinity for a long time and it excited almost as much attention as the circus would.

Mr. Joseph Russ, who lives about a half mile from town says that a large buck occasionally pays his cattle a visit, taking breakfast with them. He saw him not long ago feeding as contentedly with this cattle as if had been one with them, (rest illegible)

There have been several deaths in this county within the last few days among whom was Mrs. D.C. Ramey, of this place. Fever is quite prevalent around here.

The Old Counterfeiter

CLINTWOOD, VA., Feb. 12, 1889. In Southwestern Virginia, one mile and a half from where the little county town of Clintwood now stands, an old Counterfeiter operated his trade many years ago - or to be more definite in regard to time, about seventy-five years ago - making the date Anno Domini, 1814.

The county at that time was sparsely peopled - perhaps here at there at the distance of twelve and fifteen miles apart, stood the little cabins of the hardy mountaineers, with a little “patch” cleared around them - only a temporary habitation - for the bold forester, who ventured into the wilds, cared for little else than the game. He feared not the scream of the panther, or the howl of the wolf around his isolated cabin at night, and his wife and children had grown so accustomed to these things that they had no fears of them.

The old Counterfeiter, whose name was Solomon Mullins, came from North Carolina. It was about the latter part of August when he came here on his trip. A Negro servant came with him. They brought two horses and I presume, were thus enabled to carry whatever was necessary to successfully operate the trade of counterfeiting silver coin. He selected a natural rock shelter in a beautiful little valley, through which flowed a beautiful stream of limpid water running close to the edge of the cliff, which was to shelter him. On the West, a low line of hills bounded his view and the summer sun sank quietly behind them, his soft light falling away and giving place to the dusky shade of twilight, while the stillness of a quiet summer evening reigned supreme.

(the rest is illegible)

A great many hogs are dying of cholera in this vicinity. It is a saying among hog raisers here that cholera invariably follows a mast. If that is the case, the epidemic among hogs will be extensive for there was plenty of mast last year.

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