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From: "plynne" <>
Subject: [VACUMBER-L] 10,000 name petition -- Cumb. Co. names
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 09:11:51 -0500

The "10,000 name petition" is on-line in the Virginia State Library digital
library. This petition was signed by "dissenters" from all over Virginia who
supported "disestablishing" the state church.

There are 250 pages, about half with lists of names. Some pages are
good quality and some poor.

The pages have no indication of what county they are from, BUT the names on
pg 189 look like Cumberland Co. I spotted Holland, Maddox, Boteright,
Bradley, Winfry, Sanderson, Turner and more.

To look at the page follow these instructions (I'm sure there's an easier
way to do this, but the actual page address is long and involved.) I suggest
you print out these instructions:

go to <>;
click on Virginia History and Culture
click on Early Virginia Religious Petitions
click on Browse Geographic Location
click on Miscellaneous (halfway down the geographic list)
click on the Next Page box
click on #35 Oct. 16, 1776 Miscellaneous

type 189 in the "Turn To Image" box and click "Turn To Image" or hit enter.
click on "Higher Quality Image" for a closer view.

Good hunting,

Lynne Hundley
(hunting Brown, Boatwright, Martin etc. in Cumberland Co.)

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