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ship +the pearl +1773 +scotland <--- insert these words into your favorite
search engine and search. (don't capitalize or forget to place only one
space between each word and +.

What I found from 10,900 websites about 'The Pearl' was the following:

There were no passenger lists during that time frame, but you can be
reassured that those Scottish passengers were being shipped to the 'new
world' because they were rocking the boat there in Scotland politically. By
looking over these urls, you can view what Scottish surnames have already
been researched and you can view what has already been found. New York state
or should I have said, the colony of NY would be where most of those got off
The "Pearl", learned this from just looking over the first few websites.

and then, this was one of those websites to look over:

Olive Tree Genealogy: Ships Passenger Lists New York Almshouse Records 1819
to 1840 contain the names of the ship ... of Departure & Arrival plus number
of years in England or Scotland. Over 1600 names! * English Emigrants coming
to America 1773-1776 ... Charlotte's Corner Pearls from Charlotte Maness:
Transcriptions of Missouri Newspapers from 1866 to 1896 ...

Rhonda ()

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Can anyone please tell me if there is a passenger list available to the ship
The Pearl which sailed from Scotland to the US in 1773 carrying Scottish
Highlanders. Thank you

Check your Hotmail from your phone.

USA Ships Passenger Lists at

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