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On 14 Jul 2006 at 14:21, wrote:

> This is my first post in an effort to locate someone on a
> ship. How do I find folks who are from Sweden? These are
> my father-in-laws grandparents - The Big Problem is - I
> think they didn't marry til they were in America - I have
> his grandfather's name, but not his grandmother's full name,
> only her first name. How in the world will I find her?
> Thanks for any suggestions - but be gentle. :) Kim

You might want to share names and dates with the list -
gfather's name, date of birth (even a guess is better than
nothing) etc - plus where they ended up. What are the last
records you have for them in the census?

There are indexes to ships passenger lists for most ports
depending on the time period of interest to you.

You can get a list of film numbers (NARA & FHC) at

Scroll down to the state you want and click on the link,
then find the film # you need, then decide whether to order
it in to a nearby FHC or have NARA do a lookup.

The staff of the National Archives will undertake a search
of the original records for a fee.

To find your nearest FHC you can go to

There are some ideas for researching hard to find
ancestors on ships lists after 1820 at

You might also want to try naturalization records, if you
need to narrow your time span for looking. There are great
clues in the 1870 census! If your ancestor has a check mark
in the column "Male Citizens of the United States of
twenty-one years of age and upwards" you have a clue that
naturalization took place before 1870 :-)

To find out what questions were asked on various census
records see

Census records from 1910 on provide immigration and
naturalization years - what time period are we talking
about with your search?

There is an explanation and Resource Guide to
Naturalization Records at

For a Resource Guide to the records, what you can expect to
find, where to find them, and alternate sources of finding
those important years (immigration and naturalization) at Read the intro then
choose your state of interest.

There are also many links to searchable online
naturalization records at

Choose your state of interest from the list at the bottom
of the page then click on ONLINE records.

-- Lorine McGinnis Schulze

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