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From: "Joanne Moore" <>
Subject: Re: [URBAN] Testing
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 08:43:59 -0600

Thank you Kaye. I have gone back to Alsace-Lorraine region on my mother's
side. I did find one relative there that said he came here in 1881. But I
did not find him the "Germans to America" books. I have to go to the
library and look through the books myself. He may have been listed in 1880
or even in the 1882 books. I know that my paternal grandparents were
German. My mother told me that my paternal grandmother, Anne, spoke German.
When she was her later years, before she passed one, she would sometimes
revert to speaking German. My father would remind her to speak English. He
never learned to speak German. This was the family's way of talking about
things they didn't want the kids to know about. Say, like, Christmas! I'm
sorry that I never really talked to my grandmother when she was alive. I
believe I was 15 when she passed away. I was the one at home when the call
came in. I didn't know how to break the news to my father so I told my
mother. She was the one who told him. My father never ever spoke about his
family. He had a younger sister that lived only a few blocks away from us
in Brooklyn. I have pictures of her when I was a baby. But in later years,
I never saw her. There was something that happened in the family that no
one ever spoke of and the family was split up. The one aunt (by marriage)
that I have that is still alive doesn't know what happend. She knew my
grandmother but not my grandfather. He died in the flu epidemic of 1923.
He developed pneumonia and died. So I never had the chance to meet him. I
was born in 1947. You know, the same kind of thing happened in my mother's
family. There was something there, a fight or an argument, or something and
the family was never the same. I wish these people would learn to put
things in the past and forget them. When my paternal grandmother died, I
was not even interested in genealogy. I wish I was. I tried talk to my
father about his family about two years before he died. He never answered
me. My mother also never said a word. My father died in 1997. He was also
diagnosed with Altzheimer's. But he did not die of Altzheimer's. He simply
passed away in his sleep. Both of my parents were in a nursing home at that
time. My mother had had a heart attack and then a stroke. They were living
in an apartment on their own. When he had the stroke, my three brothers
made the decision to put them in a home. I was never consulted. I was told
about it, oh, about six months later.

I am now on the outs with my family. My mother died last year and I didn't
have the money to fly up to NY (I live in Texas) and one of my brothers was
going to pay my way and I would pay him back. Another brother and his wife
stepped in and said that I should pay my own way. Boy, I wanted to really
get into her face for that. But in the end, I didn't go. I feel like there
is one big empty hole or something. I miss my parents terribly. Since I've
been very ill for the last 9 years, my parents were always there, sending me
cards, letters, little bits of encouragement. Especially when I was in the
hospital at the beginning of 1997. I was IC for septicemia (which is a
blood poisoning), staph, and pneumonia. I developed pus pockets in my lungs
which turned into holes. I had chest tubes and all when I came to. They
also did a tracheaotomy on me to keep me breathing. I now have a very
lovely "dimple" in my neck. (My granddaughter loves to put her finger in
the hole. She is going on 5.) My mother would send me very funny cards to
cheer me up or she would send me little projects to do to keep me busy. She
always sent me something. She also wrote to me that "I was of good, solid
German stuff and that I would pull through". And you know, it's true. I
did pull through that plus about 6 chronic acute attacks of pancreatitis.
All this over a 9 year period. Everytime they diagnosed pancreatitis, and
then septicemia, the doctors said I would never pull through. I fooled them
all. Whenever I see one of the doctors that helped me in the hospital, they
all shake their heads. They couldn't believe that as sick as I was, that I
am still alive. My husband was the only one who believed that I would live.

Sorry to send you this message and put this all on you to read. I don't
really have anyone, beside my husband and his daughter, to talk to. I had
three great friends, but they all passed away within the last 5 years. Two
from lung cancer and one from extreme old age. Now I have no one to really
talk with. I'm trying to make friends in my church. But if you haven't
been a member for a certain number years, they really don't talk to you very
much. When I go to church, people would come up and ask how I was and I
would say fine. But that was it. I have joined the Quilt Club at the
church. Maybe that will bring about something. I am really a little shy
when I meet people. I feel like I'm intruding. I am quite different on the
net. I talk people's fingers off.

But, that you for letting me unburden myself on you. If you ever need any
help in Texas (I live outside of Dallas), let me know and I will try to find
out. There is a huge library in Dallas and I can get information through
inter-library loan.

I'm going to go now. I don't know how long this letter will be and I know
that you have other and better things to do then to listen to an old lady
ramable on.

Have a great day and happy hunting.

Joanne Moore

GOD has given us a new day, so start your day off on the right foot.

Researching: Eickest, Franz, Gienau, Kestner,
Urban and Walters
Some or all of theses names are either in Brooklyn or Queens
and in Germany (Alsace-Lorraine Providence).

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