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Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 09:22:41 -0400

Dear Sam,

Somehow I missed your post of June 20, 2006 regarding the NORTH CAROLINA UNDERWOOD FAMILY. It appears that you have two generations of earlier information than I've previously seen.

(Your original post shown further below.)

My maternal 4th great grandmother was Sarah "Sally" UNDERWOOD whom you show:

<<Sarah U. "Sally" UNDERWOOD, b. 1775, Nash Co., N. C. d. 1809, Tar River, Nash Co., N. C. >>

I don't have the initial for her middle name of "U." that you show which is new for me.

Sarah U. "Sally" UNDERWOOD married Lewis Lamkin HATTEN and they were the parents of my maternal 3rd great grandfather, William HATTEN, born: January 01, 1800 on Tar River, Nash County, North Carolina, who became the 1st coroner of Winn Parish, Louisiana after having moved to Louisiana from Mississippi first living on Indian Creek in Jackson/Ouachita Parish, Louisiana with his 1st wife, my 3rd great grandmother, Frances Lucretia "Patsy" LOTT, born: abt. 1802 in AL/MS Territory. Frances is believed to have been of Choctaw descent somehow, at least in part, but we still have no proof...only that the story was told by her children and through each of their branches. She is believed to have been the daughter of Absalom LOTT and Martha Jane Dorsey? LIGHTFOOT though there are a couple of places on the internet that have very briefly shown her as the daughter of the Choctaw Chief TUSQUAHOMA who headed up a group of 50-60 Choctaw families in the Jackson/Ouachita Parish, Louisiana !
area from the 1790s into the time period between 1820-1840 when they sold their land and 'headed west' with some believed to have been in the East Texas area with the Texas Cherokee tribe headed up by Chief John BOWLES, Sr..

My William HATTEN, after the death of 1st wife, Frances Lucretia "Patsy" LOTT in 1840, moved to Winn Parish, Louisiana where he became the 1st Coroner and married 2nd wife, Anna "Annie" NETTLES.

William HATTEN and Frances Lucretia "Patsy" LOTT were the parents of my 2nd great grandfather, Lawrence M. HATTEN, (CSA/died POW,) who was the 1st husband of Frances Ann GRISHAM/GRESHAM, (aka GRISSON/GRISSOM,) whose 2nd husband was Zachariah Taylor "Zacharay/ aka Zack" FAITH,) and from Lawrence and Frances I descend through their son, Cicero Lamkin HATTEN, who married Rodella "Della" JONES and they were the parents of my maternal grandmother, Ethel Rosalie HATTEN, whose 1st husband was Joseph Marion WOMACK, Sr. and then after his death Ethel married as the 3rd wife of my twice widower maternal grandfather who was Louis Hector "Hec(k)" SLAUGHTER whose 1st wife was Mrs. Callie Martha/Martha Callie MUNN ADAMS, (widow of Sam V. ADAMS,) and 2nd wife, Mary LEE. Ethel and Louis lived in West Carroll Parish, Louisiana.

Sarah U. "Sally" UNDERWOOD was the daughter of, as you also show, Jacob UNDERWOOD and his wife, Hannah CLARKE, daughter of Jean ? and Robert CLARKE.

I had very little information past that but the name that I have for the father of Jacob UNDERWOOD was a Thomas UNDERWOOD shown as the son of the Chelo ? and Thomas UNDERWOOD that you, also, mention.

Your information shows that Jacob UNDERWOOD was the son of:

<<Samuel UNDERWOOD, b. 1740, Nash Co., N. C. d. 1813, Randolph Co., N. C. >>

Is it totally proven that Jacob UNDERWOOD was the son of Samuel UNDERWOOD instead of the Thomas UNDERWOOD who was the son of Chelo ? and Thomas UNDERWOOD?

And the information about Samuel UNDERWOOD is confusing to me...was he the son of a unknown son of the 1st generation, Joshua UNDERWOOD?

Or is it possible that Jacob UNDERWOOD was the son of the Thomas UNDERWOOD, son of Chelo ? and Thomas UNDERWOOD???

Information that I have in my files somewhere regarding the 1st census showing the son Thomas of Chelo ? and Thomas UNDERWOOD shows the son as either mulatto or colored....suggesting that Chelo was probably of Native American blood as the later census with the other children did not show that.

There is a Chickasaw Chief UNDERWOOD that appears to be relatively closely related to the family and his family is married into the Chickasaw SEALS family. I don't have that information on this computer right now. It's in my main files in a computer not yet set up from a recent move.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Bellinda Myrick-Barnett

From: "Sam Weaver" < >
Subject: Underwood Roll Call
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 16:20:40 -0500

Generation No. 1

2 i. Joshua UNDERWOOD, b. 1680, Beaufort Co., North Carolina d. 1717 Beaufort Co., N. C.
3 ii. Thomas UNDERWOOD, b 1680, Beaufort Co., N. C. d. Januray 22 1732/33, Beaufort Co., N. C.

Generation No. 2
2. Joshua UNDERWOOD b. 1680
i. Ign UNDERWOOD b. Edgecombe Co., N. C.
4. ii. Samuel UNDERWOOD, b. 1740, Nash Co., N. C. d. 1813, Randolph Co., N. C.
3. Thomas UNDERWOOD b. 1680, married Chelo
Children of Thomas and Chelo
i Elizabeth U. UNDERWOOD
ii. Isham UNDERWOOD b. 1720 Edgecombe Co., N. C.
5. iii. Thomas Jefferson UNDERWOOD b. 1720 Edgecombe, N. C., d. 1762 Edgecombe, Nash Co., N. C.
6. iv. James UNDERWOOD b. 1730 Edgecombe Co., N. C.
Generation N0., 3
Samuel UNDERWOOD b. 1740
Children of Samuel UNDERWOOD
i. Thomas UNDERWOOD b. 1880, Randolph Co., N. C.
5. Thomas Jefferson UNDERWOOD married Sarah she d. 1772
Child of Thomas and Sarah is;
7. i Jacob UNDERWOOD, b. 1740 Edgecomb, Nash Co., N. C. d. 1798, Edgecomb, Nash Co., N. C.
6. James UNDERWOOD b. 1730
Children of James UNDERWOOD
i. Hamlet UNDERWOOD, b. 1765, Chatham Co., N. C.
ii. William UNDERWOOD, b. 1770, Chatham Co., N. C.
iii. James UNDERWOOD, b. 1775, Chatham Co., N. C. d. February 24, 1857, Highland, Ohio. Married Frances GILLILAND, Chatham Co., N. C.
iv. John UNDERWOOD, b. 1778, Chatham Co., N. C.
v. Solomon UNDERWOOD, b. 1780, Chatham Co., N. C.
Generation No. 4
7. Jacob UNDERWOOD, b. 1740, m. Hannah CLARKE, she was born in Edgecombe Co., N. C.
Children of Jacob and Hannah are;
8. ii. Howell Howard UNDERWOOD b. 1770, Chatham Co., N. C. d. 1850, Nash Co., N. C.
9. iii. Zachariah UNDERWOOD, b. 1772, Edgecomb, Nash Co., N. C. d. 1817, Dickson Co., Tennessee.
10. iv. Sarah U. "Sally" UNDERWOOD, b. 1775, Nash Co., N. C. d. 1809, Tar River, Nash Co., N. C.
v. Maliciah "Malaki" UNDERWOOD, b. 1776, Edgecomb, nash Co., N. C. d. 1817
11. vi. Levi S. UNDERWOOD, b. 1780, Edgecomb, Nash Co., N. C. d. 1833, Rutherford Co., Tennessee.
Generation No. 5
8. Howell Howard UNDERWOOD, b. 1770.
Children of Howell are;
i John G. UNDERWOOD, b. 1790, Chatham Co., N. C. d. Chatham Co., N. C. m. Dorcas Amanda ABNEY; b. 1794.
ii. Manuel B. UNDERWOOD, b. 1795, Rutherford Co., N. C.
12 iii. Asa UNDERWOOD, b. 1804 Davidson Co., N. C. d. June 22 1886, Davidson Co., N. C.
9. Zachariah UNDERWOOD b. 1772. he married Serna in N. C. she d. 1817 in Dickson Co., Tennessee.
Chrildren of Zachariah and Serna are;
13 i. William "Willie" Sr. UNDERWOOD, b. 1800, Nash Co., N. C. d. 1857, Dickson Co., Tennessee
ii. Betey UNDERWOOD b. 1805, Nash Co., N. C. d. Dickson Co., Tennessee.
14 iii. Jeremiah Meredith UNDERWOOD b. October 10, 1807, Nash Co., N. C. d. February 5 1892, Collinsville, montgomery Co., Tennessee.
iv. Patey UNDERWOOD, b. 1812, Dickson Co., Tennessee.
10. Sarah U. "Sally" UNDERWOOD, b. 1775, m. Lewis Lamkin HATTEN 1794 in Nash Co., N. C. he was b. February 7, 1775 in St. Stephens's Parish, Northumberland Co., Virginia, d. 1834 in Greene Co., Mississippi.
Childern od Sarah and Lewis are;
15 iv. Whilliam HATTEN b. January 1, 1800, Tar River, Nash Co., N. C. d. March 7, 1860, Winn Parish, Louisiana.
11. Levi S. UNDERWOOD b. 1780, he m. Martha
Chrildern of Levi and Martha are;
iii. John Calvin UNDERWOOD
iv. Lancellot N. UNDERWOOD
vi. Shady H. UNDERWOOD
vii. William D. UNDERWOOD
Generation No., 6
12 Asa UNDERWOOD b. 1804, he m. Priscilla WIGGINS February 2 1828 in Franklin Co., N. C. she was b. February 8, 1809 in Franklin Co., N. C. and d. February 8, 1892 in Davidson Co., N. C.
Chrildren of Asa and Priscilla are;
i. Columbus Taylor UNDERWOOD
ii. Delila Frances UNDERWOOD
iii. Elian Thomas UNDERWOOD
iv. Elizabeth "Winnie" UNDERWOOD
v. Manda Jane UNDERWOOD
vi. Mary Polly UNDERWOOD
vii. Sydney Green UNDERWOOD, b. 1825; m. Leah SECHREST, September 4, 1850, N. C. b. 1827, Davidson Co., N. C.
13. William "Willie" Sr. UNDERWOOD, b. 1800, he m. Sarah "Polly" SEALS bef. 1820 in Tennessee. She was b. in Tennessee.
Chrildern of William and Sarah are;
i. Sarah UNDERWOOD, b. 1811, in Dickson Co., Tennessee.
16. ii. Matha UNDERWOOD, b. March 1824 in Dickson Co., Tennessee

17. iii. Mary UNDERWOOD b. 1827, in Dickson Co., Tennessee.
18. iv. William Jr. UNDERWOOD, b. 1827, in Dickson Co., Tennessee.
19. v. Stephen R. UNDERWOOD, b. 1830, in Dickson Co., Tennessee.
20. vi. Nancy A. UNDERWOOD, b. 1831, in Dickson Co., Tennessee.
21 vii. Mary Margaret UNDERWOOD, b. 1833 in Dickinson Co., Tennessee.
viii. Rebecca UNDERWOOD, b. 1836, in Dickson Co., Tennessee. m. Milo COOLEY, September 13 1856, Dickson Co., Tennessee.
ix. Henry H. UNDERWOOD, b. 1839 in Dickson Co., Tennessee. m. Melvinia E. FERRELL March 6 1862, in Dickson Co., Tennessee. She was b. 1845, in Montgomery Co., Tennessee, d. September 1862 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee.
x. James C. UNDERWOOD, b. 1843 in Dickson Co., Tennessee.
xi. Trail UNDERWOOD, b. 1845.
22. xii. Freeling Huysen UNDERWOOD, b. March 15, 1847, Dickson Co., Tennessee, d. February 3 1931, New Concord, Calloway Co., Kentucky.
xiii. Rhoda UNDERWOOD b. April 1850 in Dickson Co., Tennessee
14. Jeremiah Maredith UNDERWOOD b. Oct, 10, 1807, m. Sarah Cartherine ARNOLD January 29, 1830 in Dickson Co., Tennessee, she was b. March 29, 1814 in Alabama.
Chrildren of Jeremiah and Sarah are;
i. Thomas W. UNDERWOOD b. July 8 1831 in Dickson Co., Tennessee. d. January 20, 1914 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee. m. Atlantic Ocean CLYMER, June 14 1858 in Dickson Co., Tennessee she was b. February 1840 in Tennessee.
23. ii. Sarah Marie "Sac" UNDERWOOD, b. July 3 1832 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee. d. May 14 1914, in Montgomery Co., Tennessee.
24. iii. William Benjamin UNDERWOOD, b. August 8, 1834, in Montgomery Co., Tennessee d. February 23, 1927, Hackberry, Montgomery Co., Tennessee.
25. iv. Lorenzo J. UNDERWOOD, b. June 29, 1835, in Dickson Co., Tennessee, d. Decemeber 1879 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee.
26. v. James Hardin UNDERWOOD, b. October 10, 1839, in Dickson Co., Tennessee. d. October 6, 1883 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee.
27. vi. Calvin Merdith UNDERWOOD, b. June 13, 1843 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee, d. May 8, 1925, in Shiloh, Montgomery Co., Tennessee.
28. vii. Martha Mary UNDERWOOD, b. May 18 1847 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee, d. October 4, 1927, Clarksville, Montgomery Co., Tennessee.
viii. John UNDERWOOD, b. September 1, 1853 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee, d. May 8, 1870 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee.

Any and all additions and corection would be appericated.
Sam Weaver

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