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From: "Jim Halsey" <>
Subject: Re: [UK-WORKHOUSE-HOSP] Annie Jack and Frederick.
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 21:07:44 +0100
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I think you will have to search the files at the London Metropolitan
Archives / A2A to discover that. Here is one link on the A2A site which
might help.\A2A_com.xsl&keyword=Marylebone%20Workhouse&properties=0601

There may well be others you will be able find if you poke about on the A2A
site. A2A is short for access to archives and is a collaborative venture by
many if not most English record offises and archives

There is a masterly "snapshot" of life in that institution in an old book
that I have on my bookshelf, but which seems to have gone "walkabout" ! When
I find it I will let you have details. It was published sometime in the 19th
c but I cannot remember author or title. A good library should be able to
find a copy, once I have found the details !!

Jim Halsey

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