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Subject: Re: [UK-W&H] St Marylebone Workhouse
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 11:36:54 +0100
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From Andrew Roberts
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Yes - But St Marylebone was a very large parish so it had its own
workhouse from 1730 - one of the earliest, I believe.

Peter Higginbotham's site has the history

Records he lists do not go back before the 1850s and I wonder if
anyone knows what happened to the earlier ones?

On 3 May 2005 at 19:50, the Fords wrote:

Thanks Mary for the good & bad news. It was worth thinking outside the
square-you just never know what you'll find.Least I learned abit about the
workhouses so all was not lost.I appreciate your time in replying.
Rob Ford
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>> I am researching a Louisa HARRIS born circa 1812 and 'living' with her
>> mother and father in Bulstrode Mews in Marylebone Lane in 1828.Her trial
>> at the Old Bailey says that she was 'on the town' for approx two (2)
>> years. Her testimony suggests that she was living & working on the street
>> due to trouble at home.
>> This led me to think that she may have had to go to the St Marylebone
>> Workhouse for support/shelter?. I have searched google and cannot find
>> any records relating to this early period ie 1826-1828 that may include
>> her and tell me if my assumption is correct.If she does have a assistance
>> record with this workhouse then perhaps it may give me more info on her
>> family. I have hit a brick wall with them as her trial record has Richard
>> as her father and her death certificate has Thomas.
>> Any assistance on the workhouse for this period would be great
> Hi Rob,
> Bad news and good news!
> Bad news - the Union workhouse at St Marylebone did not come into being
> until 1835 (ish) - so there won't be any records before this date.
> Good news - before1835, individual parishes were responsible for theirown
> poor so if she needed help, Louisa may have gone to the Parish
> Authorities. The man with the money was the Parish Overseer and his
> account books may have survived (they should be at the London Metropolitan
> Archives if they have). His records maynot tell you much as he would have
> been more concerned with keeping track of the money than with the
> circumstances of the people he helped. Also the records are unlikely to be
> indexed and could involve a huge search to potentially find nothing
> anyway!
> Good luck
> Mary
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