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Subject: RE: [UK-W&H] William Robert WILLCOCKS
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 21:29:22 +0100
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Hi there Mary, I have been following this thread, can you explain what the
TNA web site is and the address please. Thanks Ann

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Subject: Re: [UK-W&H] William Robert WILLCOCKS

> Once again, thanks for your help. I went to TNA web site and with
> considerable difficulty found references to catalogues of Poor Law Unions
> but a search on the name Willcocks retrieved no results. There is a
> statement that the number of the Poor Law Union is found in the 1851
> census, but as I have no access to that, can you tell me what is the
> number for the Bishops Stortford Union House, please?

Hi Martin,
Very few of the TNA records are indexed to be searchable on line. Poor Law
records are barely indexed at all, if I remember correctly, Union staff
records are not indexed so you have to order up the book(s) for the years
you are intested in and plough through until you find the person you are
looking for.

The local archives for the Union House concerned may have the surviving
staff records which are much better than those at TNA. The local records
usually still have the persons application form for the job and often you
get to handle the original document - so you get to put your hands on
something your ancestor also handled. Most record offices offer research
services and I think it would be worthwhile getting them to check if they
have the staff records and copying them for you if they do. I don't think
the local staff papers have survived for Bishops Stortford (they are not
listed in my guide) but one of the others he was at might be lucky.

Good luck

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